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UBI and its impact on poverty

UBI is Universal Basic Income whose premise is to make life easier for people in need and encourage greater economic activity by giving monthly payments. Governments started to consider UBI to combat poverty even before the COVID-19 pandemic which has destroyed the economy in shambles.

The idea of UBI is to combat poverty and put an end to the economic prospects that have been around for decades. UBI relies heavily on government budgets or direct funding to operate easily. With the COVID-19 wreaking havoc on economies around the world, some groups are rekindling the idea of UBI.

UBI and its impact on poverty #infographic

What SEO tools are right for your business

SEO is important for a business and its website. The higher you are up in those search engines, the more your website will flourish with traffic. However, achieving the right results in the SEO department can be hard, if done organically. That’s why SEO experts use different tools to maximize their achievements.

What SEO tools are right for your business #infographic

A poll feature has been added for Podcasts on Spotify

As per today's news, Spotify announced the release of a new feature explicitly created for more interactive and exciting podcasts. Spotify is one of the most widely used music applications, and the company says that it has started to test the "polls." These polls will be interactive so that the viewers can answer the poll questions posted by the host during the podcasts.

Polls had been introduced to Facebook and Instagram a long time ago; hence, users must be pretty aware of how to use them. They can select their preferred answer and see the real-time percentages. No user will be able to see the poll results without participating in it.

A poll feature has been added for Podcasts on Spotify

Covid-19 data added to Google Maps for safer navigation

Google Maps is the go-to application for billions of users who want to find the fastest routes for their desired destinations. Traveling had been put to a halt during the Covid-19 pandemic; however, lockdowns have been eased in many parts of the world, but safety and precautionary measures are still the top priority of everyone. Amongst all, safer traveling is one of the main concerns; the company launched new features in the Google Maps app for safer and secure traveling.

Features including live busyness, Covid-19 checkpoints, and alerts in transit are there to guide the users throughout were introduced earlier, and now, Covid-19 layers have also been released. The Covid-19 layers will show important real-time information regarding Covid-19 cases in different areas so that you can make decisions accordingly.

Covid-19 data added to Google Maps for safer navigation

Instagram is updating Reels for the first time ever since it released the new video-creating feature. After Reels was rolled out, the feedback Instagram received on it wasn't too great, as the design of the feature was criticized and it didn't manage to gain as much attention as a potential TikTok competitor. 

Instagram is, therefore, improving the feature by allowing users to record longer video clips on it, extending the timer, and making the editing process easier by using tools to trim and delete clips. Earlier, the video length on Reels was only up to 15 seconds, whereas TikTok allows its users to record videos up to 1 minute on its app. 

The user feedback Instagram received was mainly regarding the concern that the video length on Reels was too short. Instagram still hasn't allowed for the video length to be 1 minute long like on TikTok, but it has extended the length to 30 seconds. The timer has been extended to 10 seconds.

Instagram Updates Reels after Receiving User Feedback - Longer Videos and More Tools

How to Properly Work-Out During Lunch Breaks

With so many apps and websites out there to help you build your workout routine, it all sounds like a piece of cake. But the reality is that it's easier said than done. Fitness is something that almost everyone is concerned about, regardless of their age.

For many people out there, committing to a proper morning workout routine or a routine in the evening or whenever, seems tough. They want to be fit, of course, just like anyone else. But commitment for them is a harder task than doing exercises themselves. It can also be tricky if you set your workout routine in-between lunch breaks during your work days.

How to Properly Work-Out During Lunch Breaks #Infographic

YouTube is strengthening its approach towards content on its platform that is not age-appropriate. This means that users will now see a lot of more videos on YouTube than before, pop up with age gated restrictions. The social media company did the same for videos containing hateful content by relying on machine learning to better detect such content. 

As a result of a stricter policy, users that watch YouTube videos embedded in third-party sites will also be redirected to YouTube's main site, where they would be required to sign in to their account and verify their age. 

Amidst the policy update, there are some concerns being raised by creators in YouTube's Partner Program, about whether YouTube's updated measures would have any effect on their moneymaking potential. The answer is most probably no, as YouTube believes that videos labelled with age restrictions will automatically have limited or no ads, as they are likely to simultaneously violate YouTube's advertiser-friendly guidelines due to being age-restricted. 

Moreover, using machine learning moderation would definitely lead to more errors being made in terms of incorrectly labelling and removing content.  

Another aspect that YouTube has clarified as part of the measures is that while age-restricted content is less likely to appear on YouTube's homepage, the label wouldn't necessarily ''prohibit'' such videos to appear on the homepage. 

YouTube's Age-Restricting Policy Gets Stricter

Google just announced that it is putting an end to paid Chrome extensions on the Chrome Web Store. As a result, developers who have been monetizing their extensions will have to turn to other payment handling systems and they can not make new paid extensions anymore. 

Back in January, Google came up with a policy for temporary suspension of publishing paid extensions after the company observed fraudulent transactions being made in an attempt to exploit users. 

Google will No Longer Allow Paid Chrome Extensions

Protecting your home from extreme weather

The natural disasters are getting more and more frequent. Their intensity, larger and more furious than before. It is a fact that natural disasters have been more impactful as of late and whether it is the fault of global warming or not, you cannot deny that it is downright scary.

In the USA, there has been a lot of increase in weather-related damage. With a number of famous, big hurricanes hitting the country, it is very important that the people take the necessary precautions to minimize the destruction. Other than the hurricanes, flooding and wildfires have been a lot this year. Australian wildfires started back in January of 2020 and caused a lot of destruction to property as well as wildlife. Then there were wildfires in California which caused even more destruction to the already miserable year.

Protecting your home from extreme weather #infographic

How to Host Successful Online Events

Online events may sound like a piece of cake, but they need careful planning and execution. Just like other events, marketing needs to be taken into account. In order to get your online event successful, there are a lot of factors that you need to look out for. 

First of all, the entire point of doing effective marketing for online events is to get as many registrations as possible. However, it must be kept in mind that the number of registrations does not necessarily equate to the number of attendees. You can determine this ratio using the registrant-to-attendee conversion rate.

How to Host Successful Online Events #Infographic

Paid Chrome extensions to be shut down by Google

Chrome Web Store offers paid Chrome extensions to Google users that are announced to be officially shut down by the company. This will take away the platform from developers trying to monetize their Chrome extension, and they will have to try it with a different payment-handling system.

As per Google, from Monday, users have been disabled to make new paid Chrome extensions. With time, the tech giant is likely to lay off other functions as well. According to the timeline, by 1st February, all the payments will be permanently disabled from the existing extensions.

Paid Chrome extensions to be shut down by Google

WeChat sees drastic surge in the downloads prior to the U.S. ban

The Chinese messaging app WeChat had been facing issues with the U.S. government because of U.S. security concerns. The U.S. government had already planned to ban the app soon countrywide; however, after the confirmation of banning the app, WeChat observed a massive surge in downloads.

Within two days, the app was installed around 54,000 times as per the data from Sensor Tower, which is 28 times 1900 downloads observed in the previous week. The U.S. has recently banned a series of applications that were linked to the Chinese government. WeChat currently has billions of active users all around the globe.

WeChat sees drastic surge in the downloads prior to the U.S. ban

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