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Online donor stats and behaviors

Donating to a charity is considered one of the noblest social activities. The State of Modern Philosophy shares a report each year that includes the insights that helps the social sector to more effectively engage with their donor base. Donors are essential for a social sector and retaining them is their top priority by creating meaningful connections with them.

Online donor stats and behaviors #infographic


Ecommerce mistakes you should avoid

The e-commerce business is booming these days. In the modern world, everyone likes to keep everything convenient. Ecommerce website is the epitome of convenience. What better way is there to shop for your favorite and desirable products right from the comfort of your armchair? Starting your own e-commerce website is a great way to jump on the bandwagon, but there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid.

Ecommerce mistakes you should avoid #infographic

How do women make the most contribution to consumer purchases?

Did you know that out of all the people in the world, it is women who contribute the most in helping the sports businesses make giant revenues? It is common knowledge that males have always been the focal point for worldwide sports sponsorships, but the recent report suggests that unlike women, men do not spare their time to make consumer purchases. However, it is women and their extensive approach that manages to keep the world of marketing intact as only 20-30% of men engage in consuming sports products compared to 70-80% of women who are making a huge impact on the GDP of most countries.

How do women make the most contribution to consumer purchases? #infographic

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan just called out Facebook to stop the spread of violent and Islamophobic content on the social platform. The reaction of the PM was in response to the French President’s recent Islamophobic behavior.  

President Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to an Islamist murderer of a French teacher last week, after which the French ambassador in Islamabad was summoned to give a diplomatic protest against the President’s problematic remarks.  

Khan posted an open letter on Twitter this Sunday, expressing his resentment over increasing Islamophobia and extremism and the role of social platforms like Facebook in the spread of such content. 

The letter talked about the situation in France where, Khan said, Islam was being associated with terrorism. He called out the French president for ‘'attacking Islam’' by encouraging the display of cartoons of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.  

PM of Pakistan Calls out Facebook over the Spread of Islamophobia

Twitter has been the most active for the past few months and has constantly released new updates in order to ensure the safety of accounts and prevent the spread of fake information. Now that the US presidential elections are almost a week away, the tech giant is adding an anti-misinformation banner. Every US-based user will see the banner on their timelines. Furthermore, the banner will also pop up if anyone searches for election-related information. 

The company said that the purpose of these pop-ups is to provide authentic information regarding topics that are likely to get changed into false information. There are two banners out of which one serves the purpose to assure the users that the safest mode of election is through an e-mail whereas, the other pop up makes it clear to the users that election results take some time to be announced. Both the pop-ups are expected to get updated by the company regularly.

Twitter will add an app banner for elections information


How to use Google EAT to outrank your competitors

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. It is widely used and websites get optimized for Google to get traffic boosts on it. Google uses prompt algorithm updates to regularly increase its accuracy. One of those algorithm updates included guidelines for something Google calls E-A-T.

How to use Google EAT to outrank your competitors #infographic

The Most Overweight and Fittest Cities in the United States

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42.4% of the American population is obese. That’s a startling statistic considering that just 13% of adults in the entire world are obese. Which American cities have the most obese residents? 

The Most Overweight and Fittest Cities in the United States #Infographic

The Official Languages Found in the Most Countries Around the World

Which language was found to be the official language of the most countries? You can find the answer to this question, and more in this linguistic chart that takes a look at the official languages that are found around the world. The bubble chart format makes it easy to see which ones were deemed the official language of the most countries, as well as the countries that have legally declared them as such. The chart also includes the ones that consider these languages to be their de facto national language, which means that while the language is spoken by a majority of a country’s population, it has not been declared as the official language in a legal capacity. 

The Official Languages Found in the Most Countries Around the World #Infographic

The Most Polluted Major Cities in America

Drinking clean water and breathing clean air are two things that Americans can certainly take for granted. However, the air and tap water isn't great everywhere in the country. 

From TitleMax, this infographic analyzes which cities across the United States are the most polluted. The 100 most populated cities in America are included and ranked by the pollution index. Riverside, California ranks as the most polluted city in the country, and California itself makes up the entire top four of the list, also including Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield. 

The Most Polluted Major Cities in America #Infographic


LinkedIn: A new place for gamers

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Despite having a more professional rather than a casual approach, it is still very popular and in regular use of millions of people. There are also LinkedIn campaigns to attract more audiences, but when it comes to gamer audiences, it may not look like an ideal place to start.

In general, gaming is more popular on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat, etc. but not LinkedIn. The professional image of LinkedIn doesn’t allow itself to be put in the gaming genre. LinkedIn is like a recruiting platform where people boast about their professional careers, such as starting a new job or getting a promotion, and gaming is considered far from being professional.

LinkedIn: A new place for gamers #infographic

The impact of coronavirus on Construction Industries

Just when we all thought the world was getting any safer, Covid-19 decided to intrude our lives and turn them upside down. Along with many sectors, Covid-19 has not sat rightly with the Construction companies because of its extensive impact worldwide. Unlike any other virus, coronavirus was powerful enough to suspend businesses, educational institutes, worldwide tournaments, trading, and transportation because nobody could find a cure to the disease that seemed undeniably untreatable. What felt like weeks turned into a whole year, and the suspension kept stretching.

The impact of coronavirus on Construction Industries #infographic

What is the Internet like in the year 2020?

It is highly unlikely for a person to belong to this generation and not know about the greatest humankind invention. Being a user of the Internet might be too common for the ten-year-olds today, but only the scientists are aware of the struggles that made it possible. There are too many things we humans take for granted just because our lives have become too mundane to even notice the greatest blessings it contains.

What is the Internet like in the year 2020? #infographic

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