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As part of its eCommerce efforts, Facebook is bringing a new range of tools for shopping and discovery on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


CEO of the social company, Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledged that Shops on Facebook and Instagram get over 300 million visitors a month. Facebook released its Shops feature just a year ago, and it has already become widely used with over 1.2 million monthly active Shops.


The company is therefore expanding Shops by bringing it to WhatsApp now. With the help of Shops on WhatsApp, businesses can exhibit their shops within the app, hence providing a more convenient way for customers to discover products of their interest and acquire relevant information related to the brand.


Shops is likely to get more user engagement on WhatsApp, as the messaging platform is the most widely used one all over the world. Facebook is planning to create more business tools for the app, so as to broaden its usage, especially in growing digital markets like India, that has more than 500 million WhatsApp users.


Facebook Furthers eCommerce Efforts by Introducing New Shopping and Discovery Tools


Germany's Federal Cartel Office is carrying out proceedings against Apple over anti-competitive behavior related to its App Store, and other services and products. It will be decided in the proceedings if Apple’s ecosystem holds enough power to make it difficult for other companies to challenge it.


President of Germany's Federal Cartel Office, Andreas Mundt, explained that the focus of the investigations will be on examining Apple’s “extensive integration across several market levels, the magnitude of its technological and financial resources and its access to data.” He continued to say that the operation of the ‌App Store‌ will also be assessed, since it “enables Apple in many ways to influence the business activities of third parties.”


The main goal of the investigation is to prohibit the company from "engaging in anti-competitive practices" in case it is found to be of significance across markets.

Germany's Federal Cartel Office to Investigate Apple’s “Anti-Competitive Practices”

How to stay safe on the internet

Prior to the pandemic, we used the internet for several purposes. However, after the outbreak of the global pandemic, almost the entire world has shifted to the internet everything. Whether it is getting your online lecture, working from home for your office, communicating with your loved ones, or doing grocery, people have relied on the internet for even the easiest tasks.

But, don’t forget the threat of online crimes that can happen to literally anyone on social media. However, with the increase in internet traffic and usage, these online crime threats are a bigger risk than ever.

How to stay safe on the internet #infographic

Ways to increase your E-commerce sales using Social Proof

Several big brands have been using Social Proof to enhance their e-commerce sales across different social media platforms and websites. It is neither an application nor a paid advertisement program, in fact, is a social and psychological phenomenon. This method is used to similar actions are copied by people in order to undertake the behavior given in a situation.

Ways to increase your E-commerce sales using Social Proof #infographic

eBay Recommerce: the Secondhand Economy

Did you know that the average American household has 36 items that could be resold at a total value of $3,675? Canadian households contain even more at an average of $5,660 USD. The opportunities for engaging in recommerce are alive and well, especially since the pandemic. 

In the past 12 months, eBay C2C customers have also bought pre-owned goods at a rising percentage rate, globally. Those percentages are 81% in the UK, 80% in the US, 79% in Germany, 69% in France, and 68% in Canada. Recommerce customers and sellers are often in it for the money, or because it’s a fun hobby, but it’s also good for the environment. 

eBay Recommerce: the Secondhand Economy #Infographic

Podcasts have finally made their way to Facebook

Here is some great news for all the podcast lovers, the social media giant, Facebook is planning to launch its podcast product in the coming week. The date announced is 22nd June 2021. Through this feature, the users will be able to create clips from their favorite shows.

Moreover, the podcast host will be able to link the RSS feed of their shows on Facebook. Doing so would lead to an automatic generation of News Feed posts for all the next episodes. Users will see these episodes through the “podcast” tab which is not live yet.

Podcasts have finally made their way to Facebook

Is Your Landing Page Getting the Attention it Deserves?

If you are a local business owner, what is it that you consider to be the most important thing in helping your business to succeed? Is it good customer service? Quality products? Location? Quality management? 

All of these things are certainly important, but one thing you may be neglecting is the importance of a quality local landing page. 

Is Your Landing Page Getting the Attention it Deserves? #Infographic


Snapchat is working on expanding its developer tools for Spotlight and is letting developers integrate their apps into Spotlight clips. As a result, Snapchat users will be able to create Spotlight videos with the new creative tools and post them directly to the Spotlight feed.


For instance, a user can use the Voicey app to make their Spotlight clip and then publish the clip to the Spotlight feed. The Voicey link will be displayed along with the clip and tapping the link would show other Spotlight videos created using the Voicey app. A quick link to download the app will also be provided.


Snapchat Expands its Creative Toolset for Spotlight by Allowing Developer integration


Twitter has announced an important update for its social audio feature Spaces. As part of the update, Spaces hosts can now access and download recordings of Spaces hosted in the past 30 days from the ‘data’ folder of their Data download.


Twitter explains that in order to access the audio recordings, hosts will have to download their personal data files upon requesting Twitter for them, via the 'Your Account' section in profile settings. The request can take up to 24 hours to get approved.


Next, by simply tapping on 'Request Archive' from the 'Download and archive of your data' section, hosts will be able to access a zip file of all the personal data provided to them by Twitter, including their Spaces audio.

Currently, however, this download process is not as ideal, as in order to download Spaces audio, you will have to also download all of your Twitter info. Twitter plans to improve the process to make it more convenient for users.

Twitter Allows Spaces Hosts to Download their Audio Recordings

How important are childcare centers for Australian children?

High-quality childcare services have always been extremely important in Australia. As the infographic shows, more than 1.3 million Australian children and over 986K families currently attend childcare services.

Because of the increased demand for these services, the call for well-qualified and experienced professions is also there. A lot of people confuse childcare with babysitting however, in reality, childcare service is way beyond just babysitting.

Where babysitting is just taking care of a child for a few hours, childcare service provides children with extensive care, attention and helps them develop with full potential to reach their milestones.

How important are childcare centers for Australian children? #infographic

Instagram rolls out Reels ads globally

The social media giant has been seen making several efforts to enhance the user experience of the app. The platform not only has great features for casual users but also for businesses. The company announced the launch of Reels ads all around the world after several rounds of tests in different countries.

According to the company, reels are the most efficient way to get higher reach and engagements from people who don’t even follow you. However, this is just a basic way to reach the users which doesn’t guarantee results as formal advertisement does.

Instagram rolls out Reels ads globally #infographic


Bloomberg posted an updated article, which clarifies that the antitrust legislation prohibits Apple from preventing users from removing Apple-created apps on their Apple devices. While Apple does allow users to delete many of its own apps, it doesn’t allow the deletion of core apps like Messages, Photos, and Phone.


According to the proposed U.S. antitrust legislation released last week, Apple would not be allowed to sell its iPhones with its own apps installed. Instead, the company would offer other app options for users to install. The free Apple-created apps on iPhones currently include Messages, FaceTime, Calendar, Notes, and a few others.


Under the proposed antitrust legislation, this requirement would lead to a substantial change in Apple’s iPhone's setup process, which would become more complicated, less streamlined, and perhaps even more expensive if users were cued to purchase or subscribe to third-party apps and services to replicate Apple’s services at no cost.

Under Proposed US Antitrust Legislation, Apple Users Would be Able to Remove Pre-Installed Apple Apps

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