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Twitter designer Andrea Conway recently revealed a new notification option for tweets that is currently being tested. The functionality would enable users to get notifications of activity on any tweet, such as new replies or quote tweet.


The new ‘Notify Me’ option could be accessed from the three dots menu on a tweet that a user wants to be updated on. Whether it’s a conversation on a celebrity’s account or business account, or news about an important event, it wouldn’t be possible to miss out on it after enabling this new alert feature.

Twitter is Experimenting with Tweet Activity Alerts and Other Engagement Features

The Happiest Countries in the World in 2023

According to the 2023 World Happiness Report released on Monday, Finland once again leads the ranking of the world's happiest countries consecutively, for the sixth year. Even though its score (7.80) is considerably higher than the rest of the countries, a significant portion of the top ten roundup are also Nordic, with Denmark in second place (7.59), Iceland in third (7.53), Sweden in sixth (7.40) and Norway in seventh (7.32).

The Happiest Countries in the World in 2023 #Infographic

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently announced in his tweet that Twitter will begin prioritizing replies in a new way in the coming weeks. Replies will be prioritized in the following order: from people one follows, from verified accounts and lastly from unverified accounts.


In January, it was observed that Twitter was going through significant declines in tweet engagement, which was later found to be a result of difficulties with implementation of new code changes, including re-ranking of tweets.


While the new ranking method is limited to replies only, it could hopefully bring some exposure to tweets that deserve more engagement. However, this could also result in exposure given to the “wrong” verified accounts, such as spammers and attention seekers that intend to newsjack viral tweets.

Twitter Announces Updated Ranking System for Tweet Replies

What U.S. Cities and States Spend the Most and Least on Wedding Dresses?

There are many different styles of wedding dresses to choose from and each is wildly different from the next. There are A-line dresses which have a fitted bodice that flares out at the waist earning its namesake, it flows out into an A shape and is very flattering on many body types. Brides wanting a bit more of a wow factor may want to try on a ballgown style wedding dress which features a fitted top and large skirt like Cinderella. There are also mermaid dresses which are very figure hugging. The dress flares out at the knee creating the dramatic mermaid shape. Sheath dresses are a simple yet elegant dress that falls straight to the floor in a very romantic way and is typically made from silk. There are bohemian style, tea length and even pant suits that brides can wear today. The price for these different styles can vary dramatically.

What U.S. Cities and States Spend the Most and Least on Wedding Dresses? #Infographic

The Most Profitable Company in Every Industry

In the United States, the most profitable company is Apple. During the 2022 fiscal year, which ran from September 26, 2021 through September 24, 2022, Apple was able to generate $94.68 billion in profit. Not only that, but Apple's profits during this stretch were 64.9% higher than the previous year, proving to be a big jump.

The Most Profitable Company in Every Industry #Infographic

Reverse engineers Simon Aaarons and David Buchanan discovered a security flaw within the Google Pixel’s default screenshot editing tool ‘Markup’, which has been found to have first appeared five years back when the tool was first launched. The bug, which has been named “aCropalypse,” has caused screenshot images to become partially “unedited,” which has also resulted in hidden personal information being exposed online.


According to Aaarons and Buchanan, the occurrence of the flaw was possible because Markup doesn’t delete the original versions of the screenshots and saves them in the same file location as the edited ones. Moreover, if the edited screenshot file is smaller than the original, it causes the trailing portion of the original file being left behind, after the new file is supposed to have ended.

The ‘ACropalypse’ Bug Within Markup in the Google Pixel Puts Edited Screenshots Shared Online at Risk

Microsoft is making some important changes to default app settings and taskbar functions in Windows 11. The company is developing a deep link URI for Settings, which will result in the ability to land right on spot in the Settings menu to change default programs for particular file or link types. Additionally, users will be able to have their apps be pinned as primary or secondary tiles to the taskbar, as a result of a new API.


Microsoft Announces New Tools for Default Settings and Taskbar Pinning for Windows 11

In Which Countries Do Students Choose STEM Degrees Most?


Graduates in STEM – acronym for fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics are in demand globally but often are in short supply. Many countries have tried to encourage their youth to enroll in STEM to facilitate important growth industries like medtech, digital services, mobility or computer sciences. However, countries have had varying success in the matter.

In Which Countries Do Students Choose STEM Degrees Most? Infographic

Meta is launching its new Meta Verified program to users in the US. Purchasing the subscription will make a user eligible to have access to a blue checkmark and other perks on Facebook or Instagram. It costs $11.99 on the web, and $14.99 in-app, per month.


Signing up for Meta Verified requires providing photo ID for authentication. Along with having access to the blue check, subscribers will be able to protect their accounts from impersonation, get exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Facebook Reels, receive 100 Stars a month to allocate to creators on Facebook, and exclusive account support from Meta’s team.

Meta Users in the US Can Now Access the Blue Verification Check and Other Features Via ‘Meta Verified’


The Top 10 Richest People in the World in 2023


After observing record gains in wealth, ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) lost a combined $10 trillion last year.


A lagging stock market knocked these fortunes against high interest rates, energy shocks, and economic instability. But some of the world’s billionaires have grown in this environment, posting sky-high revenues despite of inflationary pressures.


Data driven from the list of Forbes Real-Time Billionaires, features a snapshot of the richest people in the world in 2023.

The Top 10 Richest People in the World in 2023 #Infographic

TikTok is bringing new options to the app that allow resetting the For You feed, avoiding repetition of content, and limiting exposure to harmful content.


TikTok is making its algorithmic system more flexible in a way that allows users to have better control over what they see in the app. More specifically, users will now be able to have their For You feed refreshed with recommended content that better suits their preference, if their current feed does not align with their interests. In TikTok’s words, “This feature allows someone to view content on their For You feed as if they just signed up for TikTok.” The social company had been testing the functionality for the past few months and is now rolling it out to all users.


TikTok Enables Users to Reset For You Feed, Works to Refine Content Recommendation System

Pinterest is expanding the integration of video content on its app, by collaborating with publisher Dotdash Meredith, who is bringing original content from lifestyle brands to the app.

Pinterest's New Exclusive Video Content Partnership Features Original Lifestyle Content

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