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WhatsApp’s Desktop App will now allow voice and video calls

The news has just rolled in that WhatsApp will be integrating voice and video call features in its desktop app for both the Mac and PC. According to the company, the new desktop feature of voice and video calls was tested for a couple of months before making it officially public.

WhatsApp’s Desktop App will now allow voice and video calls

Investing in Silver and Gold Mining companies through Royalty and Streaming companies

Until now, you might have only heard about the investments made in the department of gold, silver mining, and all the companies that guarantee tons of profit upon investment. However, today we will talk about one of the latest and most innovative investment approaches of all time. Called the Royalty and Streaming Companies, these companies invest in the mining companies for Gold and Silver that serve as one of the best investment options for interested investors or groups of businesses all around the world.

Investing in Silver and Gold Mining companies through Royalty and Streaming companies #infographic

Twitter launches Spaces (Stage One) on Android while working on Private Audio Spaces

Twitter is all ready to ride the Spaces wave as its recent Tweet about the launch of the Spaces on Android phones has surfaced over the internet. While this announcement is only made for Stage 1 of the Spaces app, the team is working round the clock to bring more elements into the picture. The private audio Spaces app has become a piece of literal hot news, all the more reason for Twitter to reach its final product as fast as possible.

Twitter launches Spaces (Stage One) on Android while working on Private Audio Spaces


Twitter is taking action against the spread of misinformation regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, with new labels for tweets that will warn against false information and claims. The platform’s latest enforcement system will also suspend, and even permanently ban, repeat offenders.


Any time a Twitter user tries to share a tweet whose content is identified as controversial regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, they will be prompted to 'Find out more' from Twitter’s COVID-19 Information Center.


Twitter explained that the labels will be initially applied by its team members when they determine content that violates Twitter’s policy. These tests will be then used for further informing and advancing the platform’s automated tools, so it can identify and label similar content across its service.

“Our goal is to eventually use both automated and human review to address content that violates our COVID-19 vaccine misinformation rules," said Twitter.

Twitter Takes Action to Reduce Spread of Misinformation about COVID-19 Vaccine

Which country generates the most e-waste?

The discarded electronic devices which are of no use anymore are best described as electronic waste or e-waste. As per the analysis of Global E-waste Monitor, in 2019, 53 million tons of electronic waste were produced all around the world whereas, the figure saw a drastic increase in five years, i.e., 21 percent. With such an incredible growth rate, e-waste is now the fastest-growing waste stream in the world.

The largest electronic waste generation is done in China, accounting for a total of 10.1 million tons. However, despite the higher rate, the country is still way behind the list toppers in terms of per capita production, which is relatively less, i.e., 7.2 kg.

Which country generates the most e-waste? #infographic

Richest black people in the world

There is not a long list of black billionaires in the world, and rightfully so, there is less than 1 percent of black rich people among all the billionaires worldwide. Let’s have a look at the lucky people who made it to the list of the world’s wealthiest black people.

As per the data of February 2021, there are currently 15 top black billionaires in the world who altogether account for a net worth of $48.9 billion. On the top of the list rests Aliko Dangote, having a net worth of $11.5 billion is the owner of around 85 percent of one of the largest cement producers in Africa, the Dangote Cement. Not only this, but Dangote has also made several investments in various sugar and salt-producing industries.

Richest black people in the world #infographic


Amazon’s new app icon that made its first appearance back in January, has started to look a little different. The icon previously appeared to show a tape that looked like a toothbrush-style moustache, which has now changed.


The toothbrush-style moustache became a popular trend after being famously associated with comedian Charlie Chaplin and later with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.


Amazon changed the initial look of its app icon after receiving feedback from its customers. “Amazon is always exploring new ways to delight our customers. We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their doorstep,” said an Amazon spokesperson about the recent tweak to the app icon’s design.

Amazon Changes its App Icon Design after Receiving Customer Feedback


When Twitter first launched its version of Stories called Fleets, the feature was simple with no additional tools or effects, unlike what Instagram or Snapchat offer with Stories. However, Twitter recently decided to add a new option to Fleets called Twemoji stickers, available to users in Japan only for now.


In the Fleets composer, a new stickers tray can be found by tapping on the smiley face icon. You can then use the search option to look for the sticker of your choice to add to your photo or video. With the Twemoji stickers, you can express your feelings or mood.


It looks like Twitter would consider bringing more of such visual tools to Fleets in order to expand the feature, which will help increase user engagement. Since other social platforms have already enhanced their Stories feature, it is likely that Twitter would do the same.

Fleets on Twitter Now Feature Stickers and ‘Twemojis’

Allergies, their types, and symptoms

Allergies are not at all an uncommon disease. As per the research, over 50 million Americans are allergic to various things. Most commonly, allergies occur when an immune system is invaded by a harmful substance called “allergens.” These allergens could be anything, from food to pollen and seasonal effects to dust. These harmful allergens then cause an allergic reaction that exhibits different types of symptoms depending on the type of allergy.

Allergies, their types, and symptoms #infographic

Why should Vending Machines be in schools?

Installing vending machines in schools is a great way for convenient and quick snacking; moreover, it is also defined as an inexpensive way of munching. Back in July 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) set some standards for the schools, which advised all the schools in the country to fulfill the requirements and follow the guidelines of “Smart Snacks in Schools.” According to the new standards, schools were to find innovative ways to stick to the new standards while keeping up with the profit.

As per the USDA standards, the snacks sold in school must be not more than 200 calories, have no grams of trans fat, not be more than 35 percent of saturated fats, and must have nutritional value rather than empty calories.

Why should Vending Machines be in schools? #infographic

The current leader of the 5G patent race

Now that the fifth-generation technology for telecommunication companies have started to pave its way into the industry, several broadband competitors are trying hard to lead the 5G patent race. However, according to the infographic, the current leader of the 5G patent race is the Chinese manufacturer Huawei.

A lot of you might be wondering how are the companies determined to be leading this race? This question has a very straightforward answer i.e., the more the number of 5G patents owned by a company, the higher its rank would be. Now as per the analysis of IPlytics, Huawei has been granted over 15% of active patents.

The current leader of the 5G patent race #infographic

Indian economy marks its recession

It is no surprise that the pandemic of Covid-19 impacted every economy in the world regardless of its size. India being one of the largest global economies shattered terribly more than any other large economies and rightfully so, the country implemented the lockdown restrictions later in March 2020, way late than all other European and Asian countries.

Indian economy marks its recession #infographic

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