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Since August of last year, Twitter has been testing a new option of allowing users to flag tweets that contain potentially misleading information. The company is now expanding the test to users in more regions including Brazil, Spain, and the Philippines.



Twitter launched the option with the intention to reduce spread of misinformation on the platform. By flagging concerning tweets, people can report certain content that they do not want to see. The reporting tool for Tweets now has an additional “it’s misleading” option.


Twitter Expands Test of ‘Flag Tweets’ Tool for Reducing Misleading Content to More Users


Snapchat is introducing new restrictions to limit adults on the platform from sending messages to young users below the age of 18. This is an update to the Quick Add friend suggestion option.


Older users will be allowed to add users aged under 18 only on the condition that a certain number of friends are in common between the two users.

Snapchat Updates Quick Add Option to Limit Interactions Between Adults and Minors

A Timeline of 50 Iconic Cars Throughout Film History

Cars have been an important part of movie history. Many times, movie titles alone can make you instantly think of the car used. For example, The Dukes of Hazzard with the famous Dodge Charger. Or Little Miss Sunshine with the Volkswagen Microbus. Or what car do you think of when you hear the movie Transformers? The yellow Camaro Bumblebee of course!

A Timeline of 50 Iconic Cars Throughout Film History #Infographic

The Most Popular Pizza Toppings by State in 2021 According to Google Search Trends

There are endless combinations of pizza toppings. From plain but delicious cheese, to onions, anchovies, pickles, pineapple and even mac and cheese, anything your taste buds can imagine can be put on a pizza. Although some of the stranger combinations didn't make this map, we can see what different states across the US chose as their favorite pizza topping.

The Most Popular Pizza Toppings by State in 2021 According to Google Search Trends #Infographic

The Most Popular Solar Stocks to Invest In

Investing in stocks can be a tricky game. Knowing what markets to put your money into and when takes skill, determination and research. One of the better options for long term investing is the solar energy market. Solar energy was valued at $52.5 billion in the year 2018 and it is expected to be over $223 billion by the year 2026. Knowing what markets are hot in the solar energy world and what these companies are composed of is your first step.

The Most Popular Solar Stocks to Invest In #Infographic

How Many Coins Has the U.S. Mint Produced Over the Past 100 Years

The United States Mint has produced coins for commerce since 1792. Today, there are four mints: Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and West Point.  They have the capacity to produce billions of new coins every year. Just exactly how many coins has the U.S. Mint produced each year? created a visualization based on the number of coins produced from 1921 to 2020. Their research team also calculated the total value of the coins. In the past 100 years, the U.S. Mint produced 816,138,372,612 coins with a total value of $169,541,902,128 in today’s dollars.

How Many Coins Has the U.S. Mint Produced Over the Past 100 Years #Infographic

The Best-Selling PC Games by Year

The first computer game ever made that changed the course of PC gaming history was called Spacewar. Back in 1962 when it was first introduced by MIT, it took a computer the size of a small car to run. As technology increased at a rapid rate, so did the computer hardware, graphics cards and overall game quality. Some of the best selling PC games since 1993 are listed here in a timeline from HP computers. You can see that in 2011 Minecraft was a top seller.

The Best-Selling PC Games by Year #Infographic

Is Your Water Safe To Drink?

Did you know that ⅕ of all Americans have been exposed to contaminated drinking water in the past ten years? Less than .5% of all Earth’s water is fresh and available for consumption, and with the amount of water that we use on a daily basis, it isn’t surprising that we are consuming water that is not quite up to standard.

Is Your Water Safe To Drink? #Infographic

Where Are the Highest and Lowest High School Graduation Rates in the United States?

Where in the United States were high school graduation rates found to be the highest and the lowest? Learn more with this guide from which explores graduation rates across the country. It includes a map visual that identifies each state’s average graduation rate, as well as the 20 counties with the highest and the 20 counties with the lowest graduation rates in four different brackets based on population size.

Where Are the Highest and Lowest High School Graduation Rates in the United States? #Infographic

Nursing Homes are Still Facing a Staffing Crisis Due to COVID

At the beginning of 2020, nursing homes employed 3.38 million Americans and nursing home staff had been on the increase for a whole decade. However, even prior to the pandemic, nursing home staff was retiring at a faster rate than new recruits were coming in. 

Since the pandemic began, nursing homes have been faced with one crisis after another and have been hit hard by the virus itself, but also by all the extra stresses for everything the virus has brought into play in our “new normal.” Today, 99% of nursing homes are facing a staffing shortage, and the crisis is only going to increase if it’s not addressed quickly.

Nursing Homes are Still Facing a Staffing Crisis Due to COVID #Infographic


TikTok’s growth is rising around the world as it is becoming an app of interest for more and more people. However, the app is banned in India, where Instagram is now taking its place as people are resorting to Instagram Reels instead.


According to Sensor Tower’s report on app performance of Q4 2021, Instagram’s installs in the fourth quarter rose 10% over the third quarter. Although TikTok has been leading the download charts for the past two years, Instagram’s rise came through after the platform started getting increasing attention from Indian users, especially on Android. The statistics show that 39% of the app’s downloads in Q4 came from India.


Instagram’s Usage Becomes Significant in India


Snapchat’s latest features in relation to the new year include poll stickers, individual chat replies in group discussions, Bitmoji reply reactions, and others. All of the features are available in the latest version of the app.


The poll stickers can be used for creating emoji-focused polls that can then be shared in Snaps and Stories. It is a fun and creative way to measure friends’ responses to poll questions. Snapchat explains that the “Polls were designed with transparency in mind - you can see how your friends voted to help ensure responses stay thoughtful and kind.” The stickers can be accessed from the sticker folder in the app.


With the individual messages reply option for group chats, Snapchat is providing a way for users to specifically address comments with individual chat threads. The same functionality is available in Messenger as well. With the help of such an option, it becomes easier for people to understand messages sent in group chats and have an improved messaging experience. The individual messages reply option in Snapchat can be used by holding down on a message in a chat and tapping ‘Reply’.

Snapchat Releases New Updates Including Poll Stickers and Bitmoji Reply Reactions

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