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It has been three years since Instagram launched its @shop account, where it has featured numerous small businesses. The company is now opening its first ever physical retail pop-up store in NYC, where it is showcasing some of the most popular home, beauty, and lifestyle products featured in its @shop listings. The shop will also feature other exclusive items.


The pop-up shops initiative is a part of Meta’s larger effort to promote eCommerce, and Instagram is a key app for this matter, with 70% of users turning to it for product discovery, and 87% of people claiming that influencers on the platform have inspired them to make a purchase or book a trip.

Instagram to Open a Retail Pop-Up Store in NYC Featuring Products from its @Shop Listings

While the Twitter-Musk deal is still pending, Twitter is continuing to release minor updates on its platform. The most recent feature that is in testing is the new in-stream label for Tweets that indicates when a tweet author has liked a reply.


In addition to the label, tweet author replies are also highlighted with an alternate text colour and a microphone icon next to the comment.


Twitter is Experimenting with a New Label Option for Tweet Replies

LinkedIn users will soon be able to use a react option to respond to humorous content, as the new ‘Funny’ reaction is about to be released on the platform. The reaction appears in the form of a blue colored laughing emoji in a preview shared by app researcher Nima Owji. 


LinkedIn is Bringing a New Emoji Reaction for Users to React to Funny Posts

Michael Jordan VS LeBron James: Who Is the GOAT?

For years and years basketball fans have been disputing whether a legendary player Michael Jordan or not less legendary Lebron James is better. No wonder, indeed both of them have managed to acquire the status of the most acknowledgeable and professional players of all times. The only question remains unresolved: “who is the GOAT”?

Michael Jordan VS LeBron James: Who Is the GOAT? #Infographic

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has awarded YouTube with content-level brand safety accreditation, which recognizes a platform’s capability in terms of appropriate digital advertising activities, such as the display of ads on intended sites and reaching the targeted audience.


YouTube is the first digital platform to receive content-level assessment by the MRC, whose auditors met with the company’s brand safety personnel on site to review the processes, as stated by YouTube.


The content processes were evaluated in different languages, after which, it was found that YouTube’s ads indeed reach the appropriate audience. This further confirmed the company’s transparency in relation to its ad targeting process.

YouTube’s Brand Safety Assessed and Recognized by MRC

Making the Best of Your Time Off By Exploring the Outdoors

Taking time off. Easier said than done, right? Far too long, we have let voices penetrate our minds into thinking that we should be on a non-stop hustle and grind. This has led to a rapid exacerbation of burnout in many, especially after such an exhausting global pandemic and isolating factors.

Making the Best of Your Time Off By Exploring the Outdoors #Infographic

Instagram is updating Reels with a new content-display addition that shows a ‘Following’ tab next to the main Reels Feed. Is Instagram trying to make Reels look even more like Tik-Tok’s display? It seems so.


Instagram is testing the new addition with users in India, who are able to access the new tab with a side-swipe, which shows a screen with the latest Reels clips in different categories, that can be scrolled through.


It’s no surprise that Instagram decided to bring an alternating Feed approach to Reels, since this is something that drives most of TikTok’s success, which has both the Following and For You tabs. By swiping to and scrolling through the Following Feed in Reels, users can explore more specific content from the accounts that they follow, which would boost engagement with the feature.

Instagram is Experimenting With a ‘Following’ Tab in Reels

YouTube’s short form video feature Shorts is continuing to get more popular with time, which has led the platform to update it with new creative options. This includes an updated version of the green screen option and an expanded roll out of the new, simplified iteration option.


The green screen functionality was first rolled out last October and provided users with the ability to use content from their camera roll as their background image for Shorts clips. Now, YouTube is expanding the option by providing users with the ability to use any existing eligible YouTube video or Short as the background.

The green screen option can be accessed from the menu of options under the video you want to use. You can create up to 60 seconds long videos using this tool.

YouTube Expands Green Screen Option in Shorts

What Business Can I Start with $100 in 2022?

Got $100? Why not start a business? Believe it or not it is possible to start a business with just 100 dollars. 

Funding a new business is a major hurdle for aspiring entrepreneurs. With technological advancements and modern tools to help entrepreneurs, starting a business is now easier than ever.

What Business Can I Start with $100 in 2022? #Infographic

Lately, quite a lot of spam and duplicative Tweets have been circulating on Twitter, each containing the same words. Twitter quickly noticed this and took action by developing new, more specific rules around re-sharing of such Tweets to reduce their presence in the feed.

Twitter announced that it has updated its “Copypasta and Duplicate Content” policy, which clarifies what causes violation of the policy, and explains the penalties following it. “When we see this behavior, we may limit the visibility of the Tweets,” says Twitter.


“Copypasta” is a slang term widely used on the internet for referring to an attempt by multiple persons to copy content from an original source and share it on a large scale across different internet sites or platforms. The process is common on Twitter, which Twitter identifies as a tactic for propagating a message, suppressing information, or manipulating Twitter’s trends, search results, and conversations across the platform.

Twitter Updates its Copypasta Content Policy to Limit Spread of Spammy Tweets

LinkedIn has launched new options created to improve the platform’s accessibility, help members in career skills development, and enhance user service listings. These include real-time captions for live audio events, improved discovery of content that you’ve already seen, live skills learning sessions, and a custom URL display option on creator profiles.


LinkedIn has added real-time captions to audio events particularly for people with hearing impairments, hence promoting inclusivity. Additionally, people can rely on the captions instead of the audio whenever they are unable to tune into the events using audio.

LinkedIn’s audio discussions have become one of the essential features of the platform since being launched in January, therefore captions within them are a significant addition.


Next, the platform has launched a new program called LinkedIn Learning Live, which consists of a four-week interactive series of real-time conversations, created to help members learn necessary skills for career advancement.


The sessions will be held Every Wednesday from May 18th to June 8th, as stated by LinkedIn, in which learners will be able to ask questions, share experiences, and join conversations with LinkedIn’s instructors. The sessions will be based on topics like “Making better decisions” or “Reinventing yourself.”

LinkedIn Releases New Updates Including Live Captions for Audio Events and Live Learning Sessions with Instructors

The Bicoastal Entrepreneur: Running a Business in Multiple States

If you are running a business across state lines you may need to file a Foreign Qualification. This helps to keep you protected under state laws and avoid potential penalties. 

To figure out if you are running a business in another state, check if: (1) you applied for a business license in another state, (2) you do not live in the state where your business was formed, (3) you regularly do business in other states, (4) some of your W-2 employees are in another state, (5) one of your business locations is in another state, (6) a significant amount of your revenue comes from another state or (7) your business partner does business in another state.

The Bicoastal Entrepreneur: Running a Business in Multiple States #Infographic

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