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Your SMB Still Needs Cyber Security

As affected as our lives have been by the COVID pandemic, it may not come to mind that it is also the cause of the surge in ransomware attacks, but the two are very much related. Less than two years ago, most employees were still working in their corporate offices, which means they were also able to take advantage of corporate security measures and on-site IT teams. 

However, when COVID sent everyone home, cyber criminals began reaping the benefits of the far inferior security of personal devices and home or public networks. Add this to the fact that most SMBs are underprepared for cyber attacks, and you have the statistic stating that 75% of businesses will be victims of ransomware attacks within the next 5 years. 

Your SMB Still Needs Cyber Security #Infographic

Where is coffee produced the most?

No matter which country you visit, you can easily find a coffee shop around the corner of every street. This reveals that coffee is consumed widely all across the world. after water and tea, coffee is the third most consumed drink and rightfully so, coffee beans are demanded worldwide.

Many countries produce billions of kilograms of coffee beans that safely reach the hands of eager customers. International Coffee Organization revealed that in 2020, a total of 169.6 million bags of coffee, each weighing about 60 kilograms were produced.

Where is coffee produced the most? #infographic

Understanding the Basics of NFTs

NFTs are the new star of the show in digital investment opportunities. These non-fungible tokens are used as authentication certificates for any digital file, which gives creators, collectors, and investors an avenue to prove creation of the file and current ownership. Not only does this simply provide a bit of security and recognition for easily copied digital work, but it means that the original files have an undiminishable value. 

Understanding the Basics of NFTs #Infographic

U.S. Cities With the Highest Rates of Hypertension

In the United States and around the world, hypertension (which is high blood pressure) has become a far too common condition, as today, 45% of Americans have been diagnosed with the condition. Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), HealthChampion created this infographic to determine which cities across the United States have the highest rates of hypertension. 

U.S. Cities With the Highest Rates of Hypertension #Infographic

23 Parenting Philosophies and Methods Explained

When it comes to being a parent, there is no shortage of opinions on the right way to do it. It can be overwhelming for expecting parents to wade through all of the advice, expert opinions, reading materials, online forums, books, magazines, and more to figure out what resonates with their own beliefs, personalities, and philosophies. 

23 Parenting Philosophies and Methods Explained #Infographic


Instagram has released a new option for Live broadcasts, which will let users schedule their upcoming Lives in the app. Lives can be scheduled with a feed post up to 90 days in advance. Instagram has also added a new sticker that you can add to your Stories, that particularly represents scheduled Lives.


With the option to schedule Lives, users can register for reminders, so they can be prompted a day before their Live broadcast and 15 minutes before it starts.


Instagram Introduces New Live Options, Including the Ability to Schedule Lives

Twitter tests a feature to easily switch between two timelines

Twitter being one of the most gigantic social media platforms is constantly adding new updates and features to enhance the user experience on the platform. The latest addition to these amazing features is a new option that will allow the users to switch between the reverse-chronological timeline of tweets from different profiles that they follow.

This feature has been long-awaited by the users since many of them demanded it. With this feature, the company makes it much easier to check out the latest tweets first by simply swiping the timeline option. Simply put, all you need to do in order to see the recent tweets is to swipe left on the screen.

This is however not something very unique and new because the users were already able to view the recent tweets since 2018 by tapping onto the star icon located at the top of their feed.

Twitter tests a feature to easily switch between two timelines


Twitter is testing a new ad format on its platform for iOS and Android. As a result, some people are seeing ads in the midst of conversations; more precisely after the first, third, or eighth reply to a tweet.


Twitter’s revenue product lead Bruce Falck shared the news with users, saying that Twitter is experimenting with a new ad format in Tweet conversations. He also shared a visual of what the format looks like.

Twitter’s New Ad Format Displays Ads in the Middle of Tweet Replies

Specifications of Personal Computers Over Time

How fast was the processor speed of some of the first computers compared to the ones of today? Or how much more memory do today’s computers hold compared to ones created 50 years ago? 

You’ll find the answers to these questions with this visual timeline of specifications for personal computers over time, created by the research team at HP. The timeline starts in 1971 with the Kenbak-1, which is considered to be the world’s first personal computer. The processor speed of the first personal computer was equivalent to 1.00 MHz and it had 256 bytes of RAM. The twenty-one personal computers that are included cover a variety of brands like Apple, IBM, Commodore, Gateway, Lenovo, and more. 

Specifications of Personal Computers Over Time #Infographic

Are Hybrid Workplaces the Future?

Given the uncertainty of today’s world from the global pandemic, what is to become of the workplace as we know it? We need to keep safety in mind, but as more and more companies want their employees to come back to the office, it may not work out the way that employers had intended. First off, they are calling it the great resignation, where employees are quitting instead of going back to the workplace. Employees may not want to take the risks of commuting on mass transportation and be in close contact with others in cramped office cubicles. 

Are Hybrid Workplaces the Future? #Infographic


Twitter had been testing its new Spaces tab in the app and rolled it out to a limited number of users in the past few weeks. The social company is now making the tab available to more users, starting from iOS. The Spaces tab will highlight in-progress audio broadcasts in the app, hence promoting the discovery of the platform’s social audio feature Spaces.



The live Spaces broadcasts will be listed in the tab according to a user’s interests, based on the people and topics they follow. As a result, Spaces will get more attention from users as they tune in to check what latest topics are being talked about.


The Spaces tab is a valuable addition to the app, as Twitter continues to test other options to enhance the discovery of Spaces. Tags have already been introduced for finding Spaces topics and a new option of DM invites for Spaces is soon going to make its way into the app as well.


In the broader social media ecosystem, social audio is becoming an important source of connection. Therefore, any step taken by Twitter to increase engagement of Spaces across its platform is a step worth taking.

Twitter is Making Spaces More Discoverable with New Spaces Tab and DM Invite Option

Google is always working on improving its services including the main search engine, and its most recent update includes a new real time addition of Big Moments.


Big Moments is a feature exclusively designed for Google’s search engine, which shows news other than what is typically displayed in the website’s news box.

Google Improves News Search Through ‘Big Moments’

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