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The Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome has been played by almost everyone who has opened their Chrome browser while having an inactive internet connection. The game lets you jump and duck over and under obstacles while waiting for the internet to be connected. Now Google has recently announced that it is bringing the game to iPhone devices, where it will be displayed as a widget.

Google is Bringing Chrome’s Dinosaur Game to iPhones as a Widget

Emerging Digital Health Trends

Digital health is nothing new. But the COVID-19 pandemic led to a rapid acceleration in our use of digital healthcare technology and telemedicine. Over 80% of doctors now personally use health tech or recommend digital tools to their patients. More than two-thirds of physicians use healthcare websites to gather information. 

Patients are equally interested in digital health tools. Many prefer telemedicine, online appointment scheduling, and digital communication with their healthcare providers. Patients who use these tools believe technology empowers them to manage their own health. 

Emerging Digital Health Trends #Infographic

How Healthcare is Changing: Fixing Healthcare Payments

25% of wasted healthcare spending goes toward the administration of healthcare payments, totaling $190 billion every year. Collecting, processing, posting, and reconciling payments is complicated by disconnected technology, denied insurance claims, and patients who are increasingly unsure of what costs they are responsible for covering. 

High deductible health plans are increasing in popularity, growing 450% from 2007 to 2017. Patients using these insurance plans are often unsure of their payment responsibilities. When clinics aren’t able to give accurate estimates upfront, patients are less likely to make a payment at the time of service. And 67% of Americans worry about whether they could cover a surprise medical bill. 

Clinics can provide accurate, upfront cost estimates and reduce the cost of processing payments. 90% of all denied insurance claims are avoidable. Automating the insurance verification process can eliminate the bulk of denied claims and prevent patients from receiving surprise medical bills. Check out the infographic below to learn more.

How Healthcare is Changing: Fixing Healthcare Payments

Infographic by: practicesquire

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How Healthcare is Changing: Fixing Healthcare Payments #Infographic


Fitbit just announced the launch of its latest fitness and wellness wristband, the Fitbit Luxe. The wristband costs $150 and comes with a small color display which is the same size as the Fitbit band.


The color display of the Fitbit Luxe is available in three different colors: white, black, and pink, while the watch body is available in gold, black, and silver. The wristband is Fitbit’s thinnest touchscreen tracker to date. According to Fitbit, it shall be comfortable for people to wear the band while sleeping.


The functions of the Fitbit Luxe are the same as those of other Fitbit wearables, such as activity tracking and monitoring of steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. It can also receive call and text notifications.

Fitbit Launches its New Fashion-Oriented Fitness Wristband ‘Fitbit Luxe’

Facebook is working on Social Audio features for the platform

The social media giant announced that the company has seen a rise in the use of audio on the platform and since audios are a great way to express yourself and connect to people, Facebook is working on Social Audio features to be launched on the platform. Audios are also a better way to communicate especially during our busy lives because obviously recording audio is way better than typing a text.

Facebook is working on Social Audio features for the platform


Google has put in some efforts to make people learn about the Covid vaccination process and help them find their vaccination locations. The company will provide its assistance to users in the US, Canada, France, Chile, India and Singapore.


Since people face potential obstacles while trying to get access to the vaccination, Google is providing 250,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to countries in need. The company is also offering funds to pop-up vaccine sites in the US and is contributing $250 million in Ad Grants to connect people to accurate vaccine information.


These steps taken by Google are meant to resolve issues with access to vaccination due to factors including where people live, how far they have to drive to a vaccination site, and if they have reliable internet access to book an appointment.


Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, has launched a drive for additional funding to secure vaccines for low and middle-income countries, and Google is providing Gavi with pro bono technical assistance to increase global distribution, along with funding vaccinations for 250,000 people.

Google Announces Efforts for Commitment to COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

How YouTube Recommendation System works

You must have seen recommendations on YouTube when you play any of your choices. The streaming giant company published an overview that explains in detail how its Recommendation System works. The product manager for discovery at YouTube, Rachel Alves presented the overview in which she provided a detailed insight on the algorithms that the platform uses in order to provide its users with the recommendations.

According to the overview, the key purpose of recommending videos is to provide the users with a better experience and to keep them engaged with the platform. There are two different types of recommendations that you see on YouTube i.e., on the Home Page and Suggested listings. Alves reveals that the platform works on two different algorithms to provide these two recommendations.

How YouTube Recommendation System works

10 Steps to Become a Nurse Educator

Working as a nurse educator allows nurses to combine a passion for nursing with a love of teaching. Nurse educators are responsible for guiding and inspiring the next generation of nurses. They play a fundamental role in the healthcare system and help shape the future of nursing and patient care. There is a high demand for nurse educators, and they typically enjoy attractive salaries and plenty of higher-level career opportunities. 

Training to become a nurse educator takes time, and you will need to invest in your education by completing an advanced degree like a masters in nurse education online. A masters in nurse education online program is designed to equip registered nurses with the skills and knowledge to become effective educators. If you are interested in the future of nursing and would like to pass on your skills and experience to student nurses, then a career as a nurse educator could be the right fit for you. Here are ten steps that you will need to take to become a nurse educator:

Step 1: Learn about the role of a nurse educator 

If you are keen on the idea of pursuing a career as a nurse educator, then you must do research and gain a good understanding of the role. Completing an advanced degree like a masters in nurse education online is a huge investment. Transitioning from a registered nurse to a nurse educator will also have a big impact on your day-to-day duties and working conditions. With that in mind, you must learn about the responsibilities of a nurse educator and determine that this is the best career path for you. 

10 Steps to Become a Nurse Educator

Fever: Symptoms, causes and treatment

Fever is the most common health condition that is experienced by almost everyone in the world. Fever, also known as Pyrexia is basically a condition when the body temperature of a person goes temporarily above the normal body temperature. The normal body temperature of a healthy person varies between 37°C to 38°C. The severity of fever however differs as well the reasons that lead to fever also differ from person to person.

Usually, fevers go away within a few days however, many people consume over-the-counter pills in order to treat the fever but sometimes, it is better left untreated. But, what really causes fever and what are the symptoms that indicate fever? Well, the infographic below tells it all.

Fever: Symptoms, causes and treatment #infographic

Importance of Google and SEO for brands

Google being one of the largest search engine platforms is used by almost every top brand in order to attract more and more target audience and enhanced optimization. The infographic below shares the importance of Google and SEO for brands around the world.

There are a few things that would work wonders for you in 2021 so, make sure you make them an integral part of your strategy. First of all, creating relevant content is one of the most crucial things because, in this way, you will be able to satisfy the needs of your customers and clear their queries easily. Even today, a lot of brands fail to cater for the needs of their customers because the content they create is not relevant enough.

Importance of Google and SEO for brands #infographic

Most popular DIY home improvement project in every state

Americans have been spending quite a bit of time in their homes this past year, so it is no surprise that many took the opportunity to spruce up their surroundings with home improvement projects. 

Bid-On-Equipment recently analyzed over 2,700 Google search terms to find out what types of home improvement projects Americans have been taking on this past year. They also surveyed 870 American homeowners to learn exactly how much they have spent on home improvement during the pandemic and also if they have DIY regrets. 

Most popular DIY home improvement project in every state #Infographic


TikTok is bringing a new Business Creative Hub to its app, which will help brands step into the latest trends on TikTok, as well as among business in local regions.


According to TikTok, after collecting feedback from business users on its platform, the company decided to bring inspiration for users in terms of content to post. This way, users would learn to adopt better and more successful strategies and identify the latest trends and tap into them.


With the Business Creative Hub, users will have access to trending content divided into different categories. The feature will be available to business accounts only and will be found in the 'Business Suite' section of the 'Settings and privacy' menu on the app. The Business Creative Hub will be divided into two parts: Video Showcase and Business Content Guide.


The Video Showcase element will highlight trending content in three categories, namely Trending: Business, Engaging: Business, and Trending: Community.

TikTok’s New Business Creative Hub Will Guide Brands through Trends and Successful Business Strategies

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