The Death of the Bachelor's Degree [Infographic]

Image: The Death of the Bachelor's Degree
A Bachelor’s Degree is almost a must-have in today’s job market, but even that may not be enough anymore. You may want to consider getting a Master’s Degree to bolster your qualifications. If you already have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Economics, or Accounting, chances are you’ll be fine. But if your Bachelor’s is in History, English, or the Performing Arts, you may need a Master’s just to be employable.  

Start by considering your costs.  Public universities are much more affordable than private ones for a Bachelor's degree, and that savings can really make a difference should you decide to go on to grad school.  

More incoming Freshmen than ever are planning to attend grad school after graduation.  A graduate degree can really pay off, but only if you get the right one. Check out this infographic for more ways to help make your decision.  It’s not life and death, but it is a big decision.

Let the Kids Play! #infographic

Image: Let the Kids Play
Playing outside is crucial to a child’s development, both physical and cognitive. There are lessons you learn running wild with a group of your peers that you just can’t learn in a structured environment. Learning to negotiate, resolve conflicts, and be a leader are all lessons that have to be learned from experience. 

Unfortunately, many parents and schools are doing away with free play in favor of structured or scheduled play time. At best, this trend has contributed to the increase in childhood obesity. Not offering kids a chance to play freely with their peers is harmful to their cognitive development.

The consumption of sugar by each American has increased by 15 pounds since 1970. This coupled with the dramatic decrease in physical activity has led to a staggering rise in obesity. Turn off that video game console and go play outside.  Check out this infographic for more on this subject.

What Millennials Need To Know Before Applying To Grad School #infographic

Image: What Millennials Need To Know Before Applying To Grad School
Wages for college graduates have stagnated in recent years. Many Millennials are opting out of the workforce and waiting for the economic environment to reverse by instead working to earn a graduate degree. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t aware of what it takes to earn a graduate degree, both during grad school and for years after.

Undergraduate degrees are expensive, but a graduate degree can cost even more.  It’s important to choose the right career path, but it’s equally important to make sure you're not overpaying for your career. If you’re in debt for a bachelor’s in Accounting and you’re able to find work, chances are you will be just fine. But if you have a degree in the humanities field, you may need to start looking around for a graduate program.

If you’re not sure what to do with the rest of your life, graduate school might be the place for you to figure that out. Check out this infographic for more things to consider when applying to graduate school.

Why Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification Matters #infographic

Image: Why Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification Matters
Employee classification matters more than you might think for business owners both large and small. This is also important for employees as well as how you are classified is important both because of pay and benefits. Wunderland has crafted an infographic for both employees and employers that covers both the risk and the rewards of the job classifications of employee vs. independent contractor. The graphic covers the differences between being classified as both an independent contractor and an  employee. It also covers the risks that come along with improper job classification. This is strangely  more common than you might think. Most workers don’t even realize that they are classified incorrectly. This can lead to an employee being deprived of both benefits and proper compensation. Bothemployers and employees need to protect themselves so they are not incorrectly classified as there can be negative consequences for both parties involved in the improper classification. Check out the infograhpic below from Wunderland for more details.

Cracking the Code: The Rising Popularity of Computer Programming #infographic

Image: Cracking the Code: The Rising Popularity of Computer Programming
The need for computer programmers is growing exponentially in the United States, outpacing growth in most other sectors.  Currently, only 2.4% of college graduates are earning degrees in computer science.  Unfortunately if this pace keeps up, we will only meet 30% of the demand in the next several years.  This means these well-paying and in-demand jobs will be shipped overseas.

If you’re deciding what to do with your life, consider a career in computer programming or a related field.  The demand for these jobs is only going to rise for the foreseeable future, and the current trends indicate there just won’t be enough people to fill all these positions. This amounts to about the best job security you can find in today’s job market.

Check out this infographic to find out whether this field is right for you.  Share it with your friends to help spread the word- America needs more coders!

Your Guide to Google Plus B2B Marketing #infographic

Image: Your Guide to Google Plus B2B Marketing
Here's an infographic from smarttollfreenumber tilted Your Guide to Google+ Business to Business Marketing - that takes a closer look at how to get started on Google+.

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate? #infographic

Image: How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate?
Why does bounce rate matter? AS defined by Google Analytics, the "bounce rate" is the percentage of single-page visitors to a website. On most websites, you want visitors to "convert" by clicking through to another of the site's webpage - start something, read more, fill out a form, etc, But if the visitor bounces, it suggests: The visitor didn't find what he or she was looking for. or the webpage was too difficult to use.

WordPress 3.9 Smith #infographic

Image: WordPress 3.9 Smith
cloudways present a simple graphic showing the new features in WordPress 3.9 and learn why it is called as Smith.

Internet Intimidators: Treating Both Sides of Cyberbullying #infographic

Image: Internet Intimidators: Treating Both Sides of Cyberbullying
Cyber-bullying is a fairly new phenomenon and regrettably growing in this Digital Age. Those who are bullied often need help to overcome their oppressors, but the bullies also need help dealing with their misplaced anger. Let's take a look at some cyber-bullying statistics, as well as how those with social work experience can help.

A Day In The Life of a Day Trader #infographic

Image: A Day In The Life of a Day Trader
A day trader, or stock broker, is someone who attempts to rapidly make trades of stock to gain profit. Check out a typical day in the life of a day trader.

Dollar Tree DIY Wedding #infographic

Image: Dollar Tree DIY Wedding
Everyone knows how easily wedding costs can add up if you're not careful, but your special day doesn't have to cost a fortune. Give your wedding a personalized touch and save money with these DIY project ideas.

The World on a String: Travel Agent Vs. Online Booking #infographic

Image: The World on a String: Travel Agent Vs. Online Booking
When to use a travel agent for booking a vacation, flights, hotels etc. There are many advantages about travel agent vs. online booking with Infographic.