Plants Vs Zombies #infographic

Image: Plants Vs Zombies
Imagine if there really was a zombie plague, millions would die or turn and mankind as we know it would be changed forever. But, zombies can be killed, they can be frozen, there is even a possibility that if it is a virus it can be cured. Now imagine something that is so ingrained in our every day lives that it has become invisible and imagine that it now wants to kill us. When I thought about plausible end of human race ideas I kept coming back to the book 'day of the triffids', if you haven't read it I must urge you to do so, in the triffids huge plants hunt humans in packs and the humans blinded by a meteor shower are helpless. I thought what if normal plants turned against us, things we walk on, walk past and care for everyday.. things we eat and breathe in. How would something like that be controlled, stopped? So I looked into all kinds of plants and the types of defenses they have, how they communicate, how the survive and evolve and I soon came to the conclusion that zombies aren't as scared as I thought.

The Craziest Tricks of Famous Writers #infographic

Image: The Craziest Tricks of Famous Writers
Most of talented writers are known for their crazy conduct, several of them are known for their unusual behavior as much as for their masterpieces. Nevertheless, they are usually forgiven for their unexpected behavior. Do you know that Frederick Beigbeder had been caught by police for “riding the train” off his own car bonnet? Or that Frederic Nietzsche thought that his own watchman is Bismark and drunk his urine from a shoe? Can you even imagine that Edgar Allan Poe suffered from constant depression, hallucinations, and memory lapses?

Hunter S. Thompson, Frederic Beigbeder, Frederic Nietzsche, Edgar Poe, and other talented authors are selected for the infographic below because of their craziest tricks. Here we collected the unusual actions of greatest writers that can surprise you the most. Our infographic can open your eyes on your favorite writers and you will probably understand their written works better. For additional details, take a look at the related article

Where Do the Most Successful Startup Founders Go to School? #infographic

Image: Where Do the Most Successful Startup Founders Go to School?
Schools across the nation specialize in a variety of areas, including the arts, sports, teacher education, and technology. A handful of universities, however, have a special commitment to educating tomorrow's entrepreneurs and producing graduates of some of the top startup companies of the last few years.

Beginner’s Guide to Homebrewing #infographic

Image: Beginner’s Guide to Homebrewing
Brewing your own beer can be stressful at first, but once you master the basic technique it can really pay off. Learn the basics from this infographic.

The True Cost of Meat #infographic

Image: The True Cost of Meat
The livestock industry's impact on the environment is enormous. Compared with vegetables and grains, farming animals requires a lot more land, more water and more energy. With global meat consumption on the rise, how do all the costs add up?

The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015

Image: The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015
The way information was shared on the Internet has gone through a sea change and it has impacted every aspect of business. The online marketing techniques that were useful even a few years back have either become obsolete or have taken a backseat. As a matter of fact most outbound marketing tactics have lost their charms and inbound marketing techniques have become the latest fad in digital marketing.

Today, an increasing number of businesses are enjoying more success by publishing original content rather than from advertisements within external content. The reason behind this is a simple one – there are some additional benefits on inbound tactics – it offers branding and audience growth, two aspects that are very important for engaging and enlarging a customer base.

What Happens in a Twitter Minute? #infographic

Image: What Happens in a Twitter Minute?
With nearly 1 Billion registered users, Twitter is one of the top social networking sites used by people all over the world. Each time you tweet, there are thousands of others around the world doing the same thing. An infographic from Who Is Hosting This illustrates all the things that happens in a Twitter minute.

Could the World Be 100% Solar? #infographic

Image: Could the World Be 100% Solar?
All known fossil fuel reserves could be totally spent within the next 100 years, according to recent estimates. The most common form of solar power is the use of photo-voltaic (PV) cells to convert solar energy into electricity. You will probably recognize them from calculators and road signs. Covering an area of 366,375km^2 with PV cells could provide enough energy for our yearly demands. That's roughly the size of Germany, or 0.2% of the Earth's total land surface.

8 Ways your Car Can Already Drive Itself #infographic

Image: 8 Ways your Car Can Already Drive Itself
A staple of science fiction, autonomous cars are already here - and have been for some time. Here are 8 ways your car is already driving itself

Are Electric Cars Really Green? #infographic

Image: Are Electric Cars Really Green?
As governments look to cut carbon footprints, electric cars - with zero emissions - appear to be the right move. However, leading scientists have questioned the hidden environmental costs behind the technology.