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California has one of the world’s largest car markets

California is a beautiful and important state of the US. With the recent tragedies that has fallen onto it, is nothing less than heartbreaking. It is plagued by heatwaves which is the reason spontaneous wildfires erupt out of nowhere. This is a direct consequence of climate change.

There are a lot of safety precautions and measures in place to minimize the damage done to the state due to global warming. There are effective systems in place as to make sure everything is monitored. The authorities of California have announced to immediately halt the sales of vehicles that have a built-in internal combustion engine. This measure is said to improve the emission of toxic materials and a step to move to 100 percent emission-free vehicles.

California has one of the world’s largest car markets #infographic

DuckDuckGo criticizes Google search engine in Android after being defeated by Microsoft

As per the results of the most recent Google’s default search engine auction, Microsoft’s search engine Bing wins against one of its most tough competitors DuckDuckGo. Microsoft Bing will now be offered to the Android users in select European countries as a default search engine option. Previously, DuckDuckGo was the most widely offered alternative search engine.

DuckDuckGo criticizes Google search engine in Android after being defeated by Microsoft

What to Look For in a White-Label SEO Agency

To have your business or service on a proper rank in the search engine is the way to go these days. People all over the world look up for millions of things every day on the Internet. The fastest way to search anything online, is of course, via search engines. But with so many businesses out there, how do you make sure your stand out? It's by making using search engine optimisation (SEO).

There are many agencies that offer SEO services. They use various SEO techniques to make sure your website stands out. But what exactly are white-label SEO agencies and how are they different from other SEO agencies? With white-label SEO agencies, you can undergo a contract for a certain period of time, in which they can provide all their services for your company. This, of course, can affect the cost and increase SEO quality within lesser time than otherwise with other agencies.

What to Look For in a White-Label SEO Agency #Infographic

Twitter is rolling out its Voice Tweets feature to more users on iOS. The feature allows users to record an audio message that they can add in their Tweet. Twitter also announced that it is planning to add transcriptions to this feature in order to improve accessibility, in response to the user feedback it received after the launch of voice tweets.


Users pointed out lack of accessibility in voice tweets since the feature wasn’t supported with transcription. It was then revealed that the social media company didn’t even have a team dedicated to improving accessibility across its platform.  

Twitter is Making Voice Tweets Available to More iOS Users, Plans to Add Transcriptions to the Feature


Apple has already begun to test iOS 14.2 after launching iOS 14.0.1 only recently. Not only that, but the company even released an early beta version of the update yesterday.  


New emojis were spotted in the early beta version of iOS 14.2, the preview of which Apple had shared in July. All the new emojis are more diverse and inclusive than before and also include new variations of the existing emojis. 


Unicode Consortium is the body in charge of approving new emojis, and it approved about 117 new emojis as part of Unicode 13.0, after which, companies including Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Mozilla created their own versions of the emojis to launch them on their platforms.

Apple Releases Early Beta Version of iOS 14.2 with a Variety of New and Diverse Emojis

How to Take Notes During a Meeting

Nothing beats the traditional method of notetaking. Digital methods can be very useful, but they are barely effective. But taking notes by hand is an art in itself. Doing things traditionally can be good for the mental health in a long run, and hand-written notes can also prove to be the greatest of teachers.

There is a slight advantage of having a limitation of time when taking notes by hand. It may seem like being able to respond fast would be challenging and it is, but the good thing is that it enables you to write down only what is important. With digital typing, you can be fast enough to write down the speaker's presentation word-to-word, which can make it tough to look back to and make out, after the meeting is long over.

How to Take Notes During a Meeting #Infographic

Facebook is making its payment processes easier and simpler for both Facebook and Instagram users to enhance their purchase experience based on posts and ads on all the Facebook apps. For this purpose, the social media company is introducing a new Accounts Centre option, which it will roll out for testing this week. 


The AccountCentre will serve as a central point where users can connect their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram accounts, which will save them from the hassle of separately logging in to each of their accounts when making purchases. 


There will be three types of account linking options available in the Accounts Centre: Story and Post Sharing, Facebook Pay Info, and Logging in Across Accounts.  


The Story and Post Sharing Option will allow users to cross-share their Stories across the apps. With Facebook Pay Info, users can authorize their payments via their linked Facebook Pay details from the main Facebook account. And lastly, by choosing to log in across accounts, users can easily log in to a separate account from Facebook, without having to re-enter the log-in details. 

Facebook Introduces ‘'Accounts Centre’' to Help Link Accounts and Make Purchases Processes Easier

TikTok launches an in-app election guide for users

With US presidential elections just 34 days away, several companies have rolled out features to guide people. After Facebook and Snapchat, TikTok also planned to launch an in-app guide for its users so that they don’t fall for misinformation. The feature will be made available for users in the US from today.

TikTok launches an in-app election guide for users


The European drug carnage

Drugs dubbed as a man’s worst enemy. They can destroy lives and families of the person who uses them. Even a small amount can make a person go crazy for more. Cocaine is the worse kind of drug out there because it can really make someone insane. They are life takers.

A newly published European Drug Report showed the deaths caused by drugs in Europe. The continent has always had drug problems and most of the countries have the worst situation. From young ones aged 15 to older folks aged 65, people of all ages had done drugs at least once in their lives.

The European drug carnage #infographic


Tech Battle: Google Analytics 360 vs. Adobe Analytics

Since everything has been digitalized, it is important to keep track of your digital footprints. The interconnectivity of people these days has played a huge role in revolutionizing the internet that we know today. If you are running a business online, you need to track your social media and your website and that is where the analytics comes into play.

Nowadays, there are tons of analytic tools out in the market. You can find one after the other and couldn’t tell any difference. However, the industry giants are much more reliable than any other. These days, digital analytics is of paramount importance. They can tell you everything about your online content provided that you have connected them.

Tech Battle: Google Analytics 360 vs. Adobe Analytics #infographic

Amazon One wants to use palm recognition to make payments

Fingerprint recognition and face recognition have become mainstream, and everyone is pretty much aware of it. But have you heard about palm recognition? Since every other human being has different and unique patterns of line, palm recognition can be used for identification purposes. Amazon One already uses palm recognition technology and wants it to be incorporated on a larger scale by retail outlets as well. The surface area details, ridges, and vein patterns help in creating a unique palm signature for everyone.

Amazon will be using the technology soon in its Go stores located in Seattle. Amazon’s vice president Dilip Kumar says that Amazon One is applicable to not just its stores but also to the office buildings, retailers and stadiums. Rightly so, introducing palm recognition technology in these places will make it extremely convenient and less time consuming to make payments or get identified.

Amazon One wants to use palm recognition to make payments

A recent report from CBS News revealed that a large number of people on Instagram are reporting stories of alleged sexual assaults they've faced at their university or college campuses. The stories come in as educational institutes in the U.S. and U.K. begin to physically or virtually resume classes. The assaults have reportedly been in the form of harassment, stalking, and even rape. 

The anonymous stories shared on the social media platform were followed by an open letter that was submitted to Case Western Reserve University. The letter called out for development of reforms to bring improvements to the process of reporting and investigation following assaults. The open letter was posted to the university's survivor account, where over 500 students, both current and former, have reported their assaults.

Back to School: Anonymous Stories of Sexual Assaults on Campus Surface on Instagram

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