Thursday, 18 December 2014

Travel Industry Takes Off, Bringing New Opportunities on Social #infographic

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Image: Travel Industry Takes Off, Bringing New Opportunities on Social
Whether by plane, train or automobile, Americans are booking trips at higher and higher rates — and digital media is front and center. This year travelers have an estimated $8,272 in budget to burn, and they are talking about where they want to go, searching for deals and requesting customer service from the biggest brands in the business. But how can airlines, hotels and every company in between leverage social media to increase sales?

The Definitive Guide to the Millennial Workforce #infographic

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Image: The Definitive Guide to the Millennial Workforce
A roundup of millennial statistics, work styles, expectations and wants – Check out the infographic below prepared by the team at Wisewords.

Tough Questions Should You Seek Funding? #infographic

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Image: Tough Questions Should You Seek Funding?
Sure, you sometimes have to spend money to make money, but not every funding option makes sense for every business. Think hard about what you want and what your business needs to ensure your project has the resources it needs to grow.

8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile #infographic

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Image: 8 Ways To Print From Your Mobile
With the rise of mobile devices, people are no longer restricted to printing from their laptops or desktop computers. Handy apps and features like these allow users to print anywhere from almost any device.

Conversion Rate Optimization #infographic

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Image: Conversion Rate Optimization
A common hurdle towards doing conversion rate optimization is teaching your teammates about it and why they should care. Even if you are ready to start testing all the things, you have to sell it to your teammates and managers.

Technology is Revolutionizing the Social Work Field #infographic

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Image: Technology is Revolutionizing the Social Work Field #infographic
This infographic from Case Western Reserve University’s Social Work (socialworkdegree) program shows us the importance of technology as it has to do with social work. One big way that technology has revolutionized the social work industry is with social media outlets. Social media helps social workers to connect with other social workers by sharing information, research, tools, etc. Social media can also be utilized to promote causes and reach out to more people. The average American spends over an hour using social media daily and utilizing hashtags, etc., social workers can have a bigger range of outreach. Human resource professionals are also taking advantage of social media by recruiting campaigns via social media outlets. These campaigns seem to be about five times more effective than traditional recruiting methods. There have also been apps created to help aide social workers such as Social Work Helper, iGrade for Social Worker, Ambiance, The Cochrane Library, and Social Work Jobs.

What Sales Pros Want From Product Management #infographic

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Image: What Sales Pros Want From Product Management
The Wizeline Team was all over Dreamforce last month, demoing and giving talks on customer-centric product development. Another thing we did: gather data on what sales teams want. Check out our findings…

20 College Scholarships with Easy Applications #infographic

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Image: 20 College Scholarships with Easy Applications
The cost of a college education is rising each year and the national student debt has exceeded one trillion. It’s important to have a plan of action on how you can lessen the amount of outstanding loans you have upon graduation. According to SallieMae’s National Study of College Students and Parents, the typical family pays for college from a combination of sources, including scholarships and grants, which account for the largest source of funding at 30%. Check out our list of 20 college scholarships that are easy to apply for so you can get back to other things, like passing your finals!

How to Make Any Room Look Bigger #infographic

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Image: How to Make Any Room Look Bigger
Space. Every homeowner wants more of it. But if you're not lucky enough to live in a big house or airy loft with room to spare - create the illusion of space with these simple tricks. Looking to make one of your rooms look bigger? This infographic contains simple tricks that will show you how.

Shop Safely Online #infographic

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Image: Shop Safely Online
Shopping online is becoming more and more convenient every day. Now that many sites have a phone-friendly version it’s easy to make purchases wherever and whenever you feel like it. But did you know that there are still security risks even today? This infographic takes you through fifteen easy-to-follow steps to make your online shopping experience safer and more secure, which can really increase your peace of mind. These include ensuring that you have a secured card for making purchases, and where to go if you suspect fraudulent activity.

There is also a mobile precautions checklist for when you take your shopping to your smartphone. This covers what to look out for when connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots and using apps to make purchases. What do you do when you think you might have encountered illegal or fraudulent behaviour? This is also covered in its own section. There are a number of governing bodies that can help you. For all this and more, check out the infographic from Sainsburys’ Bank.