How to Treble Your Instagram Following #infographic

Image: How to Treble Your Instagram Following
Instagram has over 200 million users, with many of them being in the under-30 demographic, which means that businesses should be paying attention to this often misunderstood social network. With a lot of social networks, such as Facebook, now making it harder for businesses to organically reach all of their audience on their platform this a great opportunity to build a new audience elsewhere. A new infographic from the team at Setupablogtoday gives ten useful tips for growing your Instagram following as well as getting more likes and engagement on your Instagram posts.

A word of caution, the information in this infographic is not a shortcut as buying followers is quite often pointless as they are usually automated profiles created solely for inflating your follower counts. Growing an audience of real, engaged users who are going to interact on your posts is hard work but it is not impossible to do!

Virtual Currencies The Future of Payments? #infographic

Image: Virtual Currencies The Future of Payments?
Bitcoin revolutionized digital payments, but they're not the only kid on the block these days. Learn more from this infographic.

99 Things to Tweet About Besides Yourself #infographic

Image: 99 Things to Tweet About Besides Yourself
Whether you’re new to marketing your business on Twitter, or are a seasoned pro, one of the biggest issues you’ll face is keeping your stream fresh and engaging. Nobody wants to hear the same old sales messages on repeat, and nobody wants to follow a mute, so unless you’re providing something that is useful or entertaining you could find you lose followers faster than you can gain them and that your Twitter marketing strategy fails.

To keep your feed current, and to generate that all important engagement in the form of retweets, mentions and favourites, Red Website Design have put together this infographic which lists 99 things you can tweet about besides yourself.

The Importance of Being Social #infographic

Image: The Importance of Being Social
The Importance of Being Social, This infographic highlights the need for businesses these days to interact with their customers via social media. Today's more tech savvy consumer is ditching the long cues and terrible hold music of the call centre and taking to platforms like Facebook and Twitter with their queries and complaints. The graphic highlights the importance of being active on social media, listening for brand mentions and reacting in real time to your customers questions and queries. It shows what to do and what not to do when it comes to social customer care and features tools to help you get it right once you have your social channels set up. With lots of facts and figures showing just how important it can be to be on top of your social output the infographic also has some examples of really good social customer care by well known brands and also some disastrous (and funny) social media fails including a rather strange apology from well known pizza delivery company domino's to one of it's customers.

Promoting Data Security in the Workplace #infographic

Image: Promoting Data Security in the Workplace
Data security for any company is a big deal. This infographic from the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s business program (businessdegrees) provides us a solid overview of company security and how to help prevent it. A big issue is that 33% of companies in the US do not have a formal plan for responding to insider security issues.

Some of the top mistakes made by employees are not deleting information when that information is no longer needed, sharing passwords with others, leaving computers unattended, carrying private information on a laptop or tablet while travelling, using unencrypted USB drives, using personally owned devices that connect to the company’s network, and reusing the same password and username on different websites. In fact, 3% of full-time workers in the US use the same handful of passwords for 25-50 websites. Ironically, senior managers and business owners are the biggest threats to information security.

Tips on promoting security: have a written security policy, ensure physical access restriction to personal data, destroy old data when no longer needed, hold security awareness training for the company.

How to Perform CPR on an Adult #infographic

Image: How to Perform CPR on an Adult
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is a lifesaving technique that dates as far back as the year 1740 and is still used today. The problem is, not enough people know how to administer it. The more people that learn and get certified in CPR the greater the chance you or anyone else going through cardiac arrest in the future can be saved. This instructional how-to infographic will take you through the procedure of CPR in a step by step guide that will ensure you understand all of the steps. Remember, it is not recommended that you attempt to perform CPR until you are CPR certified through an accredited CPR training course.

With a CPR certification you could literally become a life saver to a stranger in need or even a close friend or family member. Don't put it off any longer, learn CPR and be prepared to save a life in the case of an emergency.

15 Ways After School Can Help Kids In Life #infographic

Image: 15 Ways After School Can Help Kids In Life
After school activities benefited the children and youth improved their school performances, develop their social skills, and teaches them how to show respect not just with their parents or guardians but with others as well. Kids who get involved with after school activities are more likely to participate and interested in their classes and are less likely to draw in violence and abuse in school. It also helps them to manage conflicts once they encounter some challenges in life.

As John Calvin Coolidge (the 30th President of the United State of America) says, "All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work." Meaning if you wanted your children be ready in the future from their base ability they should be encourage to engage in after school activities that helps them to work out their good disposition in life., the leading resource of kids activity in Dubai made an infographic to help parents understand the benefits of after school activities for their children.

Art History Retold Through the Majesty of Umbrellas #infographic

Image: Art History Retold Through the Majesty of Umbrellas
Umbrellas are simple, everyday heroes. They surround us with their big, protective shape, protecting us from Nature's whims. This infographic takes this everyday item a step further by cleverly incorporating them into classic masterpieces. A quirky, gutsy approach to marketing for a patio equipment company!

How To Choose An Educational Toy #infographic

Image: How To Choose An Educational Toy
As the holidays draw near, a child’s wish list often grows longer by the day. How can parents be sure that the toys they choose for their children are not only safe and fun, but also have a learning component? To help parents make smart toy choices for the holidays and throughout the year, the experts at Kiddie Academy have developed a new infographic with suggestions for choosing an educational toy. Grab code here: kafamilyessentials

Fad Or Rad? Bitcoin’s Place in the Retail Space #infographic

Image: Fad Or Rad? Bitcoin’s Place in the Retail Space
With lower transaction fees and a significantly lessened risk of fraud than credit cards, Bitcoins are catching many retailers' eye. Although the dlobal digital currency's growth has been slower than anticipated, experts anticipate rampant growth in the coming years. The dollar value per Bitcoin has jumped around in the past few years, soaring to more than $1,000 in November 2013 and currently settling at about $300 per Bitcoin. 25,000+ merchants currently offer Bitcoin payment to attract new customers, according to United States-based bitcoin payment processor Coinbase.