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LinkedIn has introduced a new messaging update to its platform that enables users to forward posts to multiple members at once.


When forwarding a post on LinkedIn, you can select more than one member to send it to. This can be done in two ways: by forwarding the post to each member separately or creating a new group chat with the selected members. Additionally, a typed message can be included with the post.

LinkedIn is Rolling Out the Option to Forward Posts to Multiple People at Once

PayPal announced a new log-in system ‘Passkeys’ some time back, and is now rolling it out on its website for Android users. The company also launched passkey support for Apple devices last year. To access Passkeys on PayPal’s website, users must have Chrome on Android 9 or above.


Switching your log-in system to Passkeys will not result in your password being removed from PayPal, as it would still be required to log in on unsupported devices. 

Android Users Can Now Log in to PayPal Using Passkeys

Minimum Wages Around the World

The reason behind setting up a limit of minimum wage is to set a baseline income level for workers in a particular jurisdiction. Ideally the amount is enough to cover basic needs like housing and food, but it is not always guaranteed.


The data extracted from Picodi helps in analyzing how the minimum wage differs around the world sand it includes values for 67 countries as of January 2023.  


Minimum Wages Around the World #Infographic

A while back, Microsoft launched its Phone Link app for iOS that makes it possible to send and receive messages and calls via iMessage on Windows PC.


The way Phone Link works for iOS is that it sends and receives messages over Bluetooth. Apple then detects these messages and forces them to be sent and received via iMessage. Additionally, iPhone users can view and dismiss notifications on the Phone Link app. The app, however, doesn’t support other functions like mirroring phone display, running other apps, or interacting with group chats.


To set up a connection between an iPhone device and PC, you will be prompted to scan a QR code from your phone which will open an App Clip version of Phone Link and start the Bluetooth pairing process. Once the pairing is complete, you can then enable contact sharing by turning on “show notifications.” This will allow system notifications to be shared to your PC via Bluetooth.

Microsoft’s Phone Link App Can Now be Paired with iPhone on Windows 11


In a latest monetization effort utilizing AR, Snapchat has developed a new project that combines AI and AR, dedicated to retailers who can use the service to earn from AI and AR shopping tools.


The AR Enterprise Services (ARES) by Snapchat provides retailers with shopping tools that can be used to virtually try on products like clothes, jewellery, makeup, etc. The integration of AR shopping tools in ARES will facilitate retailers by increasing conversions and reducing return rates.


Snapchat’s Latest AR Creation Helps Retailers Make Money Off of AR and AI Shopping

Microsoft has released a preview of its new collaborative hub ‘Loop’ that makes it possible to manage all the Office apps from one place. It can be used to initiate and organize various tasks, projects, and documents, and even share them in the form of editable blocks in other Microsoft platforms like Teams, Outlook, Word (web version), and Whiteboard.


Loop allows up to 50 people to edit a document at once. Its project and task management features are quite handy, such as progress trackers, custom labels, syncing tools, the option to link up suggested files or tag co-workers or friends, and more.


In addition to that, Microsoft will be bringing its 365 Copilot system to Loop, that uses AI to generate ideas and suggestions. In Loop, the chatbot will also support multiplayer mode, enabling multiple people to ask questions to it.

Microsoft’s Latest Creation ‘Loop’ Makes it Easy to Manage Tasks and Documents from Office Apps

The Richest Families of Asia


According to a ranking published by Bloomberg last week, the Ambanis once again remain on the top of the list of the wealthiest families in Asia despite their recent losses, owing their riches to the Reliance Industries conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai. The rest of the top 10 of the rankings is a blend of different industries, countries and also some global household names.

The Richest Families of Asia #Infographic

Meta is bringing two new features to WhatsApp as part of its Community tab: one that provides better privacy to community group chats, and another that makes it easier to find groups that users have in common.


Community group chat is a relatively new element in WhatsApp that was launched last year. Its purpose is to house multiple sub-groups of larger groups like organizations and schools, and it can hold up to 5,000 users, support video calls for up to 32 participants, and enable group-wide admin announcements.

WhatsApp’s Latest Features for Community Chats Improve Group Privacy and the Ability to Search for Groups

Google has begun beta testing of its new chatbot ‘Bard,’ designed to interact with people by generating ideas via text.


Sissie Hsiao, a Bard lead and VP of product at Google, describes Bard as a “creative collaborator” that helps brainstorm ideas for you and provides suggestions and recommendations for planning activities or events. It therefore seems like Bard is not supposed to be used as an alternative search engine to ask ‘queries’, also because there’s Google Search for that purpose.

When you open Bard, you will see that it says “enter a prompt here,” which indicates that it invites a user to “explore” their imagination and beyond that. However, the chatbot doesn’t carry too many back and forth conversations, which is how Google has deliberately built it to prevent conversations from spiralling out of control.


Google’s New AI Chatbot ‘Bard’ Enters Beta Testing

Twitter designer Andrea Conway recently revealed a new notification option for tweets that is currently being tested. The functionality would enable users to get notifications of activity on any tweet, such as new replies or quote tweet.


The new ‘Notify Me’ option could be accessed from the three dots menu on a tweet that a user wants to be updated on. Whether it’s a conversation on a celebrity’s account or business account, or news about an important event, it wouldn’t be possible to miss out on it after enabling this new alert feature.

Twitter is Experimenting with Tweet Activity Alerts and Other Engagement Features

The Happiest Countries in the World in 2023

According to the 2023 World Happiness Report released on Monday, Finland once again leads the ranking of the world's happiest countries consecutively, for the sixth year. Even though its score (7.80) is considerably higher than the rest of the countries, a significant portion of the top ten roundup are also Nordic, with Denmark in second place (7.59), Iceland in third (7.53), Sweden in sixth (7.40) and Norway in seventh (7.32).

The Happiest Countries in the World in 2023 #Infographic

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently announced in his tweet that Twitter will begin prioritizing replies in a new way in the coming weeks. Replies will be prioritized in the following order: from people one follows, from verified accounts and lastly from unverified accounts.


In January, it was observed that Twitter was going through significant declines in tweet engagement, which was later found to be a result of difficulties with implementation of new code changes, including re-ranking of tweets.


While the new ranking method is limited to replies only, it could hopefully bring some exposure to tweets that deserve more engagement. However, this could also result in exposure given to the “wrong” verified accounts, such as spammers and attention seekers that intend to newsjack viral tweets.

Twitter Announces Updated Ranking System for Tweet Replies

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