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Meta is continuing to encourage Instagram users to use Reels and make more content using its short-form video feature. Instagram has enabled displaying of all forms of videos posted on the app as Reels, which indicates that the company is focusing on Reels more than ever, so much that Meta believes that in order for your content to reach more audience, Reels must be a part of your marketing approach.  


According to Instagram, over 45% of accounts now interact with a Reel in the app at least once a week. This shows how much social media users have become more comfortable with engaging with short-form content. Of course, the trend was initiated by TikTok, and was adopted as a strategy by other platforms after TikTok’s massive popularity, in order to keep up with the usage shift.


To further develop creators and brands’ interest in using Reels, Instagram has recently introduced a bunch of tips that can help maximize content reach, the top most of which are about immediacy and creativity.


First, Instagram suggests that brands must highlight their mission or showcase their products within the first few seconds of a Reels clip. Second, Instagram encourages getting creative and experimental, which would create both entertainment for viewers, as well as make a brand stand out in its personality.

Meta Helps Instagram Users Learn How to Maximize Content Reach Using Reels

To enhance its AR and VR experiences further, Meta is now developing new spatial audio tools. With the help of this integration, people will be able to live moments of immersive graphics and sounds when they put on their AR glasses.  


Spatial audio is one of Meta’s key drivers for the Metaverse, and the company has already introduced a bit of the spatial audio experience in its Ray-Ban Stories glasses that feature open air speakers to deliver sound directly into the wearer’s ears, without an earpiece.


Currently, Meta is creating three new models for audio-visual understanding and inviting developers and audio experts to contribute to its research. According to Meta, the models “focus on human speech and sounds in video.”

Meta is Creating New Spatial Audio Tools for AR and VR Experiences

40 Cakes From Around the World #infographic

There is nothing like celebrating an occasion with a delicious piece of cake. No matter the size of the celebration you can almost always count on devouring a slice during your time. To slice into a fresh cake and admire the structure and perfection that is inside is a memorable moment. Cakes can come in all different shapes, sizes, layers, fillings, and even textures so it is easy to get lost in their beauty and craftsmanship.

40 Cakes From Around the World #infographic

Which Countries Export the Most Food Products by Value? #infographic

In 2019, a review of countries that export the most food products by value was published. This map from groups countries from profits of over $10 billion dollars to less than $10 million dollars. The top three counties earning over $10 billion dollars are the United States, Germany, and China. Switzerland just made it to the top earners list by a mere $1 billion dollars. There are several countries that barely missed earning a spot as a top earner- Vietnam and Poland were about $1 billion dollars short. It is impressive to see the small differences that some of these countries have between each other. Some of the smaller countries that earn under $10 million dollars in profit are mostly islands. The top three countries that earned under $10 million dollars may not be well known locations to the vast majority, and they are Palau, Saint Helena, and Nauru. Many of the places in this section are locations that have harsh climates or limited resources or land that is usable. One would wonder if any of these rankings are swapped even yearly due to outlying circumstances.

Which Countries Export the Most Food Products by Value? #infographic

The Most Addictive Foods (According to Science) #infographic

Certain foods can actually be just as addictive as drugs. There is research that has suggested that certain processed foods are able to increase the "reward circuitry" within our brains up to twenty times faster than that of cigarettes, therefore making these foods extremely addictive to those who consume them. From the team at How Long To Cook comes this new infographic that looks at the most addictive foods out there, along with the least addictive foods.

The Most Addictive Foods (According to Science) #infographic

The Winningest Olympian at Every Modern Olympics by Medal Count #infographic

It comes as no surprise that Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps, is the most decorated Olympian of all time. We’ve seen and heard his name across the media for the many times as he dominated in swimming races throughout four different summer Olympic games. Between 2004 and 2016, Michael Phelps won a total of 28 medals, 25 of which were gold medals. But who are some of the other powerhouse Olympians that dominated the other modern Olympics by winning the most medals during their respective games? 

The Winningest Olympian at Every Modern Olympics by Medal Count #infographic

The Oldest Schools in Every U.S. State

The very first commencement ceremony at Harvard University took place in 1642, where just nine students graduated and moved on to religious and political careers. The school had been established just six years earlier on September 8, 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Not only is Harvard University nearly 150 years older than the United States itself, but it's one of just three colleges or universities in the United States that was established during the 1600s.

The Oldest Schools in Every U.S. State #Infographic

30 Fictional Diseases Ranked by Suffering and Mass Devastation

Since the pandemic hit our world, there has been mass devastation around the globe. Now, could you imagine if another major disease hit? There are some that are insanely terrifying that actually come from the world of fiction, whether it's through movies, television shows or any other forms of media.

30 Fictional Diseases Ranked by Suffering and Mass Devastation #Infographic

The Increase in Solar Panel Efficiency Over Time

This infographic shows the increase in solar panel efficiency over time and it is fascinating to see how far we have come in this world in creating solar power. Green energy and renewable energy is great for the environment, and there are hundreds of thousands of uses for solar power across the globe. More and more households are adding solar panels to their rooftops as energy prices soar.

The Increase in Solar Panel Efficiency Over Time #Infographic

40 Flipping Fantastic Pancakes From Around the Globe

They can be light, rich, hearty, thick, thin, fluffy, sweet, crunchy and savory, and not only are pancakes very tasty, but they also can come in several different textures and flavors. All over the globe, different cultures enjoy different things best in their own unique ways, and that even includes pancakes.

40 Flipping Fantastic Pancakes From Around the Globe #Infographic

The Richest Town by State by Median Household Income

This map of the Richest Town in Every US State is a beautiful curated list that shows where the big money lives. It was interesting going through all of the states and comparing each town to a map to see the geography. It sparked my interest in what jobs people have past the stereotype of the industries in each state.

The Richest Town by State by Median Household Income #Infographic

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