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After working on it for a long time, Twitter has finally released the option to use Google or Apple credentials to sign-up and/or log-in to the Twitter app.



This newly introduced option is going to make it easy for users to sign up and/or log in to their Twitter account without having to enter their password each time and simply relying on the device info to access the app.

Twitter Allows Users to Access the App Using Google or Apple Credentials

27 Reasons Why Freedom and Play Are Important During the Summer

Child development happens best in moments of freedom for kids, whether it's through free play, free choice, or free times. 

This infographic from the team at AAA State of Play looks at 27 reasons why play and freedom throughout the summer months can benefit children in very big ways, and it features a great mix of both facts and quotes. 

27 Reasons Why Freedom and Play Are Important During the Summer #Infographic

World’s go-to websites

As soon as we come across our downtime, we pull out our phones and start browsing. It’s the same for all of us. But, what are the top favorite websites globally? The infographic below reveals the five most-used websites in the world.

Well, we all good probably guess those websites since we are a part of the user base as well. As the infographic shows, Google is without any surprise the most favorite website on which people spend nearly 213.2 billion hours each year with is equivalent to 1.6 billion years. Sound unreal, right? That is the power of the internet and a user base of billions.

On the second is our all-time favorite, the biggest video streaming platform, YouTube. Whether it’s something related to your studies or a funny video, a comedy skit or vlogs of your favorite YouTubers, the website has it all. Annually, people spend about 142.6 billion hours on the website that account for 1.1 million years.

World’s go-to websites #infographic

How many people believed on the Covid-19 fake news on Facebook?

2020 was all about the breakout of the Covid-19 virus and how it turned into a deadly pandemic. Whereas, 2021 is all about getting vaccinated against the disease in order to stop the transmission and get back to normal.

Since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, many fake rumors regarding it have been revolving around the internet which has turned people to not go for vaccination. Washing Post conducted a survey on 20,699 Americans related to the spread of fake news about the Covid-19 vaccine on Facebook.

How many people believed on the Covid-19 fake news on Facebook? #infographic


YouTube is reportedly currently running a test for its new subscription tier in Europe, which is a cheaper option compared to its standard subscription tier YouTube Premium. This one is called Premium Lite and it provides an ad-free viewing experience, but without the other features from YouTube Premium.


To elaborate Premium Lite’s functionality, it is a good offer for those who want to enjoy videos on YouTube without ad interruption, but aren’t interested in offline downloads or background playback.

YouTube is Testing a Cheaper Subscription Tier ‘Premium Lite’

Most scrumptious ways to pair wine and food

Wine is all about having a moment of relaxation and forget about everything happening around you. But, what about pairing it up with food for additional pleasure? The sweetness and richness of wine combined with a delicious and finger-licking meal at the end of your tiring day is everything to refuel you.

Most scrumptious ways to pair wine and food #infographic

Creative ways used by realtors to find available homes

Since the pandemic broke out, the American housing market has experienced a massive surge in the demand for houses. At that time, mortgage rates were grounded which also increased the competition for buyers.

The demand increased as a result of pandemic restrictions that made the children attend their school and people work for their office virtually. When everything went virtual, people started requiring more space hence looked for bigger places.

Older millennials who lived along with their children in major areas of big cities started looking for houses in less expensive neighborhoods. As the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported, people put their homes for sale because of space issues.

Creative ways used by realtors to find available homes #infographic


Instagram’s latest feature for DMs is allowing users to send posts to multiple people, as well as groups.


This will make it easy to send posts for those who want to distribute content to a lot of people at once, for instance influencers, brands, and content creators.

Instagram Allows Sending Posts to Multiple People at Once in DMs

Infographic about Fake and Genuine Xanax Bars

If your doctor has prescribed you Xanax for phobias, panic disorders, or anxiety, you know that this medication comes in different colors, strengths, and shapes. However, most people don’t know that different colors have meaning. Also, some individuals don’t understand that the market is awash with fake Xanax bars. Unfortunately, counterfeit Xanax pills may contain substances like Fentanyl that could kill the patient. 

This realization prompted the Addiction Resource to create this infographic to raise awareness of the dangers of taking the wrong Xanax dosage. Xanax bars have a thin and long shape. This specific medication comes with a 2-mg dose. However, a long, narrow bar may contain a higher amount that may increase the risk of taking it. 

Infographic about Fake and Genuine Xanax Bars #Infographic


Duplex is Google’s technology for handling tasks on a user’s behalf, such as making appointments with a human-like voice. The technology is now being spotted by some users on Google Assistant for Web in the form of Fast Checkout during online shopping.


Duplex for web was first introduced by Google in late 2019 to buy movie tickets on behalf of users. You could select a movie, number of tickets, and seat directly in Google Assistant. The technology was further expanded this year to helping place orders for food, by automatically filling out payment details, and also to change stolen passwords in Chrome.

In October of 2020, Google ran a pilot test of Duplex to help with faster checkouts. There are some registered websites where Duplex seems to be available now; Hot Topic is one, for instance.

Google Assistant Uses Duplex Technology for Fast Checkouts on Web

An infographic to world’s biggest nuclear arsenals

As revealed by the American Federation of Scientists (AFS), China is building a massive missile silo near Hami city in Eastern Xinjiang. The satellite images revealed that the construction is in its early stages and nearly 14 dome shields are shown in the images. AFS estimated that there would be around 110 silos in total.

For decades, China has been operating nearly 20 silos for liquid-fuel DF-5 intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). According to the reports, around 250 missile silos in China are currently being built.

An infographic to world’s biggest nuclear arsenals #infographic

Region-wise Covid-19 travel bans

Covid-19 has not yet left the world, in fact, is gaining strength in the form of new variants. The entire situation has forced the world to once again imply the lockdown in several countries. Speaking of the travel bans, Asia has been pretty cautious to open its borders throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, with the spike in more cases, the differences between Asia and other continents are increasing. According to the infographic, since June 1 nearly 70 percent of Asian countries had restricted people to travel from or to their nation. This accounts for a 9 percent increase in the closure of the borders since September 2020.

Region-wise Covid-19 travel bans #infographic

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