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To make discovery easier and improve engagement across its platform, LinkedIn has introduced a new Discover feed, new information section for job listings, Celebrations display in the Notifications stream, and engagement options for groups.


The Discover feed is currently under testing and is created to highlight recommended content including newsletters, videos, and events based on users’ in-app activity and interests.



Next, LinkedIn has improved the details page in job listings by adding a new ’Meet the team’ section to it, which would provide users with more context in terms of a team’s operations and vision, along with links to team members’ LinkedIn profiles, so applicants can align their interests and passion with what they’re looking for in a better way. According to LinkedIn, the section will also display “mutual connections (including 2nd-degree connections) between the applicant and the hiring team, to help facilitate a productive conversation.”

LinkedIn Announces New 'Discover' Feed, ‘Meet the Team’ Section in Job Listings and More

YouTube has released new updates, especially for creators on the platform. These include a new sticker for Shorts clips, an expansion of the Google Maps display link, new insights into recommended content, and an edit option for channel name, banner, avatar and description on mobile.


The Shorts sticker is an apt engagement tool, using which creators can reply to comments on their Shorts video, hence prompting engagement with the videos.


In December last year, YouTube launched the Maps display option within video description, so as to provide viewers with better location context, such as for restaurants and cafes. The option has now been updated to include links for travel, recreational and businesses as well.

YouTube’s Latest Updates Include Shorts Sticker, Insight Tool, Expanded Maps Display Link, and More

TikTok Looks Forward to Live-stream Shopping Integration

Live streaming is a potentially new concept which helps brands to engage with audiences from all around the world. It helps creators to increase their reach and involve in real time conversations with their potential customers.

TikTok is currently working on the concept of making live stream commerce a workable concept, following the path of its Chinese sister app, Douyin. This will turn TikTok’s short-form video concept into a real money-making thing for a wide number of brands and creators. 

TikTok Looks Forward to Live-stream Shopping Integration #Infographic

The Infection Killing off Skilled Nursing Professions

Since January 2020, roughly 236,000 caregivers have left nursing homes behind. That’s 15% of the total nursing home workforce. In 2022, over 400 certified nursing homes in the US are on the brink of shutting down, double the pre-pandemic closure rate.

The Infection Killing off Skilled Nursing Professions #Infographic

Snapchat’s new Family Centre is providing parents with monitoring tools to supervise their children’s activities on the app, without eavesdropping their private conversations, and understand the ways in which kids and teens are engaging across the social platform.


Speaking about the update, Snapchat announced, “In the coming weeks, we will add a new feature that will allow parents to easily view new friends their teens have added.”


The social company further assures parents that they will be able to report any accounts that they find concerning in relation to Snap’s Trust and Safety teams, without informing their child about them, so as to keep any potential unwanted attention away from their children.

Snapchat Introduces Monitoring Controls for Parents Via Family Centre

Pinterest has introduced a new feature called Board Sticker that helps drive traffic from Idea Pins. The company is currently testing the feature with a limited number of users.


With Board Sticker, you could highlight a specific Pinterest board via your Idea Pins. The option will enable selecting a board from existing boards, as well as various display formats.


The sticker will eventually lead other users to your dedicated topic board, which in turn would make more of your Pin content stand out, hence driving more referral traffic from those links.

Pinterest is Testing a New ‘Board Sticker’ Feature

After a long time of receiving numerous requests from users for an edit option for tweets, Twitter is now finally testing the feature. However, the functionality is limited to Twitter Blue subscribers only for now.


Considering Twitter’s recent decision on raising the price of Twitter Blue subscription, the integration of the tweet edit option seems to have been part of the plan, so as to boost users’ interest in Twitter Blue.

The edit option hype began in April when Twitter’s then anticipated shareholder Elon Musk shared a poll on Twitter asking people if they wanted an edit button. Shortly after, Twitter confirmed that it had started to work on the feature.

Twitter’s Most Anticipated Feature ‘Tweet Edit’ is Making its Way to Twitter Blue

How To Run A Corporate Event

Have you got to plan your own corporate event? If you need inspiration, use our infographic to create a pitch-perfect event, every time. 

There are things that can help and things that can hinder your corporate event day success. Let’s start working through them, one by one. 

Tips for Having an Excellent Event 

The first point we talk about refers to inclusivity. A corporate event is for everyone, and that might mean making special arrangements to ensure those with special needs can get to it. It means providing transport and accommodation, as well as food and drink, as we mentioned later. Your event should not inconvenience people. The more inconvenience, the less people will show up. 

How To Run A Corporate Event #Infographic

Which Colleges and Universities Have the Most Alumni Who Are CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies?

Which colleges and universities have the most alumni who are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies? The team at Academic Influence decided to look into this further, as this infographic is a study on which colleges and universities have the most alumni in these prominent positions today.

Which Colleges and Universities Have the Most Alumni Who Are CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies? #Infographic

How to Perfectly Flip a Pancake

It might seem easy, but flipping a pancake to perfection is harder than it looks. With this new infographic from Kulick's Pancake Recipes, you'll be able to follow a very useful six-step guide on how to perfectly flip a pancake.

How to Perfectly Flip a Pancake #Infographic

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