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YouTube ranks the best videos and content creators of 2020

YouTube is one of the most famous online video streaming, having millions of channels where uncountable videos are uploaded on a daily basis. Every day, billions of people use the platform to watch their desired videos. From television series to songs, movies to vlogs, everything is available on the platform. Since YouTube continues to grow bigger and bigger, there are now pretty tough competitors on the platform. YouTube has released the annual list for top videos and content creators of 2020. The list consists of those videos and creators that have gained most of the users’ attention.

The ranking list will definitely be a great way for the users to not miss out on some epic content. Talking about videos firstly, here is what the ranking list looks like;

1. 8:46, Dave Chappelle by Netflix Is A Joke

2. Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder by Mark Rober

3. First Debate Cold Open by SNL

4. We Broke Up by JeffreeStar

5. I Bought The World’s Largest Firework by MrBeast

6. I’m Coming Out by NikkieTutorials

7. Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE by Dream

8. Ricky Gervais’ Monologue - 2020 Golden Globes by NBC

9. Quarantine Stereotypes by Dude Perfect

10. Some Good News with John Krasinski - Ep 1 by SomeGoodNews

There is surely an enormous range of genre available on YouTube, but Gaming and Comedy is still the most favorite for the majority of users.

YouTube ranks the best videos and content creators of 2020

Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook News in the U.K. as an investment in journalism. The feature will roll out in January 2021 and will serve as a space for local and national news. 

Facebook's aim behind Facebook News is to pay publishers for content that is not already on the platform, help them reach new audiences, and offer more subscription and advertising opportunities. 

The group of UK publishers that Facebook has featured in Facebook News includes Archant, Conde Nast, The Economist, ESI Media, Guardian Media Group, Hearst, Iliffe, JPI Media, Midland News Association, Reach, STV and others. They are home to UK’s most popular and loved national and local news brands such as The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, The London Evening Standard, Liverpool Echo, Manchester Evening News, The Mirror, The Scotsman, STV and the Yorkshire Post.  

In addition to that, Facebook News will also feature lifestyle brands like Red, Harpers, Cosmopolitan, Wired, GQ, Glamour, Vogue and Tatler.

The functionality of Facebook News will include curative and personalized top stories that deliver informative and reliable news. Users will be able to view top news headlines and stories of the day along with the news that they can personalize according to their interests.  

Facebook to Launch Facebook News in the UK and Extend the UK Community News Project


Facebook has announced a new deal through which it is acquiring a customer service automation platform called Kustomer, and as a result will provide more tools to businesses to help them manage customer queries.  

Instead of responding automatically or redirecting messages to human service agents, Kustomer relies on AI for detection of customer queries. An advanced set of automation rules for message replies reduces the time spent on manually dealing with queries. 

How does this benefit Facebook? Facebook’s DM customer service is going to benefit from this service, with WhatsApp being the main focus. According to Facebook, more than 175 million people contact businesses via WhatsApp. 

Facebook Announces Acquiring Kustomer to Manage Customer Service Queries

India’s GDP loss for the second quarter of 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only collapsed India’s economy, but the entire world’s economy has suffered drastic losses. However, talking about India specifically, according to the records of the second quarter of 2020, which happens to be India’s fiscal year as well, the GDP contracted by 7.5%. The pandemic made the country enter recession for the first time after its independence. In the first quarter (ending in June), the country’s GDP shrank by 23.9%.

India’s GDP loss for the second quarter of 2020 #infographic

How pandemic affected holiday shopping channels

Holidays are the best time for the Americans to shop; this is the time when every retailer, including international brands, put massively discounted offers in order to lure the consumers. People get crazy over the holiday discounts and get their hands on everything they had been wanting for a long time. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has struck the world hard, and its second wave started a few weeks ago that resulted in further lockdowns. Thanksgiving suffered the pandemic lockdowns hence people couldn’t go out for shopping and celebrate in a way that they used to.

How pandemic affected holiday shopping channels #infographic

WhatsApp introduces custom wallpapers for different chats

Want to make your favorite personal chats stand out from others on WhatsApp? Well, WhatsApp has heard you and launched a feature where one can assign different custom chat wallpapers for individual chats. The feature will make it easier for the users to distinguish between the chats in a blink on an eye. Furthermore, the company says that there is an unlimited number of wallpapers you can select from.

WhatsApp introduces custom wallpapers for different chats

Professions that British people trust the most and the least

There are more professions in the entire world that we can ever imagine, and every profession is of equal value. There should be no discrimination on the basis of one’s occupation. If we talk about Britain specifically, people there have different values for different professions. British people are unable to trust every profession, and the survey by Ipsos MORI shows us which profession is the most trustworthy and which is the least in the UK.

Professions that British people trust the most and the least #infographic


The U.K. government planned to phase out the Huawei 5G technology and as part of that plan, it is banning the installation of the new Huawei 5G equipment from September of next year. The government announced back in July that it would be barring firms from buying new equipment form Huawei starting from January 2021, due to the national security concerns revolving around the Chinese tech company.  

This means that any telecoms companies that have stockpiled Huawei equipment ahead of January 2021 will not be able to use them for long-term 5G rollouts. Reports suggest that several companies have been stockpiling the equipment since summer. However, firms possessing old Huawei equipment will still be able to maintain it after September.  

On the other hand, matters of the ban enforcement and the laws regarding it will be set by a new legislation in the Parliament this week. Furthermore, telecoms companies could be fined up to 10 percent of turnover or £100,000 per day if they fail to comply with the new security standards, according to the Telecommunications Security Bill requirements.  

UK Government to Ban Installation of New Huawei 5G Equipment


How wealth of US Billionaires thrived during the pandemic

The United States of America has more than 600 billionaires who are getting wealthier day by day. Where the Covid-19 pandemic has been the worst nightmare for the normal people, it has been a great way to thrive for the billionaires. Wondering how? Well, Chuck Collins from the Institute for Policy Studies performed an analysis and was awe-struck by the results. According to the analysis, the wealth of American billionaires grew drastically by $1 trillion since March 2020, which in total is a 34 percent increase in the total US billionaires’ wealth as compared to the previous year.

How wealth of US Billionaires thrived during the pandemic #infographic

Top five trends originated during Covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has left a very unfavorable effect on society because of its adverse impact on the economy and business. The irreversible damage posed by this virus has put a hold on many things that could have proved to be essential for the people. Even though the vaccine to treat coronavirus has finally come to light and is expected to change the pandemic reality soon enough, but the damage that has already been done is far too big to overcome in just a few days.

This infographic strictly focuses on the five trends that have emerged during the pandemic period because to survive it; people switched to many different activities they normally wouldn't care about. For instance, the pandemic season forced most people to find entertainment on their home screens or phone screens instead of cinemas and outdoor amusement spots. Likewise, the younger generations shifted towards video gaming for most time of the day, which led to an immense increase in the sales of video games.

Top five trends originated during Covid-19 #infographic

Forex market and trading opportunities

Forex market is the most popular and biggest market for investors across the globe. Over the years, a great number of companies have invested in the Forex market. The reason why the Forex market is at the top of the list is that a massive increase of $0.5Q speed was observed in the previous year, where the market jumped from $1.9Q to $2.4Q.

Forex market and trading opportunities #infographic

Spotify is currently testing a new feature that is similar to Snapchat Stories. The feature will be put alongside some of the playlists on Spotify. A few Stories-like video clips have already been spotted on the Christmas Hits playlists shared by popular artists like Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, and Pentatonix, where they talked about their personal anecdotes about Christmas and their song writing processes. 

Tapping an icon on the top left of each supported playlist would display the short videos and the interface is pretty much like that of Instagram and Snapchat Stories: tapping on the left and right sides of the screen will help you navigate backward and forward through the series of videos, respectively. 

Spotify is Testing a Feature Similar to Snapchat Stories

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