Thursday, 17 April 2014

Tools You Need For Internet Marketing In 2014 #infographic

Image: Tools You Need For Internet Marketing In 2014
To achieve and maintain strong rankings, your site needs to be best in class; it must offer a delightful user experience. There are some great free and paid tools that can help make your Internet marketing easier and more efficient. We have compiled a list of tools that covers most, if not all categories of Internet marketing. These tools will save time while letting you do more. This makes marketing easier, more interesting, and even more fun! Using the software outlined here will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. We hope that this infographic leads you to some new discoveries.

Infographic: Tools You Need For Internet Marketing In 2014
Infographic by: techwyse


  1. Great list, definitely a few I hadn't heard of before (going to check out a bunch of the content creation ones to see what they're about). One tool I've found that is pretty cool is the DirectoryBug scanner tool. It checks to see if your business is listed in 100 of the most active online business directory listings. It's in alpha right now so I don't know if they're accepting EVERY website that applies to use it, but it is definitely worth trying.