Top 10 Agile Fails #infographic

Image: Top 10 Agile Fails
The Agile framework definitely can be a powerful way of going about developing software. But as with any process, things can go wrong. It’s important to stay on top of things before they get out of hand and management can play a key role in ensuring good results. Here are the top ten things to look out for when trying to run Agile as smoothly as possible.

How To Get a First Class Upgrade #infographic

Image: How To Get a First Class Upgrade #infographic
When it comes to long-haul flights, we all dream of turning left and settling in behind the curtain. Business and first class tickets are expensive, but if you plan ahead, talk to the right people and look the part, you may just find yourself securing an upgrade.

What Time to Send your Message? #infographic

Image: What Time to Send your Message?
Unsure on what time you should send your mobile marketing message? Then this little infographic should help you...

What Not To Do As A Tourist #infographic

Image: What Not To Do As A Tourist
When traveling to a new country, it can be very easy for an awkward situation to occur. Different culture customs and associated meanings to certain behaviors can cause misunderstandings if you're not careful. Here are the top 10 travel destinations for Americans and what culture faux pas to avoid.

All the Years You Never Knew You Had #infographic

Image: All the Years You Never Knew You Had
This infographic breaks down the average life span by the amount of time spent doing life’s activities.

Inside the High-Flying World of Hot Air Balloons #infographic

Image: Inside the High-Flying World of Hot Air Balloons
Hopefully everyone has seen a hot air balloon in flight, but have you ever wondered when the first one was invented? Or how much hot air is required to get them off the ground? Or where they are stored when they aren't being used? SpareFoot was wondering the same thing, and the data we came across is quite astonishing.

Men vs Women: Do They Manage Money Differently #infographic

Image: Men vs Women: Do They Manage Money Differently
We have all heard the saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but does this statement hold true when it comes to spending, saving and managing money? Most people would have the tendency to say yes. However, some surprising statistics reveal that men and women aren't that much different when it comes to managing their finances. CompareCards, a leading credit card comparison website, has pulled together some of these key findings in a cool infographic that shows the similarities and differences between men and women when it comes to how they manage their money.

History of Hair Care in Ancient Egypt #infographic

Image: History of Hair Care in Ancient Egypt
Secrets of hair beauty in ancient Egypt. It's interesting to know what kind of recipes of hair care were popular in the past. Nowadays, of course, no one dyes his hair with animal blood and crushed tadpoles, however, among the beauty recipes of ancient Egyptians you can possibly find something useful. For example, Ancient Egyptians had a way to wash their hair with a mix of water and citric juices. The citric acid dissolves the fatty oils from the hair and leaves the follicle sealed. Since 4,000 years before the Christian Age, the henna was the most common dye. After 1500 BC Ancient Egyptians started to use wigs of vivid colors, like blue, red or green. But over time, the hair began to be considered a sign of barbarism, and the Egyptians began to shave their beards, head and even the body. Stubble turned into a sign of the low social status.

Say Goodbye to Incandescents #infographic

Image: Say Goodbye to Incandescents
The light bulb is changing. Lighting technology is improving. Homeowners are embracing smarter ways to light their homes. No more inefficient, harsh lighting. Hello to smart, energy-efficient lighting options.

California New Groundwater Bill #infographic

Image: California New Groundwater Bill
2014 was a big year for California Groundwater. More groundwater has been pumped from the California than ever before. The result, California passed in a few months comprehensive groundwater legislation that will transform a our billion dollar agriculture business.