Wednesday, 26 March 2014

From Missing To Mystery: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 [Infographic]

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Image:  The Internet's Search for MH370, Visualized [Infographic]
A Wikipedia page for the missing plane was established less than eight hours after the flight disappeared, and has grown from just 85 words to well over 4,000, and has been edited thousands of times. And Tomnod, a digital mapmaking company's platform for crowd sourcing satellite imagery, 3 million volunteers are scouring 26,000km of satellite imagery, searching for signs of debris. The company is continually adding new imagery to search. Beutler Ink, a PR agency that specializes in visual graphics, sent along the infographic below detailing the online search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Infographic: The Internet's Search for MH370, Visualized [Infographic] sources: beutlerink  mashable

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