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TikTok has released a new transparency report focused on providing specific information regarding detected influence operations that have been removed from its app. In addition to that, the report explains the company’s updated state-affiliated media policy.


This report is different from previous transparency reports that TikTok has put out from time to time in compliance with industry requirements. The current report includes details of 15 influence operations that TikTok claims to have disrupted. You can see case-by-case breakdowns of all detected groups along with the magnitude of their “covert operations” between April 1 - April 30, 2024.


The details consist of the number of profiles in and total followers of each group, and a brief description of each group’s intent as identified by TikTok. Elaborating on the collective intent of the detected groups, TikTok says that “a majority of these networks were attempting to influence political discourse among their target audience, including in relation to elections.”

TikTok’s Latest Transparency Report Provides Disclosure on Influence Operations of State-Affiliated Groups

Microsoft is working on bringing ‘Windows Volumetric Apps’ to Meta Quest headsets – in other words, extending Windows apps into 3D space.


The company revealed the news at its developer conference, the 2024 Build Event. At Build, Microsoft offers comprehensive sessions for developers as well as professionals that help them build awareness about the company’s tools that support new Windows 11 and Microsoft 365 features. 


The new Meta x Windows collaboration implies that, soon, owners of the Meta Quest headsets could view 3D apps and digital objects via their wearable gadgets and physically interact with these apps and objects using their hands.


A New Windows and Meta Collab is Bringing Windows Volumetric Apps to Meta Quest Headsets

At Microsoft’s recent Surface Event, the company presented all the Copilot Plus PCs, among which, Samsung’s entries included its Galaxy Book4 Edge laptops - a 14-inch one and two 16-inch ones. With that, Samsung has announced a new limited-time deal that offers a free 50-inch TV with a pre order of one of these laptops.


The price of the 14-inch Galaxy Book4 Edge starts at $1,349.99. The device is powered by a 12-core 3.4GHz Snapdragon X Elite processor chip with 4.0GHz Dual Core Boost. It offers 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD. The PC features a 14-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 120Hz 2880 x 1800 and up to 500 nits brightness, along with HDR and VRR, and 120 percent of the P3 gamut. It comes with two USB 4 Type-C ports, HDMI 2.1, and a combo audio jack.

Samsung is Offering a Free 50-Inch TV with Pre Order of its Copilot Plus PC

Sonos is currently all about revealing its “most requested product ever,” that is most likely speculated to be its new wireless headphones called the ‘Sonos Ace.’


In the emails and social media promotions, the company does not specify the product, but in the form of a timer, it does mention that it will be launched on the 21st of May. Although the Ace headphones were expected to arrive in June, perhaps the description “most requested” hints at the reason for an early release. Moreover, the headphones recently also made their appearance at authorized dealer Schuurman's sale, which makes it all the more easier to believe that it could indeed be the product that’s being hinted at.

Sonos’ “Most Requested Product,” Speculated to be the New Wireless Headphones, is Ready to be Launched

Meta is bringing a new experience to Threads’ web version with customizable feeds stacked in columns.


This new interface is currently in testing, so anyone who’s part of the test will be able to add separate columns for things like their favourite searches, tags, accounts, saved posts, and notifications.


This integration may sound very similar to TweetDeck that was originally launched as a third-party app to access Twitter (now X), later acquired by X and some time after, turned into a paid service that is now called ‘X Pro.’

Meta is Testing a New Customizable Feed UI on Threads’ Web Version

Which Prescription Drugs are Taken the Most?

The pharmaceutical market is one of the largest industries in the United States. Looking at this infographic from NY Requirements can give us a lot more insight into which drugs are used most often, as well as which illnesses affect us the most. From the graph, we can infer that Americans are at high risk from heart disease. Cardiovascular medications are prescribed more than any other category, claiming many spots all over the list. Here are the top prescribed medications: 

Which Prescription Drugs are Taken the Most? #Infographic

Average Home Prices and Decades of Change

If you’ve bought or sold a home in the past few years, you know that the housing market has been through some massive changes. As you can see from this graphic by Madison Trust Company, we are at an all time high in average American home costs. The graphic shows average costs year by year since 1963. This big picture shows us just how dramatically the housing landscape has changed over the decades.

Average Home Prices and Decades of Change #Infographic

SteelSeries’ new gaming headset ‘Arctis Nova 5’ is now available for purchase with a dedicated companion app that provides more than 100 game-specific audio presets for Xbox and PlayStation 5 titles.


The Arctis Nova 5 headset is priced at $129.99 – which is just slightly pricier than the Arctic Nova 4 wireless headset that was launched last year at $119.99. in exchange for the price increase, you will be able to change audio presets in real time without having to exit a gaming session, and enjoy cross-platform support for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC, Meta Quest, as well as phones or tablets that support the headset’s USB-C dongle. Most of the headset’s design remains unchanged as compared to the previous Arctis models.


Here is What SteelSeries’ New Headset, the ‘Arctis Nova 5,’ is All about

In its latest event, OpenAI revealed that it is launching a desktop app of ChatGPT, a new and faster model ‘GPT-4o,’ and bringing UI changes to ChatGPT on web.

ChatGPT works a little differently in the desktop app. When you open it on your desktop next to a program, ChatGPT can answer any queries related to whatever is displayed on your screen. To ask questions, you can use the Option + Space keyboard shortcut, as well as take and share screenshots with the app to obtain ChatGPT’s response. Currently, the app’s availability is only limited to ChatGPT Plus users, but it will be expanded to all users with a broader rollout in the coming weeks.


OpenAI Announces a New ChatGPT Desktop App for MacOS

The Iconic Bully Dog Breed

There are many dog breeds today that were bred with an explicit purpose. Bully breeds are the most prominent example of this. Initially created to be protective dogs used for hunting and in fighting contexts, bullies have grown beyond their initial purpose. Known now for their wrinkled faces, strong and stocky stature, and short-coats, they’re very recognizable.

The Iconic Bully Dog Breed #Infographic

Which Wireless Telecommunications Company Dominates the Rest?

When cell phones first became popular, there were a number of carriers to choose from. You might remember popular options like Cricket, Cingular, Vodafone, Sprint, and Mint. These companies are a thing of the past. So, what happened? The team at Wyoming Attorney LLC gives us the answer with his illustrated chart of telecommunication company mergers.

Which Wireless Telecommunications Company Dominates the Rest? #Infographic

Which Company Has the Best Customer Service?

Many people place a high value on customer service. Who doesn’t like working with staff members that are friendly, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond to make our experience with the business a good one? It can be difficult to judge who offers the best customer service, but not anymore thanks to this Qualtrics infographic. The team used three surveys across a huge number of industries to find the best customer service options. Here are some of the winners in each industry: 

Which Company Has the Best Customer Service? #Infographic

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