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Meta has been testing a new integration in Threads called ‘topic tags’ for the past few weeks, and is now rolling it out to all users. Topic tags could be compared to hashtags, but according to Instagram chief Adam Mosseri, their purpose is to drive conversations in the app around specific topics.


Unlike how regular hashtags are used, users will be allowed to add only one tag per post. Moreover, for a tag to be functional, it needs to be composed manually in each post, therefore a post with a tag can not be copied and pasted for it to drive conversations. Another element that makes topic tags different from hashtags is that they can be created consisting of multiple words with spaces, without adding the ‘#’ symbol.

Threads Adds the Option of ‘Topic Tags’ to Posts to Help Drive Conversations on Specific Subjects

A Chronicle of Flags: The Longest and Shortest in Use

Flags are more than just pieces of cloth; they represent a nation's identity and values to all, much like family photos do. Denmark's flag dates back to 1625, a very long time. Similar to the great-great-grandpa of flags, its history dates back to when horses were the primary mode of transportation. Then there are the UK, Nepal, and the Netherlands, whose flags are so ancient they resemble old books waving in the breeze.

A Chronicle of Flags: The Longest and Shortest in Use #Infographic

Times of Highest And Lowest Inflation in U.S. History

When discussing U.S. history, the state has had one of the highest and the lowest inflation rates. The inflation rates tell you about the existing condition of the economy. They can fluctuate due to various reasons, such as war, pandemics, and recessions, that can affect the economy overall and lead to a lower purchasing power.

Times of Highest And Lowest Inflation in U.S. History #Infographic

Meta is introducing new generative AI features as the holiday season begins. These include in-stream visual creation options, expansion of its virtual characters, and more.


Starting off with the ‘Imagine’ text-to-image tool that has been available in Messenger for some time now, Meta is enabling more users to generate a variety of visual images using the technology.


More specifically, Meta users will be able to use Imagine outside of Messenger as well, on a separate website. “While our messaging experience is designed for more playful, back-and-forth interactions, you can now create free images on the web, too,” says Meta. Within Messenger, Meta is enhancing the tool’s capacity with the option called ‘Reimagine’ that lets users reprocess the generated images in-stream.

Next, Meta is expanding its chat personas functionality, as a result of which more users can interact with AI versions of popular celebrities and stars. These interactions can be initiated by selecting the ‘Create an AI chat’ option in message on Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Check Out Meta’s Latest AI Integrations, Including AI Message Replies and GAI to Produce Images

The Rise of People Moving to Florida

The Sunshine State has become a place that entices people to stay rather than to visit. This cannot be attributed simply to 1 factor, but rather the culmination of benefits Florida possesses. These major factors include relatively low housing prices, easier access for first-time homeowners, and an overall lower cost of living compared to major cities like California. Furthermore, the flexibility of remote work and availability of work also makes Florida a reliable place to live comfortably.

The Rise of People Moving to Florida #Infographic

Countries Where Women Make Up Over Half of the Workforce

Who runs the world? Girls! According to BeyoncĂ©, that is, and these stats are here to prove it. The number of women who have joined the workforce has skyrocketed to unprecedented numbers in the modern era. It wasn’t that long ago many women would forgo a career to be a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. Well, times have certainly changed since then as women have gone on to become powerful politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, and so much more. So, which parts of the world have embraced this change with a majority of their current day workforce being female?

Countries Where Women Make Up Over Half of the Workforce #Infographic

Which U.S. State Has the Highest Average Number of Poops per Day?

If you had to guess which U.S. state poops the most, which would you choose? Our first guess would be Wisconsin, due in part from their love of cheese. And we all know the effect cheese can have on the body, especially in larger quantities. But if you had the same thought process as us, you would also be wrong.

Which U.S. State Has the Highest Average Number of Poops per Day? #Infographic


The Locations Fueling the Backbone of Our Digital Infrastructure

Explore the geographical landscapes that house the most substantial data centers in our interconnected world. Delve into the heart of digital infrastructure as statista identifies and uncovers the regions that stand out as the primary hosts for colossal data centers, driving the technological backbone of our digital age.

The Locations Fueling the Backbone of Our Digital Infrastructure

Fascinating Google Facts and Stats

Take a captivating ride through the digital cosmos with the exclusive infographic "Fascinating Google Facts and Stats" from digital information world. This visual delight serves as your VIP access to the extraordinary world of Google, unveiling mind-blowing statistics, remarkable milestones, and intriguing anecdotes that trace the tech giant's evolution.

Fascinating Google Facts and Stats #infographic

Pinterest is expanding its direct linking options to more objectives and campaign formats. As a result, brands will be able to use direct links for both consideration and conversion campaigns, across image and video formats. This will ultimately help in driving Pin traffic to specific pages, hence more efficient conversions.


Direct links, according to LinkedIn, help businesses convert more of the Pinterest users shopping on the platform into active customers on their sites / stores. Ads that use direct links take the users directly to the advertiser’s site with just one click. Regular ads, on the other hand, require two clicks for a user to navigate off Pinterest to the advertiser’s website.

Pinterest Announces Expansion of Direct Links on Ads to More Objectives and Formats

In a latest report by LinkedIn titled ‘Future of Work’, the company has shared insights and data on the impact of AI on different industries, as well as the advancing AI initiatives that LinkedIn is preparing to bring to its platform.


The report consists findings on the following topics: “Professionals’ conversations and sentiments towards AI,” ‘”Generative AI (GAI) by education, generation, and gender,” and “LinkedIn’s AI-assisted products will create more value for members and customers.”


LinkedIn has observed a 70% increase in conversations around AI on its platform, between December 2022 and September 2023. Around the world, members on the platform have been specifically having discussions around terms like “ChatGPT,” “Prompt Engineering,” “Prompt Crafting,” “Microsoft Copilot,” and “Generative Artificial Intelligence.” LinkedIn has further provided a percentage-breakdown of different populations that are driving these conversations.


Additionally, LinkedIn reports that 55% of its users “globally stand to see their jobs change to some degree by the rise of generative AI,” which highlights the impact of LinkedIn’s generative AI on the work industry.

LinkedIn Shares Key Insights into the Usage of AI Across its Platform and its Impact on Workforce

NewsGuard, a misinformation watchdog organization, has reported that some X Premium subscribers may be benefiting from the platform’s ads revenue sharing program while spreading misinformation about the Israel-Hamas situation. The posts by these users, containing conspiratorial claims about the Israel-Hamas situation, have collectively reached 92 million views.


NewsGuard had previously debunked these claims in its Misinformation Fingerprints database of the most significant false and misleading claims spreading online. The organization’s VP of communications, Veena McCoole, confirmed that the 30 posts from NewsGuard’s report surpassed some of the most appallingly misleading claims related to the ongoing war.


These findings are in opposition to X’s revenue share policy, according to which, payouts are not provided when an account engages in any activity that is believed to have violated the X User Agreement. In addition to that, Elon Musk himself had announced back in October that X would not provider revenue for posts that have corrections from Community Notes.

NewsGuard Report Says Some X Accounts Spreading Misinformation May be Eligible for the Ads Revenue Program

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