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Netflix’s subscriber growth in a year

As per the latest earning reports of Netflix, the giant online streaming service is seen to have a massive growth in the number of subscribers over a year. According to the reports, the company has hit the milestone of surpassing 200 million subscribers for the first time.

The infographic below reveals the growth of Netflix’s subscribers by region, and according to the chart, the highest number comes from the United States and Canada. As of December 31st, 2020, the company has added nearly 36.5 million paid subscribers from different parts of the world; however, 30.3 out of them were from outside the United States and Canada.

Netflix’s subscriber growth in a year #infographic

A new “Shuffle Play” feature added to Netflix

Sometimes when you are bored and open up Netflix to watch anything interesting, you get pretty confused among the vast choices the platform offers. From anime to comedy, and horror to action, there is a huge list of binge-worthy movies and web series on Netflix which makes it super hard to pick up a show or movie for yourself. However, this won’t be an issue anymore since the company has rolled out a new feature of “Shuffle Play” allowing the users to roll the dice and watch whatever the dice stops on.

A new “Shuffle Play” feature added to Netflix

The Cost of COVID-19 and its brief overview

It is necessary to scale down different areas to understand their contribution to the state's economic angle. In the wake of recent events, more specifically coronavirus, a lot of factors have been affected. The loss of human life and other health-related problems could be difficult to measure quantitatively. However, a study from Harvard University formulated the economic angle of COVID-19 in terms of the unemployment rate, GDP, and human health toll.

The following infographic provides a brief overview of the post-COVID-19 situation. When talking about the U.S and its COVID-19 cost, the first thing that tops the list is the unemployment rate. Because of such unfortunate events in the department of unemployment, U.S has observed a loss of $7.6 Trillion in its GDP. Followed by unemployment, the increased rate of depression and anxiety among such individuals was also observed, leading to the GDP cost of $1.6 Trillion for mental illnesses and impairment. Other factors, including Premature Death and Long-Term Health Impairment, have a GDP cost of $4.4 Trillion and $2.6 Trillion, respectively.

The Cost of COVID-19 and its brief overview #infographic

Chrome’s new version has impressive updates and improvements

Google announced the launch of a new Chrome version in the coming week which will bring along improved support for the dark mode. Moreover, the company also disables the support for the File Transport Report (FTP) and Adobe Flash. The improvements in the dark mode will be on both the operating systems, i.e., Windows and Chrome. However, for the Chrome OS, the refinements are made to light and dark mode both as well as updated themes and better settings options.

According to the reports, Chrome 88 will also bring improved dark mode for Windows 10 where scroll bars will now appear dark in the dark mode. The dark scroll is however restricted to settings, history, new tab pages and bookmark of the new Chrome 88 currently.

Chrome’s new version has impressive updates and improvements


TikTok is working on a new feature that is going to allow enabling the Live Stream Notification for individual accounts, so users can get notified when someone from their following goes live.


TikTok has been one of the most popular social media apps lately, so this new option related to Live Streaming looks like an important update. If you follow your favorite content creators on the app and often miss their live streams, this option will reduce the chances of that happening.

TikTok’s New Feature Enables Live Stream Notification for Individual Accounts


Google recently introduced a feature allowing Chrome PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to be uninstalled directly from settings or control panel. Now, the company is reportedly planning to hide the status bar in PWAs.


The status bar is a horizontally displayed box at the bottom of the screen that shows which program and website is running.

Google is Planning to Remove Status Bar in PWAs from Chrome

Worst natural disasters of 2020

The world’s main focus in the year 2020 was surely the COVID-19 pandemic, but the occurrence of natural disasters persisted and in many cases, clashed with the COVID-19 becoming even devastating. From the deadliest coronavirus pandemic to forest fires and flash flooding, 2020 has been a nightmare year our ancestors warned us about. As a result of these disasters, hundreds of lives from different countries around the globe were compromised. Along with the loss of lives, a large number of the population have been rendered homeless, and the countries had faced billion dollars’ loss.

Worst natural disasters of 2020 #infographic


Ankara had generated a new social media law under which social media companies were required to appoint local representatives in Turkey. However, Twitter, Pinterest, and Periscope failed to comply with the policy, leading to Ankara imposing advertising bans on these companies.


The law states that social media companies that do not appoint local representatives are liable for a series of penalties and allows authorities to remove content from platforms, instead of blocking access as they did previously.


Turkey Imposes Advertisement Ban on Twitter and Pinterest

COVID-19 cases still on the rise

It has been more than a year since the first case of coronavirus was reported in China. However, after China, Thailand was the first country where the COVID-19 case was confirmed on January 13th, 2020. Till that date, almost every expert had predicted that the virus might have spread in more places than we can imagine, and rightly so, the coronavirus cases started popping out from different states of the world. The pandemic of COVID-19 is surely the most unforgettable and devastating event in everyone’s life, which has not only eaten millions of lives but also left millions of people unemployed.

COVID-19 cases still on the rise #infographic

The majority of the people blames Trump for the Capitol attack

The storming of the Capitol in the United States was carried out on January 6th, 2021, against the US Congress. The riots' culprits were a mob of former US President Donald Trump's supporters trying to overturn Trump's defeat. Ipsos conducted a new survey in order to figure out the view of respondents who believe that Trump shares blame for the Capitol's attack. As a result of the attack, five lives were lost, including one policeman and four protesters, whereas around 60 people were injured.

The majority of the people blames Trump for the Capitol attack #infographic

Adam Mosseri agrees to the banning of Trump

In the latest interview conducted with Adam Mosseri, a lot of minuscule details were brought to the attention of people. As portrayed by Adam, platforms like Instagram, Facebook as well as Twitter work to maintain two things in general. Number one, Privacy of the userbase, and number two, moderation of the content circulating these platforms. Mosseri revealed how being the Head of a platform as big as Instagram, where communities frequently get the urge to be vocal about their opinions pertinent to Government affairs, puts immense pressure on their entire working team to keep an eye out for misleading information, hate speech, and violence from different groups of people all around the world.

Adam Mosseri agrees to the banning of Trump

The future of the Gold-Silver cycle

The new era points to a Gold-Silver cycle where instead of money, hard assets will be used to trade or sign-up contracts with the parties. Since 2008, the money supply has seen a dramatic increase while causing the interest rates to stoop even lower. With this money, the Quantitative Easing or QE surged, resulting in bulk money, increased stock markets, property values as well as consumer lending. This, however, did not apply to the metals worth a heavy price.

Where cheap money managed to make such a huge impact on the money market, it also affected the global debt, including Financial Corporates, Government, Non-financial Corporates, and Households, and increased their numbers threefold. With increasing cheap money, it was easy to predict that the new era would see limited products for a fat price. Not only this, major currencies like U.S. DOLLAR, Euro, Yen, ECU, Pound Sterling, and others have observed a staggering depreciation in their worth because of the increased money supply.

The future of the Gold-Silver cycle #infographic

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