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Meta has recently introduced two new ad formats for Reels to facilitate brands and creators in terms of making revenue. These include post-loop ads and image carousel ads.


Users may notice an ‘ad starting soon’ indicator as a Reels clip comes to an end, after which, a post-loop ad appears before the clip continues to play in loop. The ad is 4-10 seconds long and once it finishes, the Reels clip resumes playing. 

As for the image carousel ads, they are integrated within Facebook Reels in a horizontal and scrollable format with up to 10 images displayed at the bottom of the video as it continues to play.

Meta Tests New Ad Monetization Options for Reels

16 Ways to Prepare an Egg

Eggs are a breakfast staple, no matter where in the world you are. One big reason for this is that eggs can actually be prepared in so many different ways to satisfy each person's individual taste.

16 Ways to Prepare an Egg #Infographic

U.S. States With the Most Licensed Drivers per Capita

Have you ever found yourself wondering just how many other licensed drivers were on the road? This graphic titled, U.S. States With the Most Licensed Drivers per Capita, should help as it maps out the amount of drivers for each state. The state that ranks number one for most drivers per capita is New Hampshire. NH is known for its beautiful scenery and long windy roads. This road trip is especially beautiful in the fall when the foliage is at its peak.

U.S. States With the Most Licensed Drivers per Capita #Infographic

How long can countries depend on their energy storages?

For years, hydropower, coal and gas have been the primary sources of producing energy worldwide. Countries have now started to adopt the newer methods using intermittent sources of power like solar and wind. Due to these sources, the need of energy storage has increased especially because now grid-scale power dams, coal, natural gas and nuclear is not the source. These sources are quite useful but there are challenges like during the night and when weather is cloudy or there is no wind blowing. Due to these challenges energy stored in the energy storages will have to be utilized in order to run communities, businesses and hospitals.

How long can countries depend on their energy storages? #Infographic

With the aim of assisting creators with enhancing their business presence on the app by driving traffic, Instagram began testing a new option back in October that allows adding multiple links to user bio. The option is now being tested with more users.

The new Links tool is accessible within the Links section of the profile settings, where you can tap on the indicator that enables you to add extra links, including your Facebook link, and URLs to other sites where you have your accounts.

Instagram Expands Test of New ‘Multiple Links’ Functionality

The Richest People of the United Kingdom

The Sunday Times announced the richest people based in the UK. The list included the famous J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series and Elisabeth Murdoch, who is a British and American media executive based in the United Kingdom. This list was revealed at the time when the majority of Brits were feeling the burden of the cost of living crisis.

The billionaire brothers Sri and Gopi Hinduja made their place at the top of the list. They are the owners of the Mumbai-based conglomerate Hinduja Group. Report says that they own £28.47 billion together. Other key names that make it to the list include the names like Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty. Rishi SUnak is the Chancellor of the Exchequer and has a ranking at 222nd position out of the list of 250 people. Sunak is reportedly the richest serving MP in history and has a joint £730m of wealth.

The Richest People of the United Kingdom #Infographic

Pet Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Pet therapy is growing in popularity as a complementary type of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Pet therapy is conducted by a certified professional. And the animal undergoes special training, too. This ensures both the patient’s and the animal’s safety and increases the treatment’s effectiveness.

Pet Therapy in Addiction Treatment #Infographic

Instagram has been testing a new in-app feature called Media Kit, which it has now taken  to the next stage of testing and re-named as Creator Portfolio.


The feature is aimed at providing a separate platform for creators to showcase their talent and content, that they can directly share with brands and business partners in the app, hence enhancing content discovery and making way for more marketing opportunities.


App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi spotted the latest prototype of the feature, which shows a welcome screen and an overview of the functionality.

Instagram's New Creator-Focused Tool ‘Creator Portfolio’ Jumps to the Next Stage of Testing

Is It Better to Trade Ethereum or Bitcoin?

Gone are the days when Bitcoin was the only option for investors looking to break into cryptocurrency. Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency, stimulates investor interest (as measured by inquiries). There could be various explanations for traders acquiring Ethereum from cryptocurrency exchanges and transferring them to their external wallets. Mention can be made of play-to-earn (P2E) games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Still, the question remains for many investors: Which cryptocurrency is better? Even if the digital assets are similar, the differences are staggering. To make a good and informed decision, take into account the risk/reward for Ethereum versus Bitcoin.

Is It Better to Trade Ethereum or Bitcoin?

Drugs in Sport

Doping receives constant attention in the media, scientific literature, and conversations across the world. As can be seen from the infographic, drugs are present in virtually every sport, both Olympic and Non-Olympic. Athletes take different types of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) despite the potential side effects and the consequences following an anti-doping rule violation.

Drugs in Sport #Infographic

How does SERP ranking impact click-through rates?

This infographic summarizes how SERP rankings can impact click-through rates. 

A search engine optimization campaign has the ultimate goal of ranking at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). But an organic listing with a Top 10 ranking in Google isn’t much good if nobody clicks on it. You will need to work on improving your organic click-through rate to gain valuable leads from Google and other search sources.

How does SERP ranking impact click-through rates? #Infographic

Over time, AI technology has developed in new, efficient ways and among a variety of its forms, AI art has recently become popular. Creators including artists have used the technology to generate unique digital art pieces.


Of course Meta being a leading digital technology-driven company decided to take AI art to the next level. As part of its Generative AI research, Meta has launched a new AI system that uses machine learning to generate high-quality videos from text prompts, as claimed by the company.


Meta Experiments with New AI Video Technology ‘Make-A-Video’ to Create Digital Art

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