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TikTok rolls out a set of new handy features for its livestream

TikTok’s current fame is pretty much justified with its incredibly massive user base and unbeatable success. Despite all the allegations and conflicts, the company managed to stay on the path to success.

After the acquisition of by ByteDance and its completely changed version as TikTok made people wonder if the company would succeed or not. And yet, here all of them have their answers with the unbelievable success story of TikTok.

TikTok rolls out a set of new handy features for its livestream

The top electric vehicles manufacturers in 2020

Electric vehicles are believed to be an invention of the modern world but, in reality, the first-ever crude electric vehicle was developed back in 1832. Later, these vehicles were kept on being improved and integrated with the latest technologies.

However, the electric vehicles that we have today and way beyond what we had ever imagined. Among several electric vehicles manufacturers, do you wonder which company leads? Well, it might not be a difficult guess that Tesla is the world’s number one electric vehicle manufacturing company.

The top electric vehicles manufacturers in 2020 #infographic


Instagram just added a new, helpful feature to Stories that translates text displayed within a Story. The feature offers translation in over 90 languages.


The translation feature in Stories is only limited to text, however; there is no translation offered for audio in a Story.

Instagram Introduces Option to Translate Text in Stories


Google has been leading the world of technology in the 21st century and has managed to even get ahead of Apple and Microsoft, two of the tech giants. While Google has achieved great milestones, it overlooked one simple and essential feature that was missing in its Chrome browser: the option to take a screenshot.


Now developers at Google are reportedly working on building the screenshot feature. However, some Reddit users pointed out that the option to take a screenshot already exists in Chrome, except that it’s hiding in the developer’s area and is inaccessible to users. Moreover, it is quite basic in terms of its functionality as it does not offer tools to edit the snapshot taken.

Google Realizes it Has Been Missing a Screenshot Option in Chrome

The most widely used global forest product

The demand and consumption of forest products around the world continue to grow with lumber being the only major building material. In the previous decade, China was declared as the largest country in the world for producing as well as consuming wood. It also overtook America’s sawn wood production.

The most widely used global forest product #infographic

Electricity access around the world over the decade

The transition towards improved electricity access in many parts of the world determines better production and distribution of electricity among the nation. According to the Paris Agreement, access to electricity is the main goal since it indicates health, wealth, and longevity.

Electricity access around the world over the decade #infographic

Children's mental health pandemic statistics

Among all the things that have happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, the toll it has taken on our mental health is one of the most severe consequence for both children and adults alike. Now that we are into a full year and half of the pandemic, it is time to examine just how serious the mental health impact was on our children. 

A new children’s hospital study found that children experiencing toxic levels of stress or trauma are more likely to have a longer-term impact from their COVID experience and require more specialized care. 

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago recently polled 1,000 parents across the US, focusing on how parents contextualize the impact of the pandemic on their child’s mental health, what choices they regret making and what they have done to constructively address challenges. 

The survey started by asking parents about how they feel the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their children’s mental health. 71% of parents who were surveyed said that the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of at least one of their children. When asked about the status of their children’s mental health, 45% of parents said it has stayed the same. 28% said it is getting worse, while 27% said it was actually getting better. 

Childrens mental health pandemic statistics #Infographic

What is Heat Stress and how to overcome it?

As we all know, global warming is impacting the overall world’s climate in drastic ways. As a result, the hot regions are experiencing record-breaking heatwaves. This heat is easily prevented by relaxing in chilled air-conditioned rooms but, those who are exposed to direct environmental heat and have to work there face serious issues.

The human body relies on homeostasis in order to adjust to environmental conditions and maintain a healthy body temperature. However, if this mechanism fails to cope with the rising temperature of the environment, the body temperature rather than cooling down starts rising which results in heat stress.

What is Heat Stress and how to overcome it? #infographic

A look back at the decade of Snapchat

Over the years, thousands of students residing in the dorms of Stanford University planned something creative but, not all of them evolved into a billion-dollar company. Snapchat, initially known as Picaboo was founded by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

The three co-founders worked day and night to build an app through which people could share snaps that would disappear after some time. The app was officially rolled out in 2011 as Picaboo and the name was changed to Snapchat a year later in 2012.

By the end of 2012, it was already clear that the app was about to get some incredible boom. In 2013, the company was financed by a massive Series A $13.5 million which became the most prominent reason for its growth.

A look back at the decade of Snapchat #infographic


A study was recently conducted on the effectiveness of Netflix VPN bans across different VPN platforms. Since Netflix provides its content on the basis of regions, this means that not all TV shows and films are available to watch in every country.


As a result, many users utilize VPN software to get access to Netflix content that may not be legally available to them. For instance, a user from a South Asian country could use a VPN service to get access to a server in a European country.

Research Conducted on VPN Services Shows Many Are Able to Bypass Netflix Ban

Survey shows how many Americans are watching sports while at work

It can be tempting for many American workers to spend some time checking sports scores or even watching a sports event while at work. But just how many American sports fans area spending large chunks of time each day looking or watching sports content? 

The Lines recently surveyed 1,500 sports fans across 40 different industries around the country to learn more about their relationship with sports at work. 

Sports at work 

Many Americans take the time out of their workday to watch or check sports scores. The survey found that over 71% of Americans admit to checking sports at least once a day while at work. Another 19% said that they sometimes check scores or read about sports while at work. Only 10% of Americans who were surveyed said they do not check sports scores or read about sports at work. The typical sports fan spends an average of 49 minutes each day checking sports scores or reading about sports at work. 

Survey shows how many Americans are watching sports while at work #Infographic

Autodidacticism is on the Rise - Educate Yourself

If you’re wanting to further your education, it’s no longer true that you have to spend huge amounts of money or that you have to dedicate all of your time in order to study and make it worth your while. Today there is ample opportunity to further your education without the overwhelming cost, nor the need to quit your job to pursue your educational dreams. 

Many free educational resources can be found on university websites, aggregate sites that collect the best courses, MOOCs (massive open online courses), and expert made courses, such as those available through Khan Academy and TED Ed. 

Autodidacticism is on the Rise - Educate Yourself #Infographic

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