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The Companies who hold the Most Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents

There has been an increase in patent filings by Chinese enterprises for artificial intelligence products rapidly in the past couple years. The companies that hold the most active Artificial Intelligence and machine learning patent families are now tech giant Tencent and search engine provider Baidu. Their progress is ahead of U.S. firm IBM, South Korea’s Samsung, Chinese insurance provider Ping An and former AI patent leader Microsoft. The latter company has been seeing one of its major AI investments come to fruition recently, as conversational AI bot ChatGPT by Microsoft partner OpenAI has been making waves. Microsoft suddenly announced another round of funding for OpenAI, believed to be to the tune of $10 billion.


The Companies who hold the Most Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents #Infographic

Digital marketing agencies can now be ‘Meta Certified,’ as Meta is giving them a chance to showcase their marketing expertise pertaining to its platforms, to potential clients.


“For the first time, we’re offering Certification at the Organizational level, awarded to companies who achieve a threshold of individual Meta Blueprint certifications in specific focus areas,” explains Meta.


The certifications are offered in five different categories: Meta Media, Meta Marketing Science, Meta Creative Strategy, Meta Community Management, and Meta Spark.

Meta Launches New Certifications for Companies to Showcase their Meta Marketing Expertise

Instagram is releasing a new avatar feature in the app that lets users add their avatars to the other side of their profile pictures. Viewers can view both by flipping between the two.

Instagram Users Can Now Add their Avatar Images on the Other Side of Profile Photos

The Implications of 8 Billion People Worldwide

On November 15th 2022, a significant event rocked the world: humanity’s population reached 8 billion people for the first time in history. The growing population has implications for governments and businesses, which are developing policies and strategies to address them. For example, there might be potential labor shortages as the global population ages into retirement. There are also expectations for slower GDP growth and increasing industry demands to cater to the elderly.

The Implications of 8 Billion People Worldwide #Infographic

How One Watch Inspired Design History

Did you know that the Bulova Accutron wrist watch sparked a creative movement that led to iconic Nike sneaker designs?  Accutron watches featured unique designs that sparked interest from a wide pool of customers, some famous wearers including Joe DiMAgio and Elvis! The strong and attractive design of these watches inspired many other designers, including Tinker Hatfield who went on to create the Nike Air Max 1

How One Watch Inspired Design History #Infographic

The Factors that Lead to Rise in Food Prices

The World Food Price Index reached to the highest peak in March 2022 before gradually falling for nine months to December 2022. The question is that what caused this rush?


There are many factors that contribute to the rising cost of global food, but disruptions in supply chain and climate change are two most important drivers for the spike in prices over the most recent years.


The infographic from Brazil Potash explores how these two factors are contributing to the most recent rise in food prices.

The Factors that Lead to Rise in Food Prices #Infographic

In a recent QnA session with Instagram users, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri revealed in a Story that the company plans to make photos a key focus on the app once again, as it had been overfocusing on video content in the past year.


Mosseri added that there will be a balance between how often users get likes and comments on photos versus videos. This sounds like good news for users who weren’t happy with an overflow of videos in the app, especially Reels, which have been getting more attention including likes and comments. Instagram thus kind of transformed into a TikTok-like app.

Instagram to Start Focusing More on Photos

Build Your Brand With Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a powerful tool that can be used to build relationships, foster growth, and create opportunities. 80% of CEOs believe that corporate gifting has a positive and measurable return on investment. Gifting can retain customers, boost word of mouth, and create constant touchpoints that keep your brand at the forefront of your clients' minds. Gifting throughout the year can create lasting loyalty, with 80% of customers willing to do business with a brand after personalized experiences, including receiving a corporate gift that fits their brand archetype.

Build Your Brand With Corporate Gifting #Infographic

Children's Sugar Consumption by State: The Surprising Results

According to statistics from the American Heart Association, children should be limited to 25 grams (or 6 teaspoons) of added sugar daily. Monitoring a child's sugar intake is vital, as too much sugar can lead to problems for children, including higher risks of obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease.

Children's Sugar Consumption by State: The Surprising Results #Infographic

Retirement Planning by State: How Much You Need to Save

Retirement is a time in life when individuals are no longer working and are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. While the thought of retirement may seem intimidating to some, it can actually be a wonderful and rewarding stage of life with endless benefits. Retirement means that you are no longer bound to a regular job and can enjoy the financial independence that comes with it. You will have more control over your money and can spend it on the things that matter most to you. You will also have lots of free time to pursue your favorite hobbies and interests. Many people who retire start traveling, learning new skills, or volunteering for a cause they care about. The age of retirement slightly varies across the US from 61-67.

Retirement Planning by State: How Much You Need to Save #Infographic

Smart Homes: Innovations and Limits

Amazon Echo and Alexa, two AI devices that talk back, reminiscent of the smart homes envisioned in old cartoons. Today these are two of the most popular smart devices that exist, but they are just one of many. Smart devices solve issues, reduce prices, reduce hassle, and create a home of luxury.

Smart Homes: Innovations and Limits #Infographic

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