The Definitive Guide to Banned Books #infographic

Image: The Definitive Guide to Banned Books
Whether it's pious, political or for the public good, books have been banned ever since people could find a problem with the words on the page. Lovereading have delved into the most prominent bans in history. Are there any you agree with? Which books would you like to see banned?

Keeping Employees Happy #infographic

Image: Keeping Employees Happy
In a recent survey of major US companies, employees in said they're most motives by the following: 45% Encouragement to share their ideas. 38% Training and continuing education. 36% Promotions and bonuses. 32% A comfortable and stimulating work environment. 18% Performance reviews of all surveyed employees, 28% said that their employer has a formal system that recognizes and rewards its employees. The most commonly employed method among companies to recognize employee contributions is performance reviews. Statistics show that only 18% of employees considered performance reviews to be a motivating factor in their happiness. While it is clear not all companies are employing the most promising methods of increasing employee happiness, those who do are much more likely to retain valuable employees for longer. 56% believed they were in a position to land a new job within 3 months. This statistic goes to show the importance that employee happiness plays in retaining employees in the long run.

Building the Millennial Dream #infographic

Image: Building the Millennial Dream
Mike Millennial is in search of a job that will allow him to pay his student loans, buy a car, own a home, and eventually marry his girlfriend Jessica. He wants to remain optimistic but he's grown frustrated with Congress's inability to agree on what needs to be done to spur economic growth. Creating sustained economic growth will require a combination of fiscal reform and strategic investment.

The History of the Bra #infographic

Image: The History of the Bra
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HuffPost has partnered with Hologic's 'Genius' 3D Mammogram for a fun look at the evolution of the bra.

10 Effective Measures to Prevent Itching During Pregnancy #infographic

Image: 10 Effective Measures to Prevent Itching During Pregnancy
It is normal to feel itchy during pregnancy! There are many conditions that remain as the cause for skin itchiness. Know the simple effective measures that are enough to offer you relief.

The Job Seekers Guide to A Squeaky Clean Online Presence #infographic

Image: The Job Seekers Guide to A Squeaky Clean Online Presence
When you're on the hunt for a job you need to make sure that your online presence is up-to-date and clear of anything that could put a dint in your reputation. Employers are very likely to check your Social Media profiles before they invite you to an interview so it's a must that you're Social profiles are clean. This infographic will help you achieve and maintain a squeaky clean online presence.

Evolution of iPhone #infographic

Image: Evolution of iPhone
Apple iPhone series has been an undisputed leader in terms of quality smartphone series of all time. The demand and craze for iPhone has been increasing with its every new launch. From iPhone 1 to iPhone 6, Lot of features have been added and upgraded. Apple has made such a reputation that owning an iPhone is not less than having an asset. This infographics speaks about Apple iPhone's evolution with its every new launch. It also entails what exclusive features were added on every new launch.

Social vs. Traditional CRM #infographic

Image: Social vs. Traditional CRM
6 key differences and why you should switch to a social CRM as soon as possible. Check out the infographic below.

The 99 Most Used Instagram Hashtags and Their Meanings #infographic

Image: The 99 Most Used Instagram Hashtags and Their Meanings
With over 200 million monthly active users in just 3 years, Instagram is the fastest growing social network on the planet. Utilizing hashtags is a great way to get exposure for your businesses Instagram account and grow your following. This inforgraphic details the 99 most used Instagram hashtags and their meanings.

Understanding Burglary: Know Your Enemy, Stay Safe #infographic

Image: Understanding Burglary: Know Your Enemy, Stay Safe
Burglaries occur every two minutes in the UK and because October is National Home Security Month we've decided to create this infographic of astonishing facts and figures.