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Giving Birth Safely at Home

For a woman who is expecting, pregnancy is the most beautiful yet cautious experience ever. Many pregnant women choose to give birth at home because it offers them privacy and saving costs. Having the ability to have close family members and friends around all the time can also be very supportive for the pregnant lady. Giving birth at home can have tons of benefits, but there's so much to care about as well.

Especially, who really likes hospitals? The sombre atmosphere of hospitals can make any new mother feel restless and overwhelmed. It can lead to unwanted anxiety and pressure, something which no expecting woman would want. Hospitals are also prone to not just germs but in fact, superbugs! People infected and suffering from all kinds of diseases are admitted there or come as outpatients. This can expose both the baby and mother to major unwanted risks. There are also reliability issues with a few hospitals that can add to the anxiety.

Giving Birth Safely at Home #Infographic

 After months of lockdown, the businesses are finally ready to help boost the economy

After months of lockdown due to COVID-19, the businesses are finally getting back on their A-game to see some sunlight. From unemployment to the economy crashing every now and then, the businesses have endured it all. The pandemic period has not only put the entire world in grave danger, but it has also caused many companies to lose plenty of customers in just over a few months.

After months of lockdown, the businesses are finally ready to help boost the economy #infographic

Countries which suffer at the hands of electricity poverty

Many regions in this world still suffer at the hands of electricity poverty. This issue might seem like an old one in the books of modern countries, but nothing can deny the fact that there still exist around $1.2 billion people in this world who have to live through every single day without this basic necessity. Over the years, many countries managed to pull themselves out of this trouble through growth and development, but unfortunately, other countries did not have the necessary resources to do so. India, being one of the victims to electricity poverty, recently added itself to the list of countries which have more than 90% access to electricity.

Countries which suffer at the hands of electricity poverty #infographic

U.S. Amusement Parks With the Most Deaths and Injuries in the Past 10 Years
When it comes to thrills, there is always an element of danger. Roller coasters are a prime example of this potent combo. As riders wait in line, eager with anticipation, they might be imagining disasters such as cars flying off the track, support beams collapsing, or safety bars failing. Every rattle, clank, and thud might spark fear. All of these factors add to the excitement and suspense that roller coasters provide. Fortunately, roller coaster accidents are few and far between. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions states that your chances of dying on a roller coaster is one in 750 million. However, it is good to be aware of the risks when choosing attractions.

This infographic created by Smart Advocate explores accidents and injuries that have occurred at major U.S. amusement parks in the past decade. It only includes incidents that have made the news in some capacity. Considering the massive amount of people that attend parks annually, it should provide some reassurance that the numbers are relatively low.

U.S. Amusement Parks With the Most Deaths and Injuries in the Past 10 Years #Infographic

All about Measles

Measles is caused by virus Rubeola belonging to the Paramyxovirus family; hence, also known as ‘Rubeola’. While most of the people believe that measles is a childhood disease, we are here to bust this myth. Measles can be caused at any age. This disease, however, has an effective vaccine against it but can become severe or even fatal in some cases. Measles is an extremely contagious skin disease that has the ability to become an epidemic. But, effective vaccines would work fine in containing the disease in a shorter time.

Measles is likely to go on its own within 7-10 days, but it is better to get vaccinated for it. Once a person suffers measles, he/she will gain immunity against it for the rest of their lives and won’t encounter the disease for the second time.

All about Measles #infographic

How Netflix Does Content Curation

The world of digital video has been taken to a whole new level with the advent of Netflix. With their easy subscription rates and a variety of packages for streaming through countless tv shows and movies, it's no wonder that it has sent shockwaves in the entertainment industry. Not only are various studios approaching Netflix to have their films and entertainment content available for streaming online, but Netflix itself has also been creating its 'Netflix Originals' series that are being loved by many.

Netflix came into being as a subscription-based mail-order DVD company, founded back in 1997. So the Netflix we know today has actually come very far from being what it was. Till date, it has over 160 million subscribers across the globe. In 1999, Netflix had almost the same business model as it has today, the only difference was that it revolved around providing DVDs, which were the top technology of that time.

How Netflix Does Content Curation #Infographic

Which Police Departments Lead the Nation in Police Homicides?
With police brutality at the forefront of many American’s minds, some may be wondering which police departments are guilty of injuring or even killing the most citizens.

This infographic analyzed information on the 100 largest police departments across the United States to answer this question and find out which of these 100 departments are responsible for the most police homicides. The information analyzed even delves into further detail by comparing the race of the police homicide victims to see which of these departments have killed the most black citizens, as well as the most Hispanic citizens.

Which Police Departments Lead the Nation in Police Homicides? #Infographic

The never-ending car loans

When you plan on buying a vehicle, you worry about the extra expenses that come with it. The up-front payment, insurance, and the debt this purchase will put you in are extreme. Having a car should make your life easier, but it is an endless debt trap for many.

The never-ending car loans #infographic

Smarter U.S. Households by 2024

Our phones have become smart with tons of apps, so it's no wonder that our homes should be the same. By this, we don't mean that every home has a set of tabs for you to click on, but yes- each device present within your home can have that. From the items in your fridge to browsing channels on television, browsing and managing have become easier than ever. So much that almost every household item is being converted into a smart device.

There are so many household categories that have been transformed by the technological revolution. Speaking of which, let's have a look at our at-home entertainment services. If you're from the 90s, you could recall a VCR system gradually decaying with the coming of the DVD player. Now, everything is connected to the Internet. It's the omnipotence, strength and high Internet speeds, all of which are taking our tasks to the next level. We now have Netflix, which offers an easy and legal subscription method, along with streaming on any device.

Smarter U.S. Households by 2024 #Infographic

The Benefits of an LMS for Knowledge Entrepreneurs

The features of a Learning Management System (LMS) can cater to organisations and business of a variety of categories and sizes- from big to small to medium and even big business giants. An LMS is essential for business growth, as using it has become the best way for independent entrepreneurs to control the content they publish on their website. Not only does an LMS allow to create content, but it also provides full control over its analysis, promotion and selling. Today, the biggest pro of selling products online in some cases, is the complete return of money per product, without having to pay to some third party. 

It's not only tangible products which can benefit from LMSs. Since almost every facility is becoming available online, the education sector is no different. Especially in the wake of this global pandemic, many entrepreneurs have initiated the business of online courses, providing an income source to themselves as well as many educators who have otherwise lost their jobs.

The Benefits of an LMS for Knowledge Entrepreneurs #Infographic

Personalized Marketing: The Future of Marketing is Here

In today’s era of technology and everything digital, it is hard to fall off the grid and eliminate the use of technology. Automation and artificial intelligence are becoming more common, whereas the power in your palm, named as a smartphone, is immense. With all these technological advancements, other fields are also fully taking advantage of it.

As we grow deeper into the digital era, marketing has also gone down the digital avenue. Technology has helped massively for many companies and has opened new doors for new marketing tactics online. In doing so, businesses open the opportunity to explore new avenues and experiment in order to attract new customers.

Personalized Marketing: The Future of Marketing is Here #infographic

SEO Marketing during the pandemic

When the COVID-19 hit the world, we all witnessed the beginning of a pandemic. However, we didn’t know that the effects of it will be this adverse. The businesses were shut down, educational institutes were closed, and everyone was forced inside their homes, as the lockdown was imposed in March. World Health Organization has declared a global emergency as the confirmed cases are still rising.

COVID impacted the whole world – every major city to a small town felt its effect differently. As the closure was imposed, many businesses shifted to the internet to conduct their businesses. Marketing dynamic was heavily impacted, and managers had to come up with effective strategies for online marketing.

Under these circumstances, SEO is playing a vital role in keeping the businesses online presence afloat. Due to more companies building their online presence, the competition has become fierce, and if you are not optimized for the search engines, you will be crushed under the pile.

SEO Marketing during the pandemic #infographic

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