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A majority of Americans use slang words without knowing their meaning

Slang words seem to pop out of nowhere and suddenly become part of everyday language. Many wonder what these new slang words mean and who invented them. Whether or not you embrace slang words, it’s tough to argue that they are part of our culture and part of everyday speak for many Americans. 

An online education platform that connects students with private tutors named Preply recently surveyed 2,000 Americans to learn more about their perceptions of slang words, how often they use slang words, the most popular and most hated slang words and also the settings where it’s appropriate and not appropriate to use slang words. Let us take a deeper look into what they found in their survey. 

Where Americans learn slang words 

Slang words don’t just magically appear out of thin air, most Americans learn slang words from someone else. The survey from Preply specifically asked respondents where they primarily learn slang from. 28% of respondents said they learn slang from the internet or from social media. The second most common way Americans learn slang words. 28% report learning slang words directly from friends. Another 25% said they learn slang words from their family. 11% report learning slang words from a partner. As you can see most people learn slang from either the internet, their phone, or the people closest to them in their lives. 

Despite learning slang words from people that they trust, many Americans are still having to consult the internet to find out what the slang word actually means. 83% of those surveyed said they have had to search the internet for the meaning of a slang word after hearing it for the first time. On top of that, 68% said they consulted a younger person to help them define what the slang word meant. 

When asked if people use slang incorrectly, a majority of respondents (54%) said that they have used slang incorrectly at some point in their lives. Half of Americans (50%) reported using a slang word without even knowing what the word itself meant. As you can see many Americans are confused by slang words and often use them without knowing their meaning to other people. 

Which slang words are used the most in America in 2021? 

So, we know that people use slang frequently, often without knowing the meaning and learn them from the internet and their closest friends. But which slang words are used the most currently? 

Preply asked surveyed respondents to list the slang words they use the most. Listed below are the 10 most common slang words in America: 

1. Ghosted (when someone cuts off all communication without explanation) 

2. Salty (when someone is exceptionally bitter, angry, or upset) 

3. On point (when someone is exactly right or perfect) 

4. Woke (when someone is alert to societal injustice) 

5. GOAT (greatest of all time) 

6. Extra (over the top) 

7. Low-key (understatedly or secretly) 

8. Catfish (when someone assumes a fake identity or personality over the internet) 

9. Savage (not caring about the consequences of their actions) 

10. Thirsty (needing approval, affection, or attention). 

The most popular slang words that originated from the COVID-19 pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has consumed the lives of people around the globe for almost 2 years now. As a result of that an entire new set of words and popular slang have came with it. 

Listed below are the most used slang words related to the COVID-19 pandemic according to surveyed respondents from the Preply survey along with their meanings: 

1. Rona/The ‘Rona (Abbreviation for the coronavirus) 

2. Jab (A COVID-19 shot) 

3. Quarantine and chill (spending time with a romantic partner along during quarantine) 

4. Quaranteam (A limited group of people you see during the pandemic) 

5. Covidiot (Someone who disregards COVID-19 health and safety guidelines) 

6. Quarantini (A cocktail people drink at home while under quarantine) 

7. Zoom fatigue (Exhaustion or overuse of virtual platforms of communication particularly video conferencing 

8. Zoombombing (A disruption of video calls by uninvited strangers) 

9. Zoomer (A generation marked by social distancing and COVID-19) 

10. Before times (Life before COVID-19) 

Which slang words annoy Americans the most? 

So, in the sections above we defined the most used slang words and the slang words that have arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. The next part of the survey from Preply asked Americans about the slang words that annoy them the most. Many people love slang words but nearly an equal amount of people also loathe them. The survey found that 3 in 5 Americans report being annoyed by slang words and their use. 66% of parents are annoyed by slang as well as 46% of non-parents. 

Listed below are the most annoying slang words in America as well as their definition: 

1. OK Boomer (implying that someone is old, out-of-touch, or resistant to change) 

2. Bae (a term of endearment or labeling someone as good or cool) 

3. Bye, Felicia (a dismissive goodbye to someone) 

4. Ok fleek (perfectly executed or extremely good, attractive, or stylish) 

5. Woke (being alert to societal injustice) 

6. Mansplain (to explain someone to a woman in a condescending way) 

7. Zaddy (a man with swagger or style) 

8. Yas (a playful or non-serious way to say yes) 

9. Yeet (to throw or an exclamation of excitement, approval, or surprise) 

10. Periodt (a variant of the word period which is meant to emphasize a point) 

The survey from Preply also asked how often Americans are using slang. Over half of Americans are using slang words in all or most of their conversations with other people. 8 in 10 say they currently use slang words as part of their vocabulary. Only 10% of Americans say they use slang rarely. Slang is most commonly used with friends, family, a partner, coworkers, stranger and even with their boss. As you might imagine younger generations are most likely to use slang words than their older counterparts. Most Americas feel it is acceptable to use slang in most social events. To learn more, check out the graphic below from Preply.

A majority of Americans use slang words without knowing their meaning

Infographic by: preply

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A majority of Americans use slang words without knowing their meaning #Infographic

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Top telecom companies in the world

Currently, there are several top telecommunication companies in the world that are being widely used to connect people in the same country as well as borders apart. Every year, the brand value of these companies keeps fluctuating depending on the demand and usage.

As the infographic below shows, the telecom infrastructure Chinese-based company, Huawei leads the ranking and is valued at $55.4 billion. Ironically, this value was calculated after the company has seen a negative 14.9 percent decline in its annual year growth. Despite the decline, Huawei is currently the company with the highest brand value.

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The Top 25 Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the World

Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform in the world, according to recent research by the team at With 2.797 billion monthly active users, Facebook tops other popular social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Of the nine most popular social media platforms from around the globe, five of them come from the United States and four others come from China.

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With a history of acquiring a number of platforms like Vine, Scroll, Squad, and Brief, Twitter has now acquired messaging app Sphere.


Compared to other popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Twitter is still lagging in terms of relevancy even with millions of users as part of it. This could explain the reason why Twitter has been chasing after other platforms to team up with them.

Twitter Acquires Social Messaging App ‘Sphere’


Facebook has announced a variety of new tools for small businesses, including the option to directly video and audio call from the Facebook inbox, and an appointment booking functionality to better facilitate connection between businesses and customers.


The new calling option that Facebook is testing will be available in the Business Inbox in Messenger. It will allow selected businesses to make audio and video calls directly from chat streams with customers, hence providing the opportunity for immediate connection. It is meant to help facilitate business queries in a better way.


In addition to that, businesses will now be able to access live audio rooms. According to Facebook, the functionality will let them “host live conversations on topics relevant to their customers, and people can discover them across Facebook.” The live audio rooms will provide the host options to invite friends, followers, creators or any listeners in the room as speakers.

Facebook is Testing New Business Tools to Support Small Businesses

Get Instant Cash For Your Gold

Gold jewelry is one of the most precious things that any person in India owns. This is because the value of gold is really high, and one can use it as an asset too. Many people wish to sell off their gold jewelry in times of need. Are you starting to wonder how much does your gold jewelry cost? Are you wondering how to sell gold for cash 

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Pinterest just announced its two main new features that it had been testing for some time now, at its annual Creators’ Festival event. These include Watch, which resembles a TikTok feed displaying Pin content, and Takes, which allows users to create Pins in response to Idea Pins. A few other updates have also been introduced.


Pinterest’s latest feed will exhibit a vertical layout for Pin content including videos and images, that users can scroll through. The feed has two options: Watch and Browse, that users can switch between. The Browse mode is Pinterest’s traditional search feed.   


Pinterest’s TikTok inspired feed layout shows that the platform is keen on catching up with latest engagement trends to attract users’ attention. The idea also facilitates the discovery of Pinterest’s video-focused Idea Pins.


The option of Pin Takes, on the other hand, allows users to get creative with existing Idea Pins. Take Pins created as a result will appear in the feed and will be highlighted on original Idea Pins. Pin creators can then select their most favorite Takes, which will get more priority in terms of display. With Takes, users can share their experience with products or respond to Idea Pins to share their own creative version of the original Idea Pin.


Pinterest Introduces Two New Major Features ‘Watch’ and ‘Takes’, Along With Other New Tools


Instagram’s long awaited desktop tool has finally arrived: the option to post images and videos from the desktop version. This does not include Stories or Reels uploads for now. Nevertheless, it will still make the process of uploading content for social media managers easier.


The option of Instagram’s desktop uploads has been in testing since June, so some users have been able to access it. Thankfully now, it is available to every user around the globe.


Instagram Now Allows Posting Images and Videos Via the Desktop Version

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