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Most highly-priced video games ever

The immense popularity gained by the gaming industry in the previous decade is probably the biggest achievement in technology. With time, the quality and graphical level of the video games have improved to an unbelievable extent which indicates how well the technologies have been incorporated in order to give the game real like feel.

As the quality of video games improved, the prices of games also increased, and rightfully so, the developers worked extremely hard to create their masterpieces and price them accordingly. We have also been provided with some incredible 3D games that take us completely to the world of the game.

Most highly-priced video games ever #infographic

Most Hardworking TV Stars

Have you ever wondered whether hardworking TV celebrities ever get validated for their efforts or not? Well, to answer this question, we have put together a list of TV celebrities and the domains in which they worked day and night relentlessly to get to their ultimate goal. Many ordinary people switch to TV entertainment to take a break from their busy schedules; likewise, these Celebrities also struggle with their busy schedules to make the right content for you on TV.

Making a name for yourself in today's world is a challenging thing to achieve. It takes a lifetime of effort and true dedication to actually get at that position. Similarly, these celebrities deserve a lot of appreciation from all around the world as they help put a smile on people's faces despite the busy schedule and issues they are a part of. To take a closer look at these celebrities, we have put together the big names of TV stars along with their credits from the year 2016 to 2020.

Most Hardworking TV Stars #infographic

RPA Trends expected in 2021

Since we live in a fast-growing world where technology has been embraced in every sector, in fact, any organization that has not yet integrated technology is lagging behind in various aspects. One such innovation of technology is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology. Through this incredible piece of innovation, larger businesses are able to perform repetitive and complex tasks more conveniently. In addition, the RPA technology eliminates the risks of errors hence delivers accurate results.

RPA Trends expected in 2021 #infographic

Twitter Deleter Statistics

Twitter is known to be one of the most widely used social media platforms where news is shared the most but, in recent years, sharing of memes, quotes, images, videos, and a lot more have been observed. According to a Latvian startup business, Tweet Deleter, that keeps track of content being deleted on the platform, it has been revealed that since April 2020, the number of deleted tweets has started to increase. By July 2020, the spike of deleted tweets peaked the most. As per the analysis, the most deleted tweets contained either race-related keywords or profanities. Since the platform is a family of 321 million users from all over the world hence, all its trends make a huge impact on society.

The Tweet Deleter kept analyzing the platform for a year before revealing the stats. According to the infographic below, the tweet deletion began in January 2020 with a monthly deletion of about 12 million tweets. By April, the number of deleted tweets grew to 30 million in a month and peaked at 36 million in July.

Twitter Deleter Statistics #infographic


Instagram, out of nowhere, surprised users with its unintentional “hidden post like counts” test recently. The social company has been testing this update for some time now and seems to have accidentally expanded the test to more users. Since Instagram couldn’t collect the desired amount of data to officially release the update, it is still in its testing phase.



Instagram chief Adam Mosseri explained the ongoing “hidden likes” test, saying that the test is a part of the broader experiment and has been re-prioritized after disruptions due to the pandemic. “What we're looking is, is there a way for us to bring private like counts to those who are interested in it and not those who aren't, so expect more from us on that in the next month or maybe two," said Mosseri.

Instagram Accidentally Expands its “Hidden Like Counts” Test to More Users


Twitter users have been pleading for an edit option for tweets for the longest time and the social media company seems to have finally paid attention to that. Although an edit button is not exactly what Twitter is introducing, the new option is called ‘’undo send”, the purpose of which is to let users recall their tweet within a 5-second window.



The format of this feature has not yet been finalized as it is still being tested, but it seems like it would be an effective and useful tool for users to reflect on any errors in their tweet before posting it. Some users may still not feel very happy with the update, though, especially those who are advocates of the edit button.

Twitter is Releasing an “Undo Send” Option for Tweets

Countries that have equal rights for women

Women's rights, equality, and protection have become a serious issue in several parts of the world. With the people around the globe protesting for it for years, we don't see an efficient change in the systems. To our surprise, there are only ten states that provide complete protection and equal right to women. However, there are other countries that support women's rights but not fully; some even do to a negligible extent.

Countries that have equal rights for women #infographic

Which sector wastes the most amount of food?

According to the report by the United Nations Environment Programme, an unbelievable amount of food waste from different sectors has been revealed. As per the 2021 Food Waste Index, the amount of food discarded per capita on an annual basis is 74 kg per household, which accounts for a total of 931 million tonnes globally.

Which sector wastes the most amount of food? #infographic

WhatsApp’s Desktop App will now allow voice and video calls

The news has just rolled in that WhatsApp will be integrating voice and video call features in its desktop app for both the Mac and PC. According to the company, the new desktop feature of voice and video calls was tested for a couple of months before making it officially public.

WhatsApp’s Desktop App will now allow voice and video calls

Investing in Silver and Gold Mining companies through Royalty and Streaming companies

Until now, you might have only heard about the investments made in the department of gold, silver mining, and all the companies that guarantee tons of profit upon investment. However, today we will talk about one of the latest and most innovative investment approaches of all time. Called the Royalty and Streaming Companies, these companies invest in the mining companies for Gold and Silver that serve as one of the best investment options for interested investors or groups of businesses all around the world.

Investing in Silver and Gold Mining companies through Royalty and Streaming companies #infographic

Twitter launches Spaces (Stage One) on Android while working on Private Audio Spaces

Twitter is all ready to ride the Spaces wave as its recent Tweet about the launch of the Spaces on Android phones has surfaced over the internet. While this announcement is only made for Stage 1 of the Spaces app, the team is working round the clock to bring more elements into the picture. The private audio Spaces app has become a piece of literal hot news, all the more reason for Twitter to reach its final product as fast as possible.

Twitter launches Spaces (Stage One) on Android while working on Private Audio Spaces


Twitter is taking action against the spread of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, with new labels for tweets that will warn against false information and claims. The platform’s latest enforcement system will also suspend, and even permanently ban, repeat offenders.


Any time a Twitter user tries to share a tweet whose content is identified as controversial regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, they will be prompted to 'Find out more' from Twitter’s COVID-19 Information Center.


Twitter explained that the labels will be initially applied by its team members when they determine content that violates Twitter’s policy. These tests will be then used for further informing and advancing the platform’s automated tools, so it can identify and label similar content across its service.

“Our goal is to eventually use both automated and human review to address content that violates our COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rules," said Twitter.

Twitter Takes Action to Reduce Spread of Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccine

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