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Prepare yourself for 2020 Elections with the Voting Information Center

In June, Facebook announced that it would conduct the largest voting information campaign this year. Many voters, especially the newly eligible ones, are unaware of the basic information regarding proper voting. Moreover, many don’t know where and when to register themselves for voting. Facebook launched its first Voting Information Center on Facebook and Instagram with the goal of providing a one-stop-shop for millions of American users. This information center will provide the eligible voters with every tiny piece of detail that they need to know for elections.

Screenshots of the Voting Information Centers on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram users can easily find the information about elections as both the apps will send the notifications at the top application to the targeted individuals. Anyone can easily access the Voting Information Center through the menu and can also check whether they are registered for voting or not. If they are not registered, they can do it through a link provided.

Prepare yourself for 2020 Elections with the Voting Information Center

As Apple was charging a hefty developer fee, the creator of Fortnite i.e., Epic Games, implemented a change to avoid the huge Apple fees. In response to that, Apple vanished Fortnite entirely from the App Store. The game offers various in-app purchases since the beginning, but some part from the fee was deducted by the intermediaries such as Apple and Google; hence, it has changed its payment options and included in a direct payment option. This will allow the users to buy in-game currency for their Fortnite mobile app. Furthermore, a discount of 20% is also being offered to the players who pay directly to the company for getting V-bucks.

Currently, if the users choose Google and Apple payment options, a 30% fee will be collected, and the a discount of  20% won’t be offered to the user. 

Apple evicts Fortnite from App Store

Snapchat launches new lenses specifically for TikTok's viral video challenges

After every couple of weeks, you come across similar videos by different people all over the internet, which are basically TikTok dance challenges made by various users. These challenges keep on providing users with entertaining stuff. Several people get attracted and try to copy the dance moves. One of the great features that make TikTok videos much enjoyable is their AR lenses. TikTok already had a few AR lenses, but now Snapchat has also introduced a couple for lenses for TikTok users to make their dance challenge videos through Snapchat.

These AR lenses are designed in a way that they track the movement of the person and give an exciting look. Snapchat says that these lenses track around 18 joints of a human body hence move accurately with the subject.

Snapchat launches new lenses specifically for TikTok's viral video challenges

It has been reported that Apple is soon going to launch new bundles of its subscription services that include Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple News+, and iCloud. The bundled services package is reportedly called Apple One. The various offers in the bundles would altogether cost less than subscribing to each one individually.

The bundles are expected to launch in October, the same month that Apple will launch the new iPhone. The different combination of services in each package would include Apple Music and Apple TV+, along with an option to add Apple Arcade and another option to add Apple News+. With a higher priced option, customers will be able to avail extra iCloud storage as well. The reported arrangements of these offers, however, could change prior to the launch. 

It is reported that with the new bundles, Apple would be able to save subscribers between $2 and $5 a month. Moreover, the subscriptions will be able to work with Apple's Family Sharing system, so up to 6 members in a household could have access to the services at a time. 

Apple Reported to Launch Bundles of its Subscription Services

The 30 Biggest Record-Breaking Fish Ever Caught
Fishing is all fun and games until you’re trying to reel one in that that weighs over one thousand pounds, by yourself no less! That’s exactly what eleven anglers did when they caught the sea beasts that landed them on this list of ‘The 30 Biggest Record-Breaking Fish Ever Caught’. Even though the other nineteen fish on the list quite didn’t hit the quadruple digits in weight, their unbelievable size is nothing to sneeze at.

The 30 Biggest Record-Breaking Fish Ever Caught #Infographic

The Chinese-owned app, TikTok, recently stared gaining increasing recognition during the coronavirus pandemic, but things got a little shaky for the company and its parent company ByteDance as they started facing serious allegations. 

TikTok and ByteDance were specifically targeted in the U.S. after the U.S. government claimed that the company was using invasive methods to collect user data in the country, which was threatened to be misused or inappropriately accessed by the Chinese government.

While President Donald Trump stands firm on his stance to ban the app in the U.S., TikTok has also been accused of of collecting users' information from their phones by logging in to their MAC addresses. It has been reported that the app attempted to do so by exploiting a bug and hiding its tracks with an atypical extra layer of encryption. 

TikTok is Reportedly Violating Users' Data by Tracking their MAC Addresses

Port Detentions in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Where travel restrictions have affected the common people, they have also put a halt to flights and cruises. Approximately 200,000 people are stuck due to port restrictions. Due to multiple port restrictions, a lot of cargo ships have been affected. 

These cargo ships have also been facing a shortage of crew, which has had an impact. Protocols for careful inspection are also being followed for ships that are arriving at ports. This, in turn, has led to a crisis in the supply chain industries as well. Many businesses have also collapsed due to shipments not reaching their respective ports.

Port Detentions in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic #Infographic

Understanding the True Spirit and Essence of Easter

Whether you are a Christian or not by faith, you may have already heard about Easter. Even if you aren't aware of it in depth, it is one of the most important religious occasion around the world. Easter is of immense importance in Christianity. According to Christian belief, Easter marks the raising of Jesus Christ after he was crucified in the cross. The Easter eggs which you get to see in abundance at the time of Easter, are actually a symbol of this rebirth. Let's explore the meaning and origins of Easter in terms of the Biblical context itself.

Various events regarding the roots of Easter can be found in the Holy Bible, the Holy Book in Christianity. There are two major sections of the Holy Bible: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The four gospels governing the life of Jesus Christ can be found in the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible. These four gospels are namely the gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.

Understanding the True Spirit and Essence of Easter #Infographic

To take action against misinformation on U.S. elections, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have stepped up. Facebook is providing poll-related resources, while Twitter is expanding its policy against misinformation on mail-in ballots and early voting.

The actions were taken after the 2016 elections when social media platforms received backlash for their lax approach towards fake news report and misinformation campaigns.

Twitter is standing against misinformation on elections with the help of new policies that ensure the emphasis on accurate information regarding all options available for voting including mail-in ballots and early voting. Twitter's VP for public policy, Jessica Herrera-Flanigan, stated in an email to Reuters that Twitter is focused on empowering every eligible person to register and vote via partnerships, tools and new policies. 

Twitter and Facebook Take Action Against Misinformation on U.S. Elections

How People Are Experiencing Sexual Pleasure During the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic and the lockdown following it have imposed many restrictions on people all over the world. Mental health problems are becoming common in people who had absolutely nobody to share the lockdown with. Of course, this is also true for people sexually, as the nature of COVID-19 does not allow people to interact with each other.

So how have people been sexually satisfying themselves? Of course, living in an age of multiple advancements, there are a lot of options to cope with actual sexual interaction. Technological advancements and other devices such as sex toys have made it possible to experience passion and pleasure of your partner even when they're at a distance.

How People Are Experiencing Sexual Pleasure During the Pandemic #Infographic

Where Natural Disasters Strike Most in the United States
When disaster strikes, will you be nearby? This guide from Roof Claim examines which counties across the United States are most at risk when it comes to natural disasters occurring. It takes into account several types of disasters, like severe storms, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, droughts, and severe ice and snowstorms.

Where Natural Disasters Strike Most in the United States #Infographic

How Long It Would Take The 30 Richest Americans To Make America's Median Annual Salary
Every year, Forbes releases the Forbes 400, which provides a definitive ranking of the 400 wealthiest Americans. Combining all of their wealth would amount to a staggering $2.96 trillion. Of course, the net worth of the obscenely rich is constantly fluctuating based on the stock market, selling and purchasing of shares, investing, and donations. Even life changes can have significant impacts on net wealth. For example, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently went through a divorce with his wife in 2019. She walked away with 25% of Amazon’s stock, increasing her wealth by $38 billion. This has pushed her up to rank 15 on the Forbes 400 list.

How Long It Would Take The 30 Richest Americans To Make America's Median Annual Salary #Infographic

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