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Carport Advisors over Metal Building Dealers

To invest in a metal building, homeowners usually look forward to digital platforms for purchasing. This involves a customer and a metal building dealer, but the trouble chimes in when the customer places their trust in the hands of a metal building dealer and expects him to make the delivery right on time, which never really happens. This is where Carports advisors come into the picture and urge you to see things through.

Carport Advisors over Metal Building Dealers #infographic

President Biden ambition to bring Electric vehicles for the federal Vehicle Fleet

Biden's leadership has drawn the attention of millions of people across the globe. His global victory was celebrated by thousands of people worldwide. Recently, he announced bringing Electric Vehicles for the entire federal Vehicle Fleet. As this was a point that was often raised in his re-election campaign, people are already quite familiar with this term from President Biden and his ambitions for it. As an impact of the Paris Climate Agreement recently joined by Biden, this new addition to the existing vehicles will allow the country to settle down in a rather clean environment.

President Biden ambition to bring Electric vehicles for the federal Vehicle Fleet #infographic

Covid-19 second wave intensifies in Asia-Pacific regions

The majority parts of the world saw a significant decline in Coronavirus cases during the third quarter of 2020, due to which several countries started easing the restrictions. But, unfortunately, by the fourth quarter of 2020, the second wave of Coronavirus arrived with more power, and the world was once again shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Now that the second wave continues to affect more and more people, the number of Covid-19 daily cases and deaths accelerates with even higher speed.

Talking about Asia-Pacific regions specifically, the Covid-19 doesn’t seem to slow down there anytime soon. The infographic below shows how the Asian-Pacific countries observe continuous spikes in the number of cases every other day. According to the chart, the cumulative confirmed Coronavirus cases are the highest in Indonesia, i.e., over 1 million. Indonesia had never been able to break the chain of growing Covid-19 cases; it rather saw it fluctuating.

Covid-19 second wave intensifies in Asia-Pacific regions #infographic


Facebook is allowing academic researchers to access political advertisement data through its platform, so they can provide their input in terms of identifying flaws and discrepancies related to elections, so as to contribute to the transparency of elections.


Facebook is allowing access to over 1.3 billion political ads that have been published through its platform in the past three months. The social media company has an Open Research and Transparency platform where researchers will be required to apply if they wish to collect advertisement data through Facebook.  

Researchers can Now Get Access to Facebook’s Political Ad Data

The e-commerce penetration rate in different countries

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the e-commerce rate saw an influx in most of the countries. Since the people were not allowed to go out and had to get their hands on some important stuff such as household items, groceries, etc., online shopping was the only solution. The E-commerce penetration rate is traditionally higher in highly populated but developed countries. The infographic below shows the e-commerce penetration rate in highly developed markets in 2020, and according to it, UK leads the race with 84%. eMarketer revealed that 27.5 percent of the total retail sales were by Britons.

The e-commerce penetration rate in different countries #infographic


Sony just made an announcement about its new mirrorless camera, which happens to be its most advanced one to date. It costs $6,500 and is called Alpha 1. The camera comes with a new 50.1-megapixel full-frame sensor and can shoot continuous photos at 30 images per second. Moreover, it can record 8K video at 30fps. According to Sony, the shipping of its new camera will start from March.


Since Alpha 1 is priced significantly above mirrorless cameras of other companies like Canon and Nikon, Sony assures its customers that Alpha 1 is the most technologically advanced and innovate product of the company.


The camera’s buffer is capable of shooting up to 155 full-frame compressed RAW images or 165 full-frame JPEG images at up to 30 frames per second with its electronic shutter, while maintaining full AF and AE tracking performance. This sounds like a dream come true for sports and action photographers.

Sony Announces its New, Most Technologically Advanced Mirrorless Camera ‘Alpha 1’

Risk Analysis by World Economic Forum (WEF)

It is no news that in the coming years, our exposure to risk factors will be more than it has ever been. In the wake of recent events, many sectors have found themselves falling into new categories of risks. As assessed by the World Economic Forum, a report has come to light enlisting all the metrics about risk likelihood and impact. There are five major categories of risks as analyzed by the WEF, namely Economic, Environmental, Geopolitical, Societal, and Technological, that are currently leading the chart.

According to the leaderboard, Environmental risk has surpassed all the other risks, mostly because of climate action failure. The Paris Climate Agreement, which took place in 2015, has since remained unmoved because of lack of participation by the countries for over five years. Likewise, a heavy delay in the progress of a carbon-neutral economy has also been observed as most countries failed to keep up because of the Covid-19 pandemic and post period.

Risk Analysis by World Economic Forum (WEF) #infographic

The Top Money Lies Americans Tell

Finances and money can often lead to dishonesty and uncomfortable situations for many Americans. Whether it is how much we earn, how much we spend, how much we save our how much debt we have, many Americans find themselves often telling lies about their finances and money. 

To try and learn more about America’s current situation with their finances, Self Financial surveyed 2,600 American residents from cities across the country. The impetus of the survey was to learn the most common money related lies that Americans tell themselves and their loved ones. They wanted to see if there were regional trends to the types of lies that people tell about their money. Let us take a deeper dive into the results of the survey. 

How good are Americans at handling their finances?

Self Financial asked American’s about how good they thought they were handing money and their finances. The results were not promising. Only 12% of Americans said they felt that they were excellent at handling their finances. 7% rated themselves as poor. The other 80% of Americans had mixed reactions, although most reported that they thought they were at least good at handing their finances. This shows that many Americans believe that they do a better job of handling their finances. 

The Top Money Lies Americans Tell #Infographic


Facebook gives its users the option to “hide ads” displayed on their Feed and in return asks for the reason to hide an ad. Social media expert Matt Navarra reported that Facebook is now asking additional questions when a user chooses to hide an ad.


The newly added options that Facebook is giving users to know their reasons behind hiding a particular ad include: Too personal, Repetitive, Sensitive Topic, and Knows too much.

Facebook Wants to Know More about Why you Choose to Hide an Ad on its Platform


Celeste, one of the most appreciated games of 2018 was originally developed by Maddy Thorson and Noel Berry and just got its sequel called Celeste 2: Lani’s Trek.


According to the team of the game’s developers, it took only three days to develop it. Moreover, the sequel has been released as a way of celebrating Celeste’s third anniversary.

Celeste's Sequel 'Celeste 2' has been Released for Download

At what rate are the Covid-19 vaccines being administered?

With the announcement of successful Covid-19 vaccine development, several governments placed their orders for millions of doses to be delivered as soon as possible. Now that many countries have gotten their ordered doses, the authorities are making quick progress in the approvals and building an infrastructure for dose vaccination so that they can start with the mass vaccination already. Since many countries, mostly the developed and rich countries, have gotten millions of Covid-19 doses, a lot of them have started to administer it as well.

At what rate are the Covid-19 vaccines being administered? #infographic

Blogging ideas for beginners

The world has become a digital playground for those who know how to get their way around. It is imperative for people, especially the ones producing content for the outside world, to be aware of the different perspectives of different people. Likewise, Blogging is a form of art that allows people to indulge in a variety of topics. In today's infographic, we will focus entirely on how blogging should be done, especially if you are a beginner and need pointers to get the job done rightly.

The first step towards blogging is not about how many words you can produce for your readers; instead, it is more about what topic you intend to work on. The first and perhaps the most difficult task is to choose the right topic for your blog to begin with. With the right topic in your mind, you will be able to write the content in the most moving fashion. To lend a hand in your such endeavors, we have come up with a long list of ideas that could help up your blogging potential in the company.

Blogging ideas for beginners #infographic

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