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As its latest major move in the world of AI, tech giant Meta has added its AI chatbot on all of its platforms: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger (minus Threads). The chatbot is available on each of these apps as a dedicated search bar.


Meta’s AI chatbot is powered by the company’s Llama 3 model – Meta’s most powerful AI model yet (even better than ChatGPT), and which it claims to be “the most intelligent AI assistant” that can be used for free. This should automatically make Meta’s integrated AI chatbot one of the best AI assistants out there too.


Meta’s Advanced AI Assistant Makes its Way to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger

As a result of the agreement between Apple and the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA), the third-party iOS app store marketplace AltStore PAL is now live in the EU. The store has been developed by Riley Testut and Shane Gill to accommodate apps that can be self-hosted by developers on their own servers.


To install the app store, an annual subscription fee of €1.50 (plus tax) must be paid, which covers Apple’s Core Technology Fee (CTF). During the installation process, Apple confirms with the user multiple times if they wish to proceed with installing a third-party app, before it finally lets them get through.


AltStore PAL is bringing with it two apps, both developed by Testut himself: the Delta game emulator and a clipboard manager app ‘Clip’. The Delta app is simultaneously also making way to the App Store outside of the EU. According to Testut, AltStore PAL is also open to submissions from third-party developers.


Third-Party App Store for iPhone ‘AltStore PAL’ Goes Live in the EU along with Two Apps

The Delta game emulator is the first game emulator that is available for free on the App Store for the first time. It'll enable iOS users to enjoy the gaming experience on their iPhones almost like a pseudo Nintendo DS or GBA.

The app can be accessed on the App Store in several countries outside the EU, and in the EU, it is making debut with the newly launched third-party AltStore PAL app marketplace. According to Riley Testut, developer of the Delta emulator, both the app versions work the same. Other Nintendo emulators, including a wide range from the original Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo 64, are also expected to arrive to the App Store. 


On-screen buttons in the app change their layout and appearance to match the emulated system. Users can also put up extra buttons for different functions such as quick save states and fast-forward, as well as customize their layout.


The Delta app supports Bluetooth controllers like Xbox One Series S or PS5 controllers; and multiplayer for the NES, SNES, N64, and AirPlay streaming too. It also works with some of Nintendo’s non-typical input methods, like the gyroscope and microphone controls.


Delta offers some additional touches as well, like automatic grabbing of the box art for the games and the ability to customize the art using its built-in database or even custom images. Users can also import controller skins and customize them.


Delta was first released as a 1.0 version in 2019, which means that it has been updated and improved multiple times through the years. This will likely make the app one of the most enhanced emulation experiences on the iPhone.

Nintendo’s Delta Game Emulator becomes the First Emulator to Go Live on the App Store

The States with the Lowest Spending on Education

When examining schools across the United States you’ll find that spending per student can vary a lot per state. The research from illuminates high and low spending across the nation. They sorted data to determine which states and even which districts spend the most and the least money per student.

The States with the Lowest Spending on Education #Infographic

The Secrets of the Countries with the Oldest People

What traits do the oldest people worldwide share? Madison Trust Company might have dug up answers with its insightful map displaying nations that have substantial populations aged 65 and older. 

Look more into each age bracket with data divided into cohorts of 65-74, 75-84, and 85 and beyond. You’ll find that Japan has the highest elderly population whether you’re examining the oldest or youngest end of the elderly spectrum.

The Secrets of the Countries with the Oldest People #Infographic

This is How the Pay Gap Has Changed Since the 60s

The team at Qualtrics have created a fascinating timeline that gives insight into how the gender pay gap has changed year by year since 1960. The gender pay gap reveals the differences between male and female salaries. The team compared both average yearly salaries and the amount women make to a man’s dollar. These statistics are usually gathered while comparing equally qualified individuals in the same job positions.

This is How the Pay Gap Has Changed Since the 60s #Infographic

Crayola Crayons Through the Years: Every Color and Shade

Crayola has been inspiring young artists for over a century with their collections of vibrant crayons. These crayons are used to teach children how to identify colors with their fun names and bright labels. In tribute to a brand that’s been so important to kids since 1903, AAA State of Play created this beautiful infographic displaying every color that Crayola has ever created. There are plenty of discontinued sets like glitter crayons, neon crayons, and even multi-colored crayons, but this chart has captured them all.

Crayola Crayons Through the Years: Every Color and Shade #Infographic

Is Blue the Best Color for Your Brand’s Logo?

There are many aspects to consider when designing brand messaging. One of the most important visual aspects to a brand is the logo. It needs to be instantly recognizable and evoke certain feelings and associations. The most powerful tool to accomplish these things is the choice of color.

Is Blue the Best Color for Your Brand’s Logo? #Infographic

Creating the Perfect Customer Experience

Curating a positive customer experience is one of the most important areas of focus for a company. There are two important ways to produce this: strong brand consistency and hyper-personalization. Both have been proven to increase revenues when executed properly by a large number of major companies, including Spotify, Amazon, and easyJet.

Creating the Perfect Customer Experience #Infographic

Building Financial Opportunity with Alternative Data

Roughly 76 million Americans face challenges accessing credit.  This is because they are either thin files, meaning that they have four or less credit accounts on their file, or they are credit invisible, which means they do not have a traditional credit file.

Building Financial Opportunity with Alternative Data #Infographic

Amidst its ongoing financial struggles, Tesla is reducing the subscription fee for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) driver-assist software. The fee has been cut down from $199 a month to $99 a month.


The FSD is Tesla’s level 2 driver-assist system, that the company describes as FSD (Supervised), emphasizing that the drivers are required to pay attention to the road and stand ready to take control of the vehicle. This is because Tesla has been criticized for not incorporating proper driver monitoring and other safety measures to counter overreliance on the system.


While the FSD was available as a $99 monthly subscription to owners who already have Autopilot, Tesla now offers Autopilot as standard on all new car purchases, which cancels the need for the price variance. The company has recently also started to promote a one-month free trial of FSD, as a way of attracting more customers to the subscription.

Tesla Announces Reduction in Subscription Fee of its FSD Driver-Assist Software

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