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Mailchimp isn't the Champ

Although Mailchimp is a market leader, it isn't perfect. 

The system has not always provided all small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers, online store owners, and other smaller users' needs. 

They have limitations in their features, which can be a problem if you expect them to do more for your business. Moreover, they don't have autonomy over email design, customer service could be better, and the cost of accessing the additional features in the pro version is ridiculously expensive.

Mailchimp isn't the Champ #Infographic

Alcoholism Stages: How Do Abuse and Dependence Occur?

Drinking alcohol is like playing with fire. Whether a person does it in moderation or is prone to binge drinking, there’s always a risk to get burned. There comes a moment in avid alcoholics’ lives when they look around and see that everything they love is burning: time, health, relationships with loved ones, career. 

Of course, every case of alcoholism is unique due to genetic predisposition, life circumstances, and other factors. Someone drinks often and doesn’t face many undesirable consequences. But the other can progress quite fast from having a beer after work to working to buy a drink.

Alcoholism Stages: How Do Abuse and Dependence Occur? #Infographic

Adult Children Of Alcoholics (ACOA): Trauma, Struggles, And Coping Mechanisms

The effects of alcoholism touch not only the alcoholic but all people around him or her. And the youngest members of their family usually suffer the most. Children who grow up in an alcoholic home often face poor parenting that is characterized by less warmth and responsiveness, low physical and verbal engagement, stricter interaction, mistreatment and abuse, and consistent and repeated trauma.

Adult Children Of Alcoholics (ACOA): Trauma, Struggles, And Coping Mechanisms #Infographic


A new set of app icons has been discovered in the backend code of Twitter’s app, based on the theme of seasonal celebrations and festivities.

The feature of themed icons is offered by Twitter Blue, which is Twitter’s subscription program that allows some of the platform’s dedicated users to get access to a variety of additional features.


One of the latest features offered by Twitter Blue includes the Undo Tweet option that allows users to retract a tweet within 30 seconds of sending it, to edit any errors. The Reader Mode and Bookmark Folders are also part of the offer, although there isn’t anything that extraordinary about them.

Twitter Blue is Offering Seasonal and Holiday Themed App Icons

Counting the Costs of Ransomware

Being safe online has become increasingly difficult through the years. It used to be enough to have the latest software up to date, but these days it is hard to see all of the different attack vectors coming to compromise you and your business.

Counting the Costs of Ransomware #Infographic

Humans and Eyeglasses are the Perfect Pair

Since their invention in 13th century Italy, eyeglasses have become so common as to be intrinsic in the human experience. Even for those who don’t need corrective lenses, eyeglasses are still the norm for things like sports, gaming, blocking the sun, or for safety.

Humans and Eyeglasses are the Perfect Pair #Infographic


YouTube is developing a new tool for YouTube Studio, called Search Insights, which is designed to give insights about what users are searching for on the platform. The information will be provided to creators in relation to their channels and content, as well as for other general search queries.


The feature is currently being tested by YouTube and is going to be available in the Analytics/Research tab. There will also be two separate tabs for query research: the Your Viewers’ Searches tab that provides a listing of what viewers are searching for, and the Searches Across YouTube tab that provides insight into the most common search queries based on keywords.


The first insights tab will show what people who regularly view your content are also looking for on YouTube, including key topics of interest among them. It will also show the overall search volume of each viewer, along with the amount of traffic that your channel has drawn based on each query.


YouTube is Working on a Search Insights Tool to Help Maximize Content Efforts

Online shopping and safety risks

Online shopping has become a huge trend where billions of people shop online through various websites over the internet. Even if the buyers take a rest for a few weeks, the brand comes up with massive sale campaigns that attract the buyers incredibly. Buying was never this convenient until the discovery of eCommerce.

Are you also a regular online purchaser? You must be overwhelmed with the sales offered frequently by your favorite brands, right? Currently, most of the brands worldwide are offering Black Friday sales where people get magnificent discounts on items that they couldn’t buy at their original price.

This is where people forget everything and rather than visiting the stores, head to the online websites to get their hands on their favorite items before the stock runs out. But, what they forget is the risk of entering too many websites without keeping in mind their data collection trends.

Online shopping and safety risks #infographic

WhatsApp will soon release two new updates for its users

Being one of the most widely used communication mediums, WhatsApp keeps on adding new updates frequently to offer the users an improved experience. Up till now, there has been no such feature integrated by the company which users didn’t appreciate because, with every new update, the app just gets even better.

Having that said, the company is now all set to roll out two new features for its users regarding audio messages and improved message-deleting options. Since the company has always brought the best updates, the hopes for these two new features are pretty high.

Everyone has some people on their contact list who send longer voice notes and audio messages that seem dreadful to listen to just because of their length. Sometimes these voice messages are pretty important to listen but you lack enough time.

Thankfully, WhatsApp took this matter into consideration and has rolled out an update where you can fast-forward the voice notes from 0.5x to 2x speed. Now, the company is doing the same for audio messages as well.

Audio messages are simply the forwarded voice notes from one chat to another. Currently, this new update is being tested out and is in its beta version so, we can expect it to be rolled out anytime soon.

WhatsApp will soon release two new updates for its users

The Oldest Businesses in Every Country Around the World

Ever wonder what the oldest running business in your country is? Even if that thought has never crossed your mind, this map from the team at is pretty interesting. It shows the oldest businesses in every country around the world. Dating all the way back to the year 578, the first company on the list is a Japanese construction company named Kongō Gumi. Most of the businesses that make up this list of 165 oldest companies are banking institutions.

The Oldest Businesses in Every Country Around the World #Infographic

Scrumptious turkey seasonings for the Thanksgiving meals

Are you excited for Thanksgiving but bored of following the same turkey recipe every year at the festival? If so, we have brought to you 10 simple, easy, and finger-licking good seasonings and rubs for turkey that you can try out this year on Thanksgiving.

Have you ever tried herbs with turkey? If not, let’s give it a try this year. Herbs and turkey are a great combination that can enhance the overall taste of the meal incredibly. We cannot simply pick one most widely used herb for turkey because everyone has different preferences according to their taste buds.

Scrumptious turkey seasonings for the Thanksgiving meals #infographic


Microsoft is releasing a new optional update for Windows OS, which includes some important bug fixes and new emojis previewed by the company earlier this year. The emojis include Microsoft’s old animated character Clippy, that is making its return after years of being taken off of the platform.


This time, however, Clippy looks a lot better thanks to Microsoft’s design team that has put in efforts to make his colors appear brighter and more saturated. The emoji is designed in 2D and is only available in Windows 11.

Microsoft Releases New Emojis for Windows 11

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