What Happens to your Online Presence When you Die? #infographic

Image: What Happens to your Online Presence When you Die? #infographic
While there's no definitive answer to what happens to us when we die, Dan Shaffer at WebpageFX put together a visual guide to social media life after death. While Twitter will start deleting accounts after six months of inactivity, most other social networks won't touch your profile unless specifically asked by a family member or an agent of law enforcement. Whether your account is deleted or deactivated, your data will be interred with your profile, and will typically only be unearthed if needed for a legal investigation.

From Student To Graduate #infographic

Image: From Student To Graduate #infographic
Many of us have been in the same boat, we've finished university and we're (sort of) ready to enter the real world. Ever wondered how much you should be getting paid as a graduate along with the kind of vacancies that are likely to be available to you? Take a look at this visual which gives a greater insight into the current graduate market in 2014. Credit to Essay Writing Service UK

New Digital Trends for Brides 2014 #infographic

Image: New Digital Trends for Brides 2014 #infographic
Today’s bride is leveraging her social networking skills to make her dream day come true. A quick scroll through your Facebook News Feed and you’ll probably spot her recording every step of the way. It all starts with the engagement status. Within hours of saying “yes,” 28% of brides-to-be update their social media statuses, while 24% do so the next day.

The Fatty Truth about Fast Foods in the US #infographic

Image: The Fatty Truth about Fast Foods in the US #infographic
Obesity is a prevalent problem in the United States, and is believed to contribute to over 300,000 deaths each year in this country alone. It can lead to health problems as varied as diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and heart attacks, so it is no wonder that fatty foods, such as those served at fast food restaurants, have attracted the attention of health officials. At least four million Americans work in the fast food industry, feeding about a quarter of the population from 300,000 restaurants each day. Fast food is big business; last year, the industry earned $178 billion.

Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic

Image: Foods that Australia Brought the World #infographic
Australia didn't just give Nicole Kidman, Baz Luhrman and Kangaroos to the world. This infographic will teach you that the greatest foods imaginable did also come from down under.

The Facts, Legends and Myths About Banksy #infographic

Image: The Facts, Legends and Myths About Banksy #infographic
This is an infographic timeline exploring the history, myths and legends surrounding the mysterious and secretive UK street artist Banksy. Banksy has grown to infamy as major part of the worldwidestreet/urban art movement over the past 20 years but little is known about the notoriously secretive artist.

Stop Spreading Germs: 6 Dirtiest Places in the Home #infographic

Image: Stop Spreading Germs: 6 Dirtiest Places in the Home #infographic
Germs like cold viruses can live in some unexpected places. This infographic shows six surprisingly dirty spots in your home and what you can do to protect yourself.

Top 150 Secret Destinations #infographic

Image: Top 150 Secret Destinations #infographic
At Love Home Swap, our 57,000+ members provide other holidaymakers with local tips and advice, from the best restaurants and bars to the most interesting museums and galleries. We've analysed more than 700,000 of these tips, and compiled a list of the most popular recommendations. Check out our definitive guide to the world's top destinations, and holiday like a local.

Weird and Wacky Driving Laws from Around the World. #infographic

Image: Weird and Wacky Driving Laws from Around the World. #infographic
In this infographic, you will learn all about the weird and wacky driving rules from around the world! Not obeying road rules can mean a multitude of things - you may receive a hefty fine, crash your car or in the worst case scenario you could be thrown behind bars!

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Smartwatches: Rise of the Machines #infographic

Image: Smartwatches: Rise of the Machines #infographic
Smartwatch business is evolving day by day. These small wearable devices could be the replacement of smartphones soon as these smartwatches function can do everything as our smartphones do. Nobody would have imagined that a wrist watch would act like a phone. Since people are embracing this new gadget, companies are willing to take this to further level such as high-end hardware with the most advance operating system at low prices. What we know right now and speculation being made that Apple iWatch could be the game changer of this whole Smartwatch industry. Since the big names like Google, Apple etc have stepped into this business; we will get to see more and more innovations in these wearable computing devices.