Friday, 25 April 2014

The Death of the Bachelor's Degree [Infographic]

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Image: The Death of the Bachelor's Degree
A Bachelor’s Degree is almost a must-have in today’s job market, but even that may not be enough anymore. You may want to consider getting a Master’s Degree to bolster your qualifications. If you already have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Economics, or Accounting, chances are you’ll be fine. But if your Bachelor’s is in History, English, or the Performing Arts, you may need a Master’s just to be employable.  

Start by considering your costs.  Public universities are much more affordable than private ones for a Bachelor's degree, and that savings can really make a difference should you decide to go on to grad school.  

More incoming Freshmen than ever are planning to attend grad school after graduation.  A graduate degree can really pay off, but only if you get the right one. Check out this infographic for more ways to help make your decision.  It’s not life and death, but it is a big decision.

Infographic: The Death of the Bachelor's DegreeInfographic by: bestmastersprograms

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