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The Largest Grocery Stores and Supermarkets in North America by Sales

Weekly shopping trips to the grocery store are an errand on many Americans' weekly to-do list. There are many store options in the US to buy your groceries. Some stores are large supermarkets while others are smaller chains but where ever your favorite place to shop is, I'm sure you know your way around the aisles. You may not realize however, that your grocery store is part of a larger conglomerate.

The Largest Grocery Stores and Supermarkets in North America by Sales #Infographic

State Flowers of the United States

The natural landscape of the United States is vast, colorful, and diverse. Each state offers unique and breathtaking flora and fauna that are a source of pride and identity. America pays homage to nature’s wonders through official state flowers. Each U.S. state has chosen an official state flower throughout the years to represent its natural beauty and culture.

State Flowers of the United States #Infographic

The 50 Schools in America With the Most Toxic Air

Which public schools across the United States were found to have the most toxic air? According to this map visual that was created by the team at, one school in Missouri earned a toxic hazard score far greater than any other public schools in the country. While the national average toxic hazard score is 4,515; the elementary and high school buildings in Verona, MO were found to have toxic hazard levels so high they earned a score of 2.998 million! The toxicity of the air in schools is scored by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) through their Air Toxics at School interactive tool.

The 50 Schools in America With the Most Toxic Air #Infographic

Learn how to write a review of literature

Many students at a certain stage of their studies face a literature review.  Creating a literature review can be part of the assignments of graduate students. It is especially true when they prepare a dissertation or journal article. Literature reviews are also used in a research proposal or prospectus (a document that is written before a student formally begins writing a dissertation).  Many students may be tempted to save time by limiting their review to the last decade, but it is no time for failure.

Learn how to write a review of literature #Infographic

The 20 Longest Lasting Vehicles

When buying a new car, there are many things to consider. Gas mileage, unique features, and safety all play a part in the decision. One of the most important things to think about, which is often overlooked, is how long the car will last. Some vehicles have a high upfront cost, but will last years longer than others. These vehicles can be a smart investment for drivers.

The 20 Longest Lasting Vehicles #Infographic

Snapchat is launching parental control options, as confirmed from previews shared by app intelligence company Watchful.


On a private social media space like Snapchat, younger people are more vulnerable to dangerous activities, therefore providing assurance to parents with control options is a valuable integration in the app.

Snapchat to Soon Add a Family Centre Setting in the App

Meta has shared a realistic perspective on opening new opportunities for people with the Metaverse shift. In a new whitepaper from Analysis Group, in partnership with Meta, the Metaverse is defined as “a set of interconnected digital spaces, including immersive XR experiences that combine the digital and physical worlds, in which individuals can easily move between different spaces and experiences as well as interact and collaborate with other people who are not in the same physical space.”


Meta also chose to clarify that the Metaverse may never come to fruition the exact way it is being envisioned, however, it will materialize slowly and will need mass adoption, which would help it take a proper shape as a platform.


Moreover, the creation of the Metaverse will require new rules and frameworks in collaboration with different people and companies over time, including institutions like the US-based National Institute of Standards and Technology or international multi-stakeholder organizations like the Internet Engineering Task Force or the World Wide Web Consortium.

Meta Maps Out and Shares a Potential Plan for the Metaverse

Social audio used to be a big thing at some point, but it looks the trend is slowly fading away now. Twitter, however, is still persistent on continuing to grow its social audio feature Spaces and make it a valuable part of the overall Twitter experience.


Twitter’s New Ad Campaign is Focused on its Live Audio Feature Spaces

It has been three years since Instagram launched its @shop account, where it has featured numerous small businesses. The company is now opening its first ever physical retail pop-up store in NYC, where it is showcasing some of the most popular home, beauty, and lifestyle products featured in its @shop listings. The shop will also feature other exclusive items.


The pop-up shops initiative is a part of Meta’s larger effort to promote eCommerce, and Instagram is a key app for this matter, with 70% of users turning to it for product discovery, and 87% of people claiming that influencers on the platform have inspired them to make a purchase or book a trip.

Instagram to Open a Retail Pop-Up Store in NYC Featuring Products from its @Shop Listings

While the Twitter-Musk deal is still pending, Twitter is continuing to release minor updates on its platform. The most recent feature that is in testing is the new in-stream label for Tweets that indicates when a tweet author has liked a reply.


In addition to the label, tweet author replies are also highlighted with an alternate text colour and a microphone icon next to the comment.


Twitter is Experimenting with a New Label Option for Tweet Replies

LinkedIn users will soon be able to use a react option to respond to humorous content, as the new ‘Funny’ reaction is about to be released on the platform. The reaction appears in the form of a blue colored laughing emoji in a preview shared by app researcher Nima Owji. 


LinkedIn is Bringing a New Emoji Reaction for Users to React to Funny Posts

Michael Jordan VS LeBron James: Who Is the GOAT?

For years and years basketball fans have been disputing whether a legendary player Michael Jordan or not less legendary Lebron James is better. No wonder, indeed both of them have managed to acquire the status of the most acknowledgeable and professional players of all times. The only question remains unresolved: “who is the GOAT”?

Michael Jordan VS LeBron James: Who Is the GOAT? #Infographic

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